Eventpower 2020: Capitalizing On The Power Of Special Events

Events and conferences are a great way to generate huge opportunities, and if they are done correctly, they can build reliable connections, effective revenues, and customer loyalty. However, if these conferences are not effective, then they can ruin relationships, and leave the attendees with the guilt of attending the event. Event marketing typically involves direct interaction with a brand’s representatives. 

No doubt, today most of the businessmen use online platforms to communicate with the clients, industry experts, and suppliers. Maybe they live events or conferences appear to be old-fashioned, but they can still provide an effective and powerful way to enhance relationships, build loyalty, strengthen the relationships, and educate people about the product and services.

The most effective event marketing:

Drives customers’ loyalty – Mainly, effective events marketing build stronger bonds with current customers and lead to lasting and profitable relationships. Even the downtime, at such conferences, is critical, but according to various executives, these are a great way to build an effective bond with the attendees that can turn into long-term relationships.

Man using phone locker charging station with digital signage

Special Event Charging Station

Teach the attendees – Through the events marketing, you can create opportunities for your companies to place them as an expert which can provide the audience with suitable solutions. Mostly, when the customers get an opportunity to know about the most reasonable thing, your events can turn into the most relevant tasks of gaining more customers. Through these events, you can provide the latest news and trends of the industry, as well as share the relevant case studies with suitable educational examples to make gain the engagement of the attendees.

Builds long-lasting relationships – Live events and conferences provide an excellent opportunity to develop effective relationships, and create a network with the business associates, clients, audiences, and the suppliers which greatly impacts the engagement. These face-to-face connections are rare that gain the interest of the people towards the business, and other than creating the connection it builds long-lasting relationships with the people attending your event or conferences.

Helps in getting quick feedback from clients – Events are a great way to get feedback from the attendees on the spot regarding your product or services, and it helps you to enhance the quality of the business. Your customers’ feedback allows you to target the right audience, and offer you insights regarding new products or services that you can offer.

Create an opportunity to encourage and motivate your attendees – Hosting the events or conferences not only allows you to get the benefit of the informal networking or educational opportunities, but it enhances your interactions with potential customers, and clients. You get the opportunity to communicate with the vendors that can provide advantages to your business, and meeting with the people at such events can help you to start your relationships that can motivate and encourage you to grab the various business opportunities. 

Today, no one prefers to leave their homes without their cell phones, even if it is for a short period, as we are so attached to the mobile devices that if we forget them at home, we simply feel completely different from the whole world. With the help of mobile phones, we can stay connected with those who are not around, and send important emails or handle other activities effectively. 

Smartphones are so powerful that we use them throughout the day, and if they run out of their batteries we leave everything behind and search for the outlet to charge the cell phones. However, the event charging station rentals can make you come out of such anxiety as you can charge your phone anywhere and anytime.

Red branded charging table in conference room for an event

Event Charging Stations Rentals 

Why should you spend on the charging stations?

  • It provides competitive advantage – You are not the only one, who hold conferences or events but there are a lot more competitors with whom you have to compete for gaining more attendees. However, most of them do not provide the cell phone charging stations that can make your business stand out in the competition, and attract visitors to attend your conference.
  • It improves the image of your business – Charging stations help you to improve the image of the company, and provides additional services to the customers. With the special event charging stations, you can boost the level of the services that help the business owners to improve the customer loyalty and popularity of the company.
  • It helps to generate leads – When the clients want to charge their mobile devices, they will certainly go to the events that provide such services. However, while charging their cell phones, they will surely involve themselves in your events, and listen to your conferences carefully. So, it is a great way with which you can gain the engagement of the audience and their involvement in your events.

Why your event needs the Special Event Charging Stations?

Planning the conferences and events need tremendous planning and resources, but you need to think about attracting more traffic, creating compelling agendas, and securing the influencers. There is a lot of competition in the event industry and hundreds of event professionals take initiatives to determine the best for them. 

As an event planner, you should know the details and components that need planning to host conferences or events, but you should not forget about the smaller details. These are the details that most of the event organizers forget or eliminate from their tasks, but these can leave a lasting impression on attendees.

  • The most common item that event attendees forget – When traveling for the events, you often forget the small things including your cell phone charger, but it is something without which you feel stressed or worried. As the professionals traveling to the conferences rely on their cell phones to check the important emails, live tweet conference information, and call the coworkers. However, if the events have cell phone charging stations, they can leave the attendees stress-free to handle their cell phone activities effectively.
  • Integrate charging stations in conferences or events – Most of the events encourage attendees to use their cell phones to do tweets, add updates on Facebook, engage in polls, and much more. If you are providing the opportunity to the attendees to recharge their mobile devices, it can keep the attendees engaged throughout the event. Additionally, if you want to gain higher engagement of the attendees then you need to use event marketing strategies to place the charging stations throughout the entire event that can leave a lasting impression on the attendees.
  • Keep the attendees at the events or conferences for longer – The low battery anxiety makes the people to leave the places and stop the task that they were doing, to frequently find the outlet or the charger to recharge their cell phones. 

If you want your attendees to stay at your conference or events for longer, then you install the special event charging stations to secure sponsorships for the next year or generate more leads. It is a great way to keep the attendees at the event as it can eliminate the low battery anxiety to make the people stay for longer. The special event charging stations enhances the engagement of the attendees, increase brand awareness, and keeps the attendees at the conference for longer.

  • Build brand awareness – You must be aware that if you have your own booth at events or conferences, it can help you to build brand awareness. However, there are additional ways with which you can enhance your brand and incorporating the special event charging stations effectively helps you to promote your brand by adding your logo, and other brand assets to the billboards and poles.

Different Event charging stations rentals

Before choosing the right charging station, you need to figure out your requirements, and the type of charging stations and event marketing that will fit perfectly for your events . If you are not sure about the charging stations, you must check the different phone charging stations to choose the best suitable.

  • 6 Chamber lockers – These charging stations not only provide the cell phone charging solutions but also deliver the peace of mind to safely recharge their cell phones. By providing the secure phone charging lockers, you can build trust among the buyers and gain their engagement. These lockers are made up of aluminum chambers that prevent theft or unnecessary losses and keep your phone safe as well as secure. These stations have 3 cables in each chamber that supports every cell phone from Apple to Android to maximize branding.
  • Charging Table – When attendees charge their cell phones on the tables, you can use that opportunity to gain their attention. Every event needs tables for the attendees, and every phone needs to be charged, so with the incorporation of charging tables you can handle both things effectively. These charging solutions can charge up to 18 devices with the 12 charging cables, and 2 A/C outlets that make them the special event charging stations .

U.S. Army branded multiple device charging hi-top table with LEDs

Charging Tables for Events

  • PowerBox – Most of the events or conferences go for two or more days, and during such times, the tabletop wireless charging stations that are battery-powered play the most essential role. These charging stations are portable and are battery-operated with 8 USB charging cables that can charge your devices efficiently and within a short time. These can be used on any tabletop, and even on the bottom to make it convenient for you to use them for the event.
  • InBox – With these special event charging stations, you can turn any space into the mobile device charging station due to their features of portability. These charging stations are the perfect option for those who want the fastest and efficient cell phone capabilities that take very little space interference. If you are looking for a better event engagement solution, then these phone charging stations and good event marketing ideas are the reliable options for you to gain the full attention of the audience.
  • PowerMethod Plus – If you have the charging stations at your events, it means you get the opportunities of better event engagement that makes a lasting impression on the customers. PowerMethod Plus is lightweight and takes very little time to set up that can charge up to 8 devices with its 8 charging ports. If you are choosing these charging stations for your event, then it for sure that your event would go better, and it will keep the phones of your attendees fully charged.

Secure charging Locker Kiosk

Event Charging Stations

Nowadays, attendees depend on their mobile devices to stay connected with the world and to handle their activities such as sending the important emails, making phone calls, or sharing their experience on the social sites. However, event charging station rentals provide attendees with a convenient way to keep their phones fully charged and eliminates their low battery anxiety. With such a solution, the organizers, and exhibitors gain a reliable audience with an effective platform to engage them with interactive content.

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