Cell Phone Charging Stations Add Luxe Touch to Taylor Swift Backstage Experience

Xfinity is the lead sponsor of Taylor Swift’s tour that provides benefits to the fans with access to behind the scenes video footage from tour rehearsals as well as the chance to meet the Grammy winner and win backstage tours, tour merchandise, and concert tickets. Taylor Swift is a global superstar and her fans are passionate about following her lifestyle and Xfinity is coming together with Taylor Swift to provide experience to her fans which they can’t get from anywhere else.

Wireless Phone Charging Table

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Not all the cell phone chargers are created equally or serve the same purpose but the increasing use of cell phones in today’s world, you need to stay charged and connected with the rest of the world. The cell phone charging kiosks:

  • Features – They usually come with detachable tips and are much easier to lose or misplace. The best thing is they can convert any of the surfaces into the cell phone charging stations.
  • Functionality – These charging stations do their cell phone charging job accurately to keep the attention of the audiences at your venues so enhance their staying time.
  • Availability – These are available in airports, venues, and other public places.
  • Placement – The portable charging stations are easy to replace due to which you can place them anywhere to attract more audiences at your site.
  • Advantages – These provide public services to the individuals and keep cell phones charged throughout the event.

As an event organizer, you need to establish strategies to enhance the experience of the customers so you need to think about how you can solve the problems of your customers when their cell phones out of batteries. If you will ignore the problems of your customers then you probably lose your customers, but by providing the solution for charging mobile, you can solve the problems effectively.

Enhance the permanence and engagement of the client

A phone without battery life can restrict the engagement of the customers as they need their cell phones to send emails, accessing websites, or making calls, but with the batteries, it is not at all possible. As a result, customers prefer to leave the venue at that point but you can restrict the situation from getting worse with the incorporation of the cell phone charging stations at the venues. It helps to prolong the stay of the customers and grabs their attention towards your concerts while charging their cell phones.

Cell Phone Charging Stations

Cell Phone Charging Stations for Concerts

Increase sales

You can increase the sales by measuring the time they have spent on your premises, and for their loyalty, which improves the probability of spending more. If they want to leave the venue due to their low cell phone batteries then you are losing money which also means you are losing your loyal customers.

Your business becomes a reference

The people who will visit your site and use your cell phone charging stations will surely recommend others to visit your venue whether they are restaurants, stadiums, or hotels. The cell phone charging stations are a great way to gain the trust of the customers and enhance their maximum engagement in the venue so you need to take care of everything to make things work and stable.

Positive experience and loyalty

Most of the business does not provide mobile charging services as they think they will not get anything in return in terms of their investment. However, they don’t see the benefits in it, but instead of focusing on gaining more returns you should focus on how your customers will appreciate the services. So, you should offer reliable services that can improve the experience of the customers as it not only improves the brand name but also develops trust.

It is the opportunity of making your advertising more visible

Events and locations are a great way to enhance the profits so you can use the charging stations as the advertising support. In case, you are not interested in acquiring the charging stations, you can use them for advertising purposes to enhance the visibility of your brand.

They are the perfect charging solutions

No doubt, the charging stations solve the problem of the customers and are the perfect solution for the low battery anxiety or the cell phones without a battery in the era where everyone uses mobile phones for every purpose. People use their Smartphone for searching for more details about the brand that you are promoting they search about your business, experience, and the reviews of the customers who are satisfied with your service offerings.

InCharged Charging Stations

InCharged provide phone charging station for concerts to enhance the dwelling time of the customers and make them stay engaged throughout the event. Here are some of the charging stations that InCharged provide:

Flex – These charging stations are easy to set up, easy to experience, and much easier to use for branding purposes, as the images or videos on these charging stations grabs the attention of the users, leaving a lasting impression. These cell phone charging stations are the first choice of every event organizer due to their 20″ HD screen, and 12 charging tips that are the perfect option for those who need last-minute charge.

PowerMethod – If you are searching for better trade show engagement then these are the most preferable choice that you can choose for your cell phone charging. These are light in weight and take only a few minutes to assemble and strike as these cell phone charging stations provide a charge to your attendees and make them satisfied throughout the event. The best thing is their availability in different designs and you can choose the one that fits perfectly according to your needs and requirements. These charging stations have 8 A/C outlets and 10 built-in charging cables that provide the charging solution for multiple devices by keeping the attendees satisfied and engaged.

PowerMethod Plus – These cell phone charging stations are powerful and more affordable charging solutions that you can use for your events as these are the perfect solution for the event organizers who want to arrange everything within their budget. These support various devices from Apple to Android and keep them charged throughout the event enhancing the engagement of the customers. They have the capability to charge up to 8 devices with their 8 charging ports which makes things easier for the various devices to charge simultaneously.

InBox – These are also known as the secret weapons that you can use for your event to attract more audiences and engage their interest for a longer period. The most essential benefit of using these charging stations is that they can turn any space into the cell phone charging stations due to their portable and powerful features. These supports various devices from Apple to Android that do not leave any cell phone uncharged and is the perfect option for those who want the fastest and most efficient cell phone charging capabilities.

Audible branded tabletop cell phone charging station at event

InBox Charging Stations

PowerBox – These are the battery-powered wireless charging stations that are the perfect choice for the multi-day event and they are available with the 8 USB built-in ports that can charge multiple devices simultaneously. These can turn any space into the cell phone charging stations due to their fast and most efficient charging capabilities that cover very less space when placed on the tabletop or any other space. The best thing is you can use these charging kiosks for branding by incorporating your artwork or brand to make your customers remember ever after leaving your venues.

6 chamber locker – These are the charging stations that charge your cell phones as well as provide you with the peace of mind by keeping the cell phones safe and secure. These lockers have a 14″ digital screen that is perfect for advertising the images or videos by enhancing the engagement of the users. These charging stations are available with 3 charging cables in each chamber that supports various devices from Apple to Android and everything in between. These have the graphic panel on their back that you can use for the artwork, logos, and colors to gain the attention of the customers towards your brand, leaving a lasting impression.

Glass Power table – Everyone wants their event to leave a lasting impression on the attendees and the glass power tables are the perfect choice that leaves the customers out of the low battery anxiety and the stylish arrangement for enjoying their events. These charging stations come with the 12 charging ports that make them an ideal choice for the events due to their durable and strong features. These charging stations have 9 cables for Smartphone, 6 open USB ports, and 3 A/C outlets that allow multiple devices to charge simultaneously including Apple or Android devices.

8 Chamber lockers – Mostly, the attendees prefer to leave their cell phones for charging while going around the venues and in such situations the charging stations with the lockers are the most preferable choice that leaves the customers stress-free while leaving their cell phones. You can incorporate these charging stations at your venues to make your customers engaged in your event when you are discussing your brand as these are the best solution that you can use to enhance the engagement of the customers. These lockers come with the 3 charging cables in each chamber that supports various devices from Apple to Android that can charge up to 2.7a. If you want to maximize branding then these is the most preferable solution that you can choose for your event as these logos and images on these kiosks catches the interest of the on-lookers.

Charging table – When attendees are charging their cell phones, you get the opportunity to catch the complete attention of the attendees as these comes equipped with 12 charging ports that leave your customers fully satisfied. These are perfect options for your booth as these can charge up to 18 devices at once and you can use them in areas with higher possibilities of attendees and it is mainly near the stage, food beverages, and in the middle of the venues.

The Xfinity zone is not complete without the high-quality cell phone charging stations as these are a great way to boost the batteries and keep the customers engaged for longer. The charging stations are a great way to make the customers stay engaged throughout the event and participate in the ongoing process to keep them satisfied.

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