Glucose Batteries Boast Ten Times the Energy of Lithium

Sugar and glucose are an excellent source of energy as it is easy for the plant or animal to process and in humans mainly during aerobic respiration; it produces various kilocalories of food energy per gram. In the newly-developed battery, it is similarly productive that it has a storage density of 596 amp-hours per kilo or ten times more than the standard lithium-ion batteries that are currently used in consumer electronics.

As mobile phone users, everyone wants their batteries last longer but the older devices have less power as compared to any newer ones. However, the amount of battery life depends on the usage of the batteries on a particular day and how you use them in the past days. The mobile phones consist of lithium-ion batteries for energy storage that has lithium metal and lithium ions that move in and out of the individual electrodes making them expand and contract physically. When the discharging cycle increases, the batteries start losing their capacities and voltage due to the irreversible process and you can follow these strategies to enhance the capacities of your cell phones batteries:

Manage the discharging of the batteries

Mainly the standard lithium-ion batteries start retaining the charging capacities and it retains up to 80% of their charging capacity after 500 charge or discharge cycles. However, if you want your batteries to produce a better level of performance then charging storage capacities are the better options to enhance their charging capacities. You can extend the capacity of the future batteries that limit the discharge of our cell phone batteries and with the occurrence of battery degradation during the charge or discharge cycles.

Lithion-ion standard battery lab

Standard Lithium-ion Batteries

Extends charging time

Nowadays, most of the cell phones have a fast charging option that helps users to charge their cell phones within minutes rather than spending hours. You should avoid such a method, but if you are in a rush, it is the most reliable option that you can choose for charging your cell phones.

Keep the cell phones under the reliable temperature

You should store the standard lithium-ion batteries in the stable temperature as under the cold temperature the power of the battery starts reducing due to the restriction in the movement of lithium metal and ions within the electrodes and through the electrolyte. In the hot temperature, the amount of power gets enhanced to get better results to enhance the stability of the batteries under extremely hot conditions. However, these temperatures degrade the battery completely so that its ability to store the charge will be reduced over an extended period.

Preserve the battery life

There are various useful strategies that you can use to preserve the battery life and some of them include:

  • Reduce the screen brightness – One of the easiest ways with which you can conserve the life of your cell phone battery is by reducing the brightness as these consume maximum battery life or you can turn your cell phone batteries on dark mode to save the maximum battery life.
  • Turn off the cellular network – With the cellular data on, you get unlimited notification, calls, or updates that reduce the life of the batteries. However, you can get rid of such a situation by turning off the cellular network that can save the maximum battery for usage.
  • Use Wi-Fi instead of mobile data – When you use Wi-Fi it consumes up to 40% less battery as compared to the mobile data that uses the maximum battery life.
  • Turn on the battery-saving modes – The modern mobile devices with the battery-saving mode capabilities modifies the functioning of your cell phones by reducing the energy consumption, lowering the screen brightness, reducing the notifications, and providing various hardware options to reduce the energy consumption.
  • Use Airplane mode – With this mode, you can disable the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS functions of your cell phones and turn off the functions that consume battery life reducing its lifespan.

Update your apps regularly

When you get the notification regarding the updates of your apps, you should start with it as it can help you maintain the life of your cell phone batteries and the apps are upgraded to optimize the memory and battery life of the devices. Such updates may not have the new features but they can maintain the life of your cell phone batteries in a better way by keeping it up to date. If you don’t use the apps regularly then you should uninstall them as these consume the battery life when running in the background. Furthermore, you should set your Smartphone to update the apps automatically as these can handle the updates manually by preserving the life of the batteries.

Portable cell phone battery banks bunched and stacked

Cell Phone Batteries

Use dark wallpapers

Most people prefer to change their wallpapers regularly but those wallpapers can consume the maximum batteries reducing the lifespan of your cell phones. It would help if will use the black or dark wallpapers to conserve the battery life as these are the best ways to conserve the life of the batteries. Moreover, the black pixels do not emit light and need very little power to maintain the quality of the image as well as its look.

Disable the locations

Most of the apps needs location services for their working but these can make the batteries to drain even faster affecting the life of the batteries. You should turn off the GPS when not in use to get a better battery life and to handle the maximum activities with a charging cycle.

Use Battery-saving apps

Nowadays, various apps preserve the life of the batteries accurately and help you to identify the things that are causing your batteries to drain faster. Most of the apps have the feature to configure the device settings to enhance the life of your batteries so if you want your mobile batteries to stay for longer than you should install those apps to enhance the life of the batteries.

Pause all notifications

Regularly, you get the notification from the apps, regarding the updates, and the data sync, which are the major factors causing your cell phone batteries to drain faster. However, you should pause all the notification to avoid such a situation and enhance the life of your cell phone batteries for better their better performance.

Battery accessories

If your cell phones have a removable battery then you should carry the spare along with you while traveling as these can provide you great help during your journey. With the spare batteries, you don’t have to worry about the life of your cell phone battery and you can make videos, use social sites, or take pictures conveniently as you have an option to use the spare one in case your cell phone battery dies.

Avoid making your cell phone batteries dead

You should keep the batteries between 30% and 80% to enhance their lifespan, as it is the most effective way to preserve the life of the batteries than letting them drain to zero. If you will charge your cell phones after they become dead then it can affect the life of the batteries badly and make them drain even faster than before.

Man using cell phone charging station with dead phone no battery

Charge your Cell Phones

InCharged Cell Phone Charging Stations

When you head out for the events or the long journeys, you use various methods to conserve the life of the batteries, but nowadays, various public places have cell phone charging stations that saves your from the low battery situations:

Flex – These charging stations are light in weight and are specifically designed for the events or festivals due to their easy installation and assembling. These mobile charging stations have 20″ HD  screens and are available with 12 charging tips that supports various devices from Apple to Android. 

PowerMethod – These charging stations are the most reliable options for enhancing the engagement of the audience and you gain their full attention due to their free-standing and lightweight features. If you are looking for the most affordable solution to enhance the engagement of the audience then these are the most reliable choice that you can choose for your event.

InBox – These charging stations are the secret weapon of every event that can turn any space into the mobile charging stations due to their portable features. These charging stations have the built-in cables that support various devices from Apple to Android as these are easy to assemble and once these are placed on the surface, these can turn them into the charging stations. Furthermore, these are the most reliable option for those who need fast and most efficient cell phone charging capabilities and are in a rush to charge their cell phones faster.

PowerBox – These wireless charging stations are battery-powered that can charge multiple cell phones simultaneously and are mainly effective to use when you have the multi-day events as these last longer. These charging stations are portable that can be placed on any surface and are available with 8 USB ports to charge the cell phones from Apple to Android. 

8 Chamber Locker – These charging stations are available with the secured lockers that provide charging with a peace of mind while the Smartphone users charge their cell phones. These charging stations are easy to access and are available with a personal Pincode which means you don’t need to learn about its usage. The best thing is you can brand these lockers and the digital screen to make the attendees remember the images or videos they are watching.

Locking charging kiosk for phones close up open door

Charging Stations with Locker

Glass power tables – These are the charging stations that most of the event organizers want to incorporate at their events due to their stylish look and durable features. If you want to gather the attention of the attendees then these are the perfect way with which you can do so, as you just need to plug them in and the rest of the charging tasks are handled by these kiosks effectively. No doubt, an event is incomplete without tables, and attendees need charging outlets to keep their cell phones charged, so these are the perfect things that can fulfill your needs. 

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