Crime, Punishment, and Cell Phone Charging

We thought the theater phone charging fiasco was over the top, but wait until you get a load of this.The Police in Spotswood, NJ were called when a woman found a man hiding under a bed in a spare bedroom of her home. The man, who had apparently been hiding under the bed for 3 days, had been using an outlet under the bed to charge his 4 cell phones. The man was apprehended and charged with burglary and theft of services for using the home’s electricity.

While this incident is bizarre, it stirs up a handful of questions. How on earth did he stay under the bed for 3 days with no bathroom breaks? More importantly, how slow are his chargers that it took 3 days to charge 4 cell phones? These are burning questions that may never be answered.
We here at InCharged understand that having your phone (or phones) charged is an absolute priority. Even if you have a bandolier full of cell phones, or multiple portable devices, we ask that you please refrain from breaking and entering to satisfy your charging needs. Instead, look for one of our fast and convenient cell phone charging stations and get the power you need!

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Importance of Keeping Your Phone Charged

While you might have encountered crimes & punishment associated with smartphone burglary or hacks, getting arrested and punished for charging phone in an illegal manner is something out of the blue. This is the reason why the experts recommend that you should charge the phone fully or at least smartly enough to be assured of the best results. When you treat the battery of your smartphone right, you can prevent yourself from the embarrassment of charging your phone anywhere else or in awkward conditions. 

There is no denying the importance of battery for your smartphone. With the advent of the Internet and its immense applications, the need for keeping your smartphones fully charged has only increased multifold. If the battery of your phone is not fully charged, you cannot expect to do anything of your choice or need. With the right battery charging management abd cell phone charging stations and care, you can look forward to keeping your smartphone fully charged at all times. 

The good news is that lithium-ion batteries that are utilized inside the modern-day smartphones are known to be highly reliable, safer, and long-lasting. Therefore, for ensuring its best-ever care, the InCharged experts recommend the following tips to make the most of the smartphone battery in order to save you from an awkward situation. Here are some:

Cell Phone Charging Stations Tips 

  • Keep It Topped-Up: There are several chemical reactions taking place inside the lithium-ion batteries in the smartphones. These chemical reactions tend to be more comfortable with shorter spans for discharges as well as charges on the smartphone.
  • They might as well adversely react in case of being drained out entirely and then, charging the phone right from scratch. While there is no potential risk of damaging the smartphone by waiting for its battery to die down and charging all over again, still you are putting the risk of shortening the overall lifespan of the phone’s battery in the long run.

The cell phone charging station experts at InCharged recommend that you should be aware of the best practices phone charging for optimum results. As per the experts, you should aim at keeping your phone charged between 50 percent & 80 percent to be on the favorable end. Whenever it is possible for you, try not to dip the smartphone’s battery below 20 percent for too long.

Charging Station Experts

On the lighter note, you can go forward with leaving your smartphone connected to a continuous source of power at your office or home throughout the day. This is because chargers, as well as smartphones in the modern era, are aware of the fact that the charging capacity has reached 100 percent. Accordingly, the chargers tend to reduce the flow of electricity significantly upon full charging. However, it is still advised to be mindful and not waste any electricity as a responsible human being.

Keep Checking the Temperature

The lithium-ion batteries in the smartphones are known to not favor higher temperatures. For instance, if you have ever been to the beach or ski slopes, you might have observed that the phone would simply shut off due to the sudden variations in the overall temperatures. It is definitely not valid to carry around your smartphone in some temperature-controlled chamber. Therefore, you should aim at making sure that the smartphone is well-insulated during cold weather conditions. 

At the same time, you should also refrain from exposing your smartphone to higher temperature conditions. Even when you take care of simple precautions like not leaving your smartphone in a hot car, you can look forward to accelerating the entire lifespan of your smartphone’s battery. The temperature extremes that your smartphone has to undergo might not necessarily kill its battery, but it can definitely speed up the process of natural degradation of the batteries. 

Ensure Slow & Steady Charging 

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Wireless phone charging station is undoubtedly highly convenient. The availability of multiple fast-charging mechanisms tends to be highly convenient when you are getting pushed for time. However, when you wish to ensure maximum battery longevity, you should opt for the option of using a standard charger. At the same time, you can even consider charging the smartphone using the laptop’s USB port for ensuring a slow & steady charging. 

While wireless or fast charging might not be significantly harmful to your smartphone, still “slow & steady” charging can deliver great results. Lithium-ion batteries in the smartphones are known to be comfortable with the input of gradual charging. Therefore, you should aim at using this approach for ensuring the best results.

In case you are relying significantly on wireless or fast charging, ensure that you are making use of an official charger that must have come along with the smartphone. At the same time, you can also consider using some third-party accessory that has been approved officially. The chargers should be configured for keeping your smartphone’s battery as healthy as possible and for the longest period.

Maintain the Middle Ground

In case you will not be using the smartphone for a while, you should store the same with half the charge if possible. The middle ground is considered as highly preferable in comparison to keeping the phone either fully drained or fully charged. Even if the prospect of stashing away your phone might seem beneficial, some people still consider keeping the spare piece handy. This advice is applicable to the tablets as well. 

It is important to make a note of the temperature conditions of the smartphone while charging the same. At the same time, you should aim at storing the phone at room temperature whenever possible. You should be aware of the fact that the phones cases that are poorly engineered might face the impact of increasing the overall warmth of your smartphone during charging. 

Therefore, you should also aim at purchasing smartphone covers made out of high-quality materials or from the reliable cover brands out there. When you adopt the best practices for charging your phone, it can help you in the long run by delivering optimum results. 

Be Updated

The task of managing the battery life of your smartphone tends to be a complicated process. However, effective battery management is something both iOS, as well as Android smartphones, are getting better at.

This is the reason why these operating systems keep pushing out the latest updates with respect to expanding the battery life of the modern smartphones. As such, when you are using either an Android or an iOS smartphone, it is recommended to be aware of the latest software updates available out there. Most of the latest software updates are in correlation with boosting the battery life of the smartphones.

You can be assured of the constant nagging by the manufacturers of such smartphone models. Due to the constant updates and notifications pushed forth, it becomes a challenging task to forget about going for a smartphone update as soon as it is available out there in the technology market. In addition to expanding the battery life of the smartphone, these updates are also concerned with improving the overall smartphone security and other advanced features. 

In case you have been putting off the latest updates, it will be considered wise to install the updates as soon as possible in order to assist the phone’s battery in the long run. iOS-based smartphones are nowadays known to feature the presence of an improved health monitor. This is available under the Battery section in the Settings tab of the phone. At the same time, for Android smartphones, you can consider installing other battery-boosting apps like AccuBattery for improved battery performance. 

Make the Battery Last

Every battery out there comes with its own lifecycle in one way or the other. After all, it is all the work of chemistry inside the battery’s configuration. This implies that the fewer instances you would go from a battery that is fully charged to the one that is draining completely, it is considered better. 

You might as well consider making use of a single charge while making it last for the longest possible period. Instead of carrying around a portable, fast charging unit everywhere you go, you should aim for making the single charge last for as long as possible on the go.

If you wish to make the single battery charging last for the longest period, here are a few tips:

  • Reduce the overall screen brightness
  • Make use of headphones for listening to music instead of using the built-in speakers in the smartphone
  • Put the phone in the airplane mode for as long as you are able to carry on with the same. Putting the smartphone in the airplane mode would turn off the smartphone’s connection to other nearby devices while stopping the apps from pinging constantly for the latest updates.

Remove the Plug When Fully Charged

As per a recent study conducted by the esteemed Battery University, if you tend to leave the phone plugged in even when it has been charged fully –like in the case of overnight charging, it might turn out bad for your phone’s battery in the long run. Once the smartphone has been charged to its full capacity (100% charging), it is known to receive “trickle charges” for maintaining the status of 100 percent charged even with the plug on.

  • As such, the trickle charge is known to keep the battery under immense stress and in a state of high tension. Eventually, this results into breaking down the chemistry of the battery from within.

The experts at the Battery University claim that when the smartphone is fully charged, it is recommended to remove the same from the charging port to be assured of the best results. This is eventually like relaxing your muscles after you have undergone a strenuous exercise session. You might as well feel frustrated and irritated when you are asked to work out continuously without any break. 

  • Keep Plugging in Your Phone: The experts explain that the batteries in your smartphones tend to be happier when you keep charging the same from time to time. Keep charging the phone’s battery in installments or short intervals of time instead of charging the same on the go. The best scenario is when you tend to charge the battery when it would lose around 10 percent of the total charge. 

While it might not be practical for everyone to plug in the phone whenever possible, it is considered ideal when you plug in & unplug your phone several times throughout the day. Our cell Phone charging stations  not only helps in charging the phone’s battery in an optimal fashion, but it also allows you to boost the overall battery performance significantly. 

Make the most of the recommended tips from the experts in order to ensure longer battery life for your smartphone.

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