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Running a hotel is all about maximizing the customer satisfaction at every level, and to make their stay comfortable by providing them the basic level of support, luxury, and a world of opportunities to make their stay perfect. It is true that when people travel to a new city or country, the quality of their hotel stay can enhance or affect their overall experience. 

However, it has a lot of pressure on the hotel owners, but it is also a chance with which they can prove their effective business, and ensure loyal customers. The simplest way to maximize customer satisfaction is by providing the portable chargers to the guests. With this, you will notice the positive response from the customers, as they will have the charged cell-phones while traveling around.

Cell phone charging table hi-top for rental at Las Vegas trade show

Charging your Cell Phones

Benefits of having the portable chargers:

  • Charging your cell phone removes all the worries and anxiety of running out of charge.
  • It allows a person to maximize their experience, anywhere and at any time.
  • It allows a person to stay connected with the social sites, friends, or families.
  • The portable charging stations are the absolute and must-have tools for safety.
  • Whether you are going on a holiday or business trip, it can maximize the traveling experience of the customers.

Every hotel owner constantly looks for ways to enhance the experience of the customers, and everything available at the hotel is offered to add to the convenience of the valued customers. You should also focus on providing the outside experience as it builds a lifelong positive impression, so you must incorporate the phone charging stations for hotels.

Benefits of proving the phone charging stations to the hotel guests:

  • It adds to the convenience of your guests. 
  • It enhances the customers’ satisfaction that goes beyond the hotel premises.
  • It makes a positive impression and a lifelong impact on the guests.
  • It makes them satisfied throughout their traveling.
  • Whether it is a business or holiday trip, a portable charger is a great way to gain more audiences.

Why is it essential to have the phone charging stations at hotels?

The hospitality industry always looks for ways and ideas with which they can improve the customer experience as in this dynamic world, customers always prefer to choose the best. In these years, various technological changes have taken place due to which the industry has also made changes in their operations, and the services that can enhance the experience of the customers. 

However, with the increasing use of Smartphone it is among the most essential gadgets that every hotel should have to gain customers’ satisfaction and to build their loyalty. Here are some of the reasons depicting the reasons why is it necessary to have the phone charging station for the hotel.

Man using phone charging table at event

Cell Phone Charging Stations

  • It enhances the convenience and satisfaction of the customers – Customer uses their Smartphone to handle every activity from booking the flights to paying the bills, cell phones play an essential role to do these tasks. 

However, if you will add the phone chargers for the hotel, you can make it convenient for the customers to have their cell phones fully charged throughout their journey.  Besides, the installation of the cell phones is an add-on service that will be appreciated by the customers as they can enjoy their vacations without worrying about the drained battery of the Smartphone.

  • The portable chargers can be used by the hotels for branding and marketing – With the installation of portable phone charging station for hotels; you can gain the benefits of branding and advertising of your brand or hotel name. You can add the logos and colors by printing them conveniently and it is the perfect way with which you market the hotels. 
  • When the customers of the hotels will visit the tourist destinations, they will need the chargers to charge their cell phones for taking pictures, making videos, or sharing them on social sites. However, when they will charge their cell-phone with the phone charging stations, the other tourists will get to know about your hotel through the logos or posters; they will get an idea about the services that your hotel offers.
  • Helpful during business conferences – Most of the businessmen schedule their meetings, conferences, and presentations in the hotels only, and no doubt with the majority of the data stored on the Smartphone, long hours presentations will consume a lot of battery. However, providing the portable phone chargers to the business associates and other professionals will help them to get their tasks done easily, and make them stay out of battery-drain worries.
  • Guests can have more fun while enjoying their vacations – No doubt, when guests are on vacation, they need to send emails, images, videos, or share them on social sites, due to which their batteries drain quickly. 

However, during such situations, the guests leave everything behind and come back to their hotel room to charge their cell phones which sometimes makes them stressed or worried. But with the installation of the phone chargers, they can have their charged phones with them and can spend more time on the tourist destinations with their friends or families.

Phone Charging stations in hotels

While staying at the hotels, customers prefer to roam around the common areas, such as spas, or the halls, and mostly it happens that at that time they run out of batteries while having fun or when they need to make urgent calls. 

During such situations, they run to your rooms to find the free outlet, and it ruins their mood while staying in their rooms, charging their cell phones. With the installation of the cell phone stations at such places, you can make your customers to carry the pleasant feeling of having well invested their money. 

With phone charging stations inside your hotel establishments, you can offer the differentiating details to your customers making them satisfied. You can incorporate the phone charging stations for hotel in the hall, a place for meeting or waiting, or where most of the people sit to relax in their free time. Second is the reception, where most of the customers come to ask for the mobile charging points, so incorporating the cell phone charging stations can help them to find the outlets easily.

Business men leaning on cell phone charging table with branding at a trade show meeting

Cell Phone Charging stations for Hotels

  • It is among the amenities that set you apart – Most of the hotels have a swimming pool, a gym, and oftentimes it provides various services to make the guests comfortable and enhance their experience. However, with the installation of the charging stations on your property, you can gain their interest and attention to stay at your hotel and win them by providing the most essential thing they need at their homes or hotels. With the incorporation of such incentives, you are gaining a strong competitive advantage over the competitors.
  • You can create a positive buzz – Businesses that focuses on providing huge advantages to the customers gain more attention as they are building their positive image. Besides, the installation of the charging stations and providing other incentives to the customers helps them to build a positive image and gain positive feedback from the customers.
  • It is a great way to cater to the demanding needs – The cell phone has become the necessity of answering the emails to do a conference call with clients, mobile phones play an important role in such situations. As a hotelier, you should focus on enhancing the experience of the customers and making them comfortable during their stay, and you can do so by incorporating the cell phone charging stations.
  • It can improve the social interaction – Most of the hotels have made the lobbies for social interactions, and by incorporating the cell phone charging stations, you can add the overall experience of the guest. 

Traveling can make some people lonely, mostly when they have to travel alone, so it is essential to have a suitable place in your hotel where guests can interact while carrying out their work. Therefore, the incorporation of the phone charging station for hotel lobbies can enhance the guests’ experience and encourage social interaction by boosting up their moods.

Although all cell phone charging stations seem to be the same, they have different functions and can be used for different purposes.

Why Use InCharged Charging Stations?

You should use the InCharged charging stations due to the following reasons:

  • InCharged charging stations are safe and have an attractive design.
  • These charging stations are compatible with every cell phone.
  • They are the perfect portable charging solutions that you can choose.
  • InCharged charging stations protect the battery of the devices.
  • These are available with the digital screens that support advertising.

Flex – The Flex is among the charging solutions that most of the people prefer to choose for their hotels or events due to their easy setup, easy branding, and easy to experience. These cell phone charging stations are available with 20″ digital screen through which you can show images or videos to engage the users. 

These are available in just less than 35 pounds that are designed for easy event transportation, and you can effectively customize the screen. The Flex mobile charging stations have a hidden USB port and are available with 24 charging tips to suit your charging needs.

PowerMethod – You can place these charging stations near the receptions or in the lobbies to enhance the social interactions, as they can talk with each other while charging their cell phones. These are light-weight and free-standing that takes only a few minutes to assemble adequately. These cell phone charging stations have different designs that fit your needs and have the ten charging cables that make it a compact charging station for multiple devices.

InBox – Due to the features of portability, these charging stations can turn any space into the mobile device charging station that can enhance better event engagement. These charging stations support various phones from Apple to Android and everything in between due to their compatibility. The best thing is you can place them on any tabletop or surface to turn them into the branded cell phone charging stations.

PowerBox – These are the wireless charging stations that are battery-powered, and is the perfect cell phone charging stations for hotels. These charging stations are available with 8 USB ports to charge multiple devices and are the perfect option for those who want the fastest and efficient cell phone capabilities.

Glass-powered table – You can place these glass-powered charging stations at the spaces for waiting, or meeting, as these are the most reliable options for the hotels. With the incorporation of these charging stations, the guests can charge their cell phones, while having a chat or meeting with the other person as these are the tables that most people look for.

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