Two Amenities Event Attendees Crave

Some of the most popular events that utilize mobile charging stations are conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows. It makes sense that in a massively immersive and sprawling event, attendees want a way to keep their devices charged. A new survey by the Center for Exhibition Industry Research (CEIR) now supports this claim.

The study surveyed a total of 420 US based professionals who attend at least one B2B exhibition each year. The goal was to flesh out which digital amenities exhibition attendees ranked most important to their experience. The results were also compared to a similar survey of 194 exhibition organizers and 186 exhibitor representatives.

The Most Important Amenity at Events

According to the study, the most important digital amenity (coming in at a whopping 81%) is free WiFi. This should be of no shock because in today’s connected world, easy access to WiFi is an expectation everywhere. Businesses, mass transit hubs, and even restaurants typically offer access to free wifi. Let’s face it- if the McDonalds around the corner can provide access to free WiFi, it’s a natural assumption that organizations should be providing WiFi to registered exhibitors and attendees.

Cell Phone Charging at Events

Trailing slightly behind WiFi in importance is the ability for individuals to recharge their mobile devices. 71% of the professionals surveyed agree that having a way to keep their devices charged is crucial to their experience. This means that a significant number of all attendees, exhibitors, and organizers feel that having a way to recharge would positively affect their experience.

Don’t take this statistic lightly! If almost ¾ of the people in attendance want a way to charge their device, why not be the one to offer it? Implementing a branded charging station at your exhibition is a great way to gain some recognition and brand awareness. It’ll also make your exhibit a destination, thereby increasing foot traffic. Additionally, the very act of charging a mobile device allows the device’s owner to linger, giving you quality face to face time with potential new clients or buyers.

While access to WiFi may be the responsibility of the venue at which your event is hosted, providing a way to charge mobile devices is entirely in your hands. Whether you’re an organizer offering strategically placed charging stations or a “charge center” or an individual exhibitor looking to offer one of the most coveted services at your exhibition, mobile charging stations are truly a win-win.

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