Investing In Customer Experience With A Mobile Charging Station

Many businesses feel there’s no direct return on investing in a mobile charging station. Some don’t see the direct benefit and choose to focus on other ways to increase their revenue in the short term. While increasing revenue is obviously one of the most important aspects of growing your business, you also want to assess ways to increase the quality of your customer experience because happy customers drive increased sales.

If you’re too focused on generating revenue, you may miss the opportunity to generate long lasting relationships with your customers which, in turn, will guarantee you a steady revenue stream. A successful business is successful not only in creating new customers, but turning those customers into repeat, brand loyal customers that will continue to support your business for years to come. These customers help your business in more ways than one. Of course they generate revenue, but they’re a great resource of free marketing! A happy, loyal customer means greater word of mouth, an increased web presence, and brand loyalty that could spread through an entire family or group of friends.

The modern consumer needs more than clever advertising to affect their choices. They want to feel engaged in a direct and genuine way. If you’re not promoting an authentic experience full of opportunities for added benefits, consumers may choose to pass on giving you their business.

Offering a mobile charging station helps improve a customer’s overall experience because it’s multifaceted. A well branded charging station offers a highly sought amenity while helping engage your customers- 2 things that consumers crave. If you don’t outwardly try to engage your customers or make an attempt to offer them additional services to boost their experience, they may end up drifting to one of your competitors that does!

If you’re still not convinced, try thinking about charging as more than just an amenity.   If customers were solely interested in charging their phones, installing more power outlets in your venue or location would do the job, right? Even if there was an entire wall full of power outlets at the customer’s disposal, they still won’t feel engaged or feel like your business was offering free charging as an amenity. All they’ll see is a section of power outlets that they may or may not be able to use. In fact, they may feel uncomfortable plugging in their own charger without being prompted or invited to do so. Setting up a mobile charging station invites your customer to charge their phone while simultaneously informing them about your brand, special offers, special events for customers- really any content you want them to consume.

The other benefits of a mobile charging station such as increased foot traffic, brand awareness, dwell time, and eventually a boost in sales all start with the customer. By establishing yourself as a brand, company, or organization that genuinely cares about your customers, you’ll be able to establish a “fanbase” of loyal customers that will continue to support you. So, the next time you’re considering investing in a charging station, remember that you’re investing in more than just a charging tower- you’re investing in your overall customer experience!

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