Event Marketing Technology: How to Boost Your ROI

Events are the most efficient ways to generate more leads, conversions, brand awareness, or boost organizational reputation than any other event marketing technology. However, events are a great way to enhance your company’s reputation as well as attract more target audiences towards your brand. Whether you are hosting the events or speaking about the products at the trade shows, you need to optimize your attendees accurately and develop a strategy that can help you to gain maximum return on investment for events. Here are some of the steps that you can follow for the better results 

Invite people

You need to invite the attendees to your event as every event organizer wants to maximize the attendees who can arrive at their events. You can send emails or direct invitations, or use social media platforms to enhance awareness among the people for attending your events.

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Event Marketing Strategies

Establish a timeline

Before starting with the event, conference, or summit, you need to set aside the time to develop a schedule and then use the tactics for better event engagement. It allows you to use these events as more than just a one-day speaking engagement and develops a better relationship as well as creates an opportunity to get support from any prospective clients who are unable to attend the event.

Promote engagement before the event

It is essential to promote your event across all the channels before the event as you can use your website or social media platforms to let your audience know that you are hosting the event. If you have any other platform where you can make promotion, you can utilize the platform to gain maximum audiences and return on investment your events. These are the most efficient ways to gain the leads who are interested in your company but you need to be sure that the content you have developed for advertising the event and presence is clear and professional.

Use digital tools during the event

When the events are ongoing, you should enhance your interaction with your audience as well as your digital audiences who are not physically present. It helps you to expand the reach during the events to the larger clients rather than just those who go to your booth or attend your event. You can use digital strategies such as video highlights, live shows, or Twitter to enhance your reach to great audiences. You also get an option to use LinkedIn or the groups that are related to the events and the industries but be sure to exchange information with everyone that you meet as the majority of people with whom you meet are your prospective clients.

Keep an eye on the competition

If you want to maximize the visibility of your brand then there is not any better way other than hosting an event to measure the competition. It provides you an estimate regarding where you are now and what strategies you need to make to gain more leads and conversions.

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Return on Investment for Events

Follow up after the event

Once the event gets over, there is a lot more work that you need to do and at the very first you need to follow up with the leads that you meet at the events through their contact information. You can utilize the opportunity to share your presentation or view that is relevant to the theme of your event. You should also think about the things that have gone smoothly and what you need to improve for the next time. If there are colleagues, you can ask them for their thoughts and feedback afterward and also discuss with your sales team regarding the reports to gain an idea about the results.

Approaches to boost the ROI of your next event?

With the modern digital marketing approaches you can connect with the huge buyers across the channels and social media platforms, but the events encourages your engagement with the prospects and allows you to have face-to-face interaction that builds better relationships. Whether you are going to deliver a speech in the conference or highlight the essential features of your company’s product or services at the trade show, events plays the most essential role to personalize the company and establish a stronger presence with the target audiences. However, if you want to boost the return on investment for your next event then it needs more than in-depth presentation or an attractive booth and to enhance your attendance, you need to develop a sound marketing strategy for before, during, and after your next event.

Pre-event marketing

While organizing or attending conferences or events, everything needs to be scheduled and incorporated according to the reliable plan as it creates the opportunities to make these events into more than just a one-day occurrence and enables engagement with those who may not be able to attend the conference in person. When you make plans for the future and in advance, it ensures that you have enough time and resources to get the most out of your events, even if you are not aware of anything.
Once you are done with the creation of a viable event planning timeline, you need to be sure to broadcast your attendance across the multiple channels that you can use to enhance your reach to the audiences. When the event dates are arises, you can make strategies to enhance the reach of information regarding your event hosting, for which you can use the websites or social media channels where you can share the information regarding the exhibition, sponsorships, or the theme according to which you are going to host the events. Furthermore, you can encourage your sales teams to carefully handle everything including the attendance of the events when they are interacting with the prospects.

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Approached to boost ROI

The better engagement is the most efficient way to attract the relevant leads to the events as these are beneficial for your company booth so it is among the pre-steps that enhance your reach beyond just the event attendees. Even if the audiences to whom you have invited are not attending the events then it is a great way to showcase the creative elements and strategies that you have developed for the show and are the relevant means of connecting outside of the event.

During the event

While attending the events, it is essential to interact with the audiences who are physically present as well as the digital audiences. The dual strategy also allows you to broaden the reach of the audience and these are the best ways to gain maximum audiences for your event. You can use tactics such as live shows or videos to enhance the experience of the social followers with whom you can engage. The best way you can use is to share your involvement on LinkedIn and search for the relevant groups that are related to the event and join that group to expand your audience. It is the perfect way to gain more leads and stay in touch with the audiences for the exhibition and establish yourself as a knowledgeable leader in the industry. Finally, events are the great opportunities that you can use for the survey and competitive landscape as well as you can polish your understanding of your competitors in the marketplace and look for the new developments for the capitalization. When you interact with the different audiences, it is the perfect way to learn about the individual needs and you can use it as a marketing strategy for events.

After the event

After the event ends, your priority should be to follow up with the leads from the events and your follow-up approach should be simple. You can connect with the prospects on LinkedIn and these are a great way you can use to start your conversation with the audiences of the events. However, you need to be sure to track your follow-ups as they show their progress through the sales cycle to get maximum return on investment for events and effectiveness for the leads.
While following up, you need to consider the updates from the events for maximizing your content marketing efforts or any other notification beneficial from your marketing prospects. You can create different strategies to boost your lead generation efforts and building a reputable brand image for your company.

How you can measure the event marketing ROI?

Events are among the strategies that are the biggest marketing expenses and here are the initiatives that you can use to enhance the engagement. You need to attach the metrics to the goals, as when you consider the metrics and the tools that you need to measure the success of your event, you should be clear about the outcome that you expected that you can achieve from your events. Setting up the marketing goals is the most basic thing and every marketing goal varies according to the shape and format of the events. The goals are specific and it does not mean that you should choose only one but you need a set a primary goal as the secondary goal depends on the results and the profits that you get.

Generating brand awareness

Starting from the top, events are the most efficient method to drive brand awareness with the audiences and the industry as a whole and it includes –

  • The registrations for the events
  • The presence on social media
  • The coverage of media
  • Traffic on the website

The registrations for the events are the most essential for event marketing strategies and these should be a leading KPI that helps you to know your performance. With these goals, you can apply the metrics that include –

  • Number of registrations
  • Reach on social media
  • Social media engagement
  • Mentions in online media
  • Attributed website visits

Measuring the engagement during the event
Under this, some goals include –

  • Attendance of the session
  • Engagement of the session
  • Engagement of the event app
  • Engagement of the social media

The engagement matrices for the event marketing strategies provides you the options to measure the attendees that are involved in your event and these goals include –

  • Responses from the live poll
  • Questions that are asked during the sessions
  • Downloads and sessions of event apps
  • Mentions and hashtags of the events on the social media platforms

These goals are essential for every event manager and they help you to figure out the things that are going well and which are not that require the fixation in real-time. These matrices allow you to address the attendees who are not satisfied with your event and provide you an idea about how you can make improvements in the events for the future.

Enhancing your reach to the audiences and educating them

Goals that fit perfectly for the event to build the gap between brand awareness and ROI driven goals as the attendees always search for the events where they can sharpen their skills and learn about new technologies. These technologies mainly include the products and the acquisition-driven goals include –

  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Satisfaction of the customers
  • Retention of the customers
  • Engagement of the partner
  • Satisfaction of the partner

Metrics of these goals are reliable and mainly include –

  • Direct purchases
  • Trials and demos of the software
  • Samples that are given
  • Surveys conducted in the event
  • NPS survey of the post-event

These metrics are mainly designed to measure the various stages of the sales cycle and are conducted mainly before and during the events.

Charging stations that enhances the ROI

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Event Marketing Technology

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InBox – These charging stations are also the secret weapons for the events as these can convert any space into the cell phone charging stations due to their lightweight and powerful charging features. No doubt, the events are hectic and difficult to handle and these are the perfect solutions to keep them simple as you only need to plug them in the power outlet and these are ready to use.

PowerBox These charging stations are the wireless charging stations that are battery-powered and are the perfect option to make the events move fast. These cell phone charging kiosks let you charge your device whenever you need them and are the perfect way to show your brand in a style. If you are going to organize the multi-day events then you don’t have to worry about the cell phone charging of the attendees as these are the perfect solutions to handle all these.

8 Chamber Lockers – These phone charging kiosks provide smart lockers and a safe place to recharge the cell phones as these are easier to use due to their latest phone charging technology. The best thing is you can set your Pin Code while leaving your cell phones behind and there are not any keys or other complications that can make charging a daunting task. These cell phone charging lockers not only keeps the cell phones safely but also looks great when you use them for branding as these have the digital screen that you can use for advertising your brand. These charging stations keep the security and safety as a top priority as these are available with the built-in aluminum chambers that prevent the cell phones of the attendees from unnecessary theft or losses.

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