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You must be hosting the exhibit or the best trade show or conference of the year – the one you have been waiting for long, the event is finally today. Everyone attending your event makes their cell phone fully charged and sometimes they don’t have much time to get that green color battery, but having a charged phone at all events is now crucial. After spending hours taking photos, making videos, uploading to social media, texting, and much more, commonly, the batteries will drain, and it can withdraw the interest of the attendees. That is where InCharged helps you with the cell phone charging station. The cell phone charging solution sponsored by Volkswagen has made it easier for you to host your trade shows, events, or conferences efficiently in the following ways:

It delivers a sense of satisfaction to the attendees

Whether you are planning to host an event, meeting, or organizing a gathering, InCharged has the most experience when it comes to making your vision come to life. As no matter if the event is big or small, you must have a charging station by your side, as it keeps the attendees satisfied and stress-free. Mainly, you host an event to make it a big splash that can leave a lasting impression, and inspire the attendees to remember it or attend it again. So, having a charging station is a great way to keep the interest of your attendees as they need to charge phones to take photos and make videos to post them on social media or to keep them for future use. However, you must take care of such situations while planning your event.

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 It is the most common item that attendees forget

While hurrying to attend the event, the attendees forget about their cell phone charger more often, but it is something that can withdraw their attention from your event. However, InCharged has a simple solution for such a common problem, and it can make your event stand out to attendees or can make your booth the most popular and most visited. Having a charging station is among the most effective event sponsorship ideas to keep the attendees for longer.

Attracts more visitors

The important aspect of attracting more visitors to the booth is having an appealing booth, and charging stations that can help you to stand out from the crowd. These stations not only drives more traffic, but also makes the visitors to stay at your booth for longer, and it provides an opportunity to gain larger leads.

Build brand awareness

Having your booth at the conference helps you to build your brand awareness, but there are various other ways with which you can elevate your brand even more. Among them the most effective way is to add a cell phone charging station to your booth, as it includes custom branding, you can promote your brand by adding your logo, and brand assets to the graphics billboard. Moreover, with custom charging stations, you can effectively design your station in a way that can express your brand and drives conversions.

Power your small and medium-size attendees

With the cell phone charging stations for events, you can attract and engage more visitors. Once they will hear about the charging station they will surely visit your event regardless of their planning to stop by your booth. InCharged provide cell phone charging station to different events, to make the attendees satisfied, and convenience.

Builds customer loyalty

You must be aware that the events are not about followers and likes, it is about the engagement of the customers and brand loyalty is a key. As people remain active on social media all day long, so offering them the ability to stay fully charged, boosts their interests towards your show, and is the best way to offer an engaging experience.

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Shows your care for the attendees

If you are going to host an event, especially if it is without a long time frame, having a charging station shows your attendees that you care about them and their well-being. As if your event is long, it withdraws the interest of the attendees to attend the event, but having a charging station, can provide them a sense of relief that they can charge their phones even if their battery will drain.

Keep your attendees’ phones charged for event awareness

Nowadays, everyone owns a phone and they will carry it everywhere they go as with the current technology, it possible to text, call, send emails, take pictures, make videos, and much more. If the cell phone batteries of your attendees will drain, they cannot post about the event online with which various other people can become aware, and they will not be able to take photos, that can make it difficult for them to post on social media. Advertising of your event by attendees is an important aspect if you want your event to be successful so that a huge audience can become aware of the event. So, you should have the charging stations that can keep cell phones fully charged and they can talk about their time and experience at your event.

Aspect of brand awareness

If you are going to incorporate a charging station for your event, it is not only essential for the attendees, but the event sponsors will also get the huge benefits from the strategy. The efficient cell phone charging stations are a great way which can add an important aspect of branding to the event, as they are fully branded, and customized to the event or its sponsors. The charging stations do not only contain the charging tips or the lockers, but they are available with LED displays that enhance the look of the charging stations, as well as used for advertising purposes.

Charging solution that you can use for your event

Most of the event planners prefer to choose the regular phone chargers when planning an event and it can work for some events. However, it is usually not the best option for the attendees, which leaves them frustrated. There are various charging solutions that you can choose to meet the needs of your event attendees.

InCharged provides with the most advanced locker charging station to their clients, and it has six secure chambers that are available with 3 cables in each chamber. It supports apple iPhone, Samsung, LG, Nokia, Android, and much more and has dedicated lightning and USB charging cables. The units of the lockers have a touch screen display with which you can get the on-screen instructions, the content of the brand, and the access to the system setting if you want to make changes. With these lockers, it is easy to maximize branding, as they have a custom back graphic panel where you can add your logo, brand, artwork, and colors for advertising.

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What could be more useful, than a safe and secure 8 chamber locker for your event that is built with aluminum chambers to prevent theft or tampering? These lockers have 3 cables in each chamber that can support Apple iPhone, Samsung, Android, and various other devices. The most useful feature among all is the built-in aluminum chamber locker that is the safest and secure place where you can keep your phone without worrying about the theft, or losing your phone.

If you are looking for a better solution to engage the interest of your attendees in the event, then our PowerBox is a great way with which you can gain the full attention of your audience. A compact tabletop wireless battery-powered charger station is all you need for your event, as it has 8 USB built-in ports that can be placed on any existing tabletop or surface. The PowerBox wireless charging station can charge multiple devices and is the perfect option for those who want the fastest charging capabilities.

It is the charging station that most of the attendees expect during the events, as these charging stations are easy to set up, brand, and experience. Moreover, it takes only five minutes to assemble and strike these free-standing charging stations. It comes in standing, tabletop, or wall-mounted to fit any space. If you are investing in a cell-phone station for multiple events, then the Flex is the most suitable choice that you can choose.

Why should you incorporate cell phone charging stations at events?

Nowadays, we are addicted to our cell-phones that we carry them along everywhere we go, and stay connected no matter whether we are on vacation or business trips. If it is an event that will take long hours to end, then you should be prepared to keep their interest. The best thing you can do is to place a charging station that can deliver a great experience, and enhance the engagement of the customers in your event, as all they need is a fully-charged phone by their side. With the incorporation of the phone charging station, it is easier to keep them interested in your event.

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How the cell phone charging stations help event organizers and meeting planners?

Whether you are going to host a small or big event, your main focus is to keep the attendees and everyone to stay for longer, and the cell phone charging kiosks are a great way with which you can keep them satisfied and stress-free. Every event organizer sets up an event with the motive and to create a lasting impression, and that can inspire your attendees to remember it, and attend it again. So, you should set up the cell phone charging stations in convenient locations throughout the venue to gain unique customer engagement. If you want to enhance the crowd at your event, you should try solving the issues for people, as it will help you to:

  • Catch attention – Usually, if there is a large kiosk in the middle of the venue, it can grab the attention of anyone passing by. Placing a mobile device charging station helps you to gain more attendees, and keep them there for longer, resulting in gaining profits.
  • Attract more visitors – If you are organizing an event, and want to stand out from the crowd then the cell phone charging stations can do so even if they are not aware of your business.
  • Provide expediency – Having a mobile device charging station at your show or event will lead the huge crowd and helps to build a better reputation for the business.
  • Custom branding opportunity – The mobile charging stations are the perfect opportunity that you can choose to promote your brand. You can use them as an advertising tool by adding a logo, and brand colors to the machine to increase the visibility of your business.
  • Protection for attendees – The mobile charging stations equipped with lockers provide a safe and secure charging experience to the users, as well as makes the attendees even more comfortable throughout the event as they do not have to worry about theft or loss.

If you want to keep people engaged and happy, it would help if you will incorporate a mobile device charging station at your next event. It not only captures their attention, but you will experience a great increase in the rate of visitors to your event.

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