Why Your Event Needs a Cell Phone Charging Station

Its no surprise that outdoor events and festivals are cell phone charging nightmares. Wide open spaces full of vendors but no outlets, campsites sprawling from horizon to horizon, multiple stages with giant speaker towers but no power to spare, and let’s not forget the mile long trek to your car charger. Its no wonder events like these are in desperate need of cell phone charging stations. After all, with all of the beautiful (and sometimes totally wacky) sights, your attendees want to make sure they’ll be able to share their good time without worrying about their cell phone battery.

Benefits of Cell Phone Charging Stations at Your Event:

Get Your Brand Noticed
Our mobile charging stations are fully customizable and come in multiple sizes for any need. With freestanding models featuring HD displays, charging lockers, and small customizable charging boxes that can be integrated into your surroundings, your branding possibilities are limitless! Go big and get your brand noticed by passersby, or bring attendees in to your area with a smaller setup for a charge and a closer look.

Safe and Convenient
InCharged offers some of the safest, quickest, and most lightweight charging stations on the market. A fast cell phone charging time allows a quick turnover of happy people who will get the chance to engage with your brand. We also offer cell phone charging lockers that are safe and secure, allowing attendees to leave their device and come back when it’s charged. Also, once people know where your charging station is they’ll most likely come back, giving your brand repeat exposure!

Transform your spaceOur charging stations are all lightweight, and even our largest option is easily movable – making your outdoor display changeable at the drop of a hat. The ability to change your area to fit your needs is crucial when running an outdoor event or festival, especially when weather can be unpredictable. Also, for vendors using Square or mobile sales technology, having the ability to keep your phones or tablets charged is essential to keep sales going smoothly.

With prior clients including Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Governer’s Ball, we’re no stranger to outdoor events. Let us supercharge your festival for an unforgettable experience!

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