Why Concerts and Events Drain Your Cell Phone Battery and how to stop it in 2020.

Have you ever attended a concert, big game, or festival only to find your cell phone battery draining more quickly than usual? Crowded events cause extra traffic for cell phone networks. Not only is the usage in a small area more concentrated, but the increased number of people can also make it more difficult for your cell phone to find a signal – another factor that contributes to fast cell phone battery drain.

When a certain area faces an increase in demand for cellular signals, every person’s signal is reduced in order to ensure every mobile device has reception. The added work of transmitting data on a weak signal causes your cell phone causes the battery to drain more quickly.

Another factor is the display – since at an event or concert you probably have your phone silenced, you’re more likely to check the screen for new messages and notifications. But the large screen on your smartphone is a huge drain on power – try not to turn it on too often. Instead, turn on vibrations for notifications and check your phone only when you feel it buzz.

As an event planner or venue manager, this is a perfect example of why you should provide cell phone charging stations at your next big event – this courtesy will ensure your customers can stay in touch for as long as they need to. If you don’t see the need for your consumers to use their mobile devices while they are enjoying a sporting event, concert, festival, or trade show, just consider the practically free viral marketing you receive via social media. Your guests are dying to snap photos for Instagram, chat on Twitter, and make Facebook posts – don’t miss out on the free publicity because they are worried about draining their cell phone batteries! Leasing a cell phone charging station is simple, easy, and cost-effective. We can even apply a custom shrink wrap to promote your business or match your decor- and our models with HD screens can be pre-loaded with all of your marketing materials for an added advertising space.

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