Creating an Experience People Want to Share

Connecting is the central focus of any event on which every attendee works hard to gain better engagement of the audiences so if you want to construct a gap between the businesses as well as potential clients or educate a group of industry professionals, you should identify the right audience and create the most relevant content. Whether you are looking for the best ways to connect with your attendees, relevant goals that attendees want to accomplish or make the personal experience, you can rely on the event management technology. Here are some of the quick ways you can use to improve the quality of your connections, enhancing your audiences, and creating the personal experience you need to keep everyone engaged and involved.

Event Management Technology

Event Management Technology

People trust in thought leadership

No matter why you are holding your event, you need to build a reputation for delivering valuable without avoiding any task that can make the very aspect of your event promotion easier and reliable. Furthermore, a blog is the most relevant way that you can use to gain the interest of your audiences as while showcasing the most relevant content to your target audiences you can prove that you are qualified enough to decide about the beneficial information and the things that can be culled. If you have a successful blog then it can work as a knowledge base for the audiences that can be consistent and more importantly contribute to the high-quality ideas and the contributions that happen during the events. If you want to deliver the content to your attendees that are valuable you need to make strategies that can work better for you.

Cast a wide net

Social media is the wide platform that you can use to expand your audiences and keep them engaged for which you need to have a relevant social media presence to generate the valuable buzz about your event, attendees as well as keep everything in order till the end date of your event. Furthermore, you can construct the feeds for the potential content and search the relevant topics, speakers, or the features that the attendees search for when they are at your venue. You can also use the insights to figure out what arrangement you need to make and how you can invest your time as well as resources. Furthermore, you can also make use of social media tools to understand your target audiences who are following you and what they value the most. You can also identify and target your major influencers to make them feel more valued while offering you to start a very effective word-of-mouth campaign.

Follow up with precision

Social media platforms are a great way to get wide audiences as well as to enhance your reach, so you need to target the segments which are also a great way to boost your relationship with your core audiences so you should segment-specific email campaigns that you can use to deliver the most relevant and impactful information. Besides, you can also make use of the personalized messages to deliver the thoughtful information that can enhance the interest of the attendees in your organization as well as the brand your offer. If you are focusing on developing a two-way channel then it is a great way to get specific and most relevant feedback about your event without event making the attendees aware of the information you are looking at the event.

Personal onsite messaging

During the events, you can enhance the experience of the audiences with event management technology which also includes the event app that can take targeting to a greater extent. The best thing you can do is to establish the groups that include the listing of your attendees and send them the targeted messages that can enhance your connectivity with them.

Turn your event app into a megaphone

With alerts, you can also convey the essential information to the attendees of your event as you can broadcast the room changes, promotional videos, or anything else that can enhance their interest. Furthermore, various event management apps provide you an option to pair your alerts with the emails or push notification to ensure that whether they are on the event app or not, everyone interested in the event can get the message.

Turn your spectators into participants

Another tried and tested way to enhance the engagement of the people is through event surveys. You can use these to deliver the most impactful goldmines in various kinds of correspondence from alerts to email communications. While leading conferences, you can also take the surveys on the event apps to enhance the attendees’ level of interest in your topics on which you are hosting the events, speakers who are handling the things, as well as the on-going sessions. Furthermore, you can also ask the questions that can help you to determine the average level of expertise in a particular topic so that your speaker can continue with the same level to enhance their engagement and improving their involvement. Your attendees will appreciate the research which is no doubt a great way to enhance the usage of your app that can lead up to the event. During the sessions, the attendees can also participate in the live or the interactive pools so you can also get your speakers excited about the upcoming sessions by providing them the tool for better engagement.

Event Management

Event Management

Smooth and secure attendee-to-attendee connections

If you are done with using the strategies to create a personalized experience for your attendees, it does not mean that you have to do all the heavy lifting. You can encourage the reach of the attendees and make new connections with one another and with the use of event management apps the attendees can also send messages to others. Furthermore, nowadays, the messages stay stored in the personal inbox of the attendees which are accessible with the email login. People in the event can enhance their connectivity with the remote participants provided that everyone is on the event app and every activity is private as well as secure.

Improve engagement through tracking

The success of your event depends on the quality of the content as well as the planning so you need to gather the efficient and qualitative data about your content which is essential for improving it. If you want to get the relevant feedback and crowdsource your content you need to follow up with mining the social media feeds, surveys as well as the live polls. Another element in your data collection that you should not ignore is the event analytics which is merely a challenging task. Nowadays, it is hard to track everything regarding the things your audiences do digitally and you cannot predict why they are sourcing on a particular page. From your social media page to your registration page as well as your event management apps, every click provides some benefits for which you need to thank yourself for finding the qualified services that you can use to track their habits.

Rent a selfie booth

In today’s scenario, everyone is crazy about taking selfies to keep them as memories and to share their experience with others. You must have seen the craze of selfies on the social media platforms where they post their daily updates with selfies. Furthermore, if your venue has a selfie booth they can keep the attendees engaged for longer which is also the easiest way to get people to chat and enhancing their interaction with other attendees. You can also incorporate the logo of your brand on the selfie booth so that when the attendees are taking selfies and posting them on social media platforms, your brand can gain better visibility.

Offer healthy catering

When you will offer healthy food to the people, they will surely appreciate and provide positive feedback as everyone prefers to visit the places where they are being served with healthy catering. Mainly, at professional events, people do not prefer to have greasy or junk food that can affect their health, so you need to take care of the needs of your attendees. You can provide healthy options when it comes to good food as well as taste delicious which can also be a plus point to the arrangement of your events.

Plan some fun activities

You can schedule some downtime which is especially relevant for the long events where attendees are going to sit for long hours so that they do not get bored. If you can make the downtime fun, then it is much better as there are various small as well as fun activities that you can organize even ahead of time to keep the attendees engaged. You can start with the question and answer or ask the attendees to share their funny moments so that they can stay active throughout the event. However, while deciding the activities you need to be sure that these should consume the relevant time to make the arrangement better and suitable for the attendees.

Steps you can use to create a memorable event experience

It is not less than a challenge to keep the attendees engaged at your event and the situations such as enhancing the attendees, standing out of the competitions, and meeting the demands of the attendees are also putting the pressure on the event planners. If you want to make your event to be educational, meaningful, motivational as well as interesting on the defined budget, you need to focus on strategies to create a transformative event experience. Here are some of the steps that you can use to enhance the event experience that the event planners can also use to transform their event into an experience.

Step 1: Discover the key stakeholder for your event

You need to identify the people who can also gain the benefits from the success of your event so you should create a relevant plan that also includes the list of attendees who are severely connected with the goals of your events. The list includes the participants, sponsors, speakers, press, funders, as well as the suppliers.

It also creates an opportunity for you to identify the most interested stakeholders and you can partner with them to fulfill your needs, which are also a great way you can use to enhance the experience of the attendees. Furthermore, the best thing you can do is to develop the personas for your most essential stakeholders that you can use to make your event much better that can also deliver the reliable information through the messages.

Step 2: Determine the primary objective of the event for different stakeholders

While creating the event experience you need to have a clear understanding of your end goals as the event objective is different for every stakeholder so you need to determine the relevant objects that you can set for your event experience.

  • You can start with determining your stakeholders who can help you to overcome your business challenges by enhancing the results of your ranking so that you can satisfy these challenges to make the events a success from the perspective of the stakeholder group you have chosen.
  • You need to quantify the viewpoint of the stakeholders for which you need to check out the leads they are targeting and the profit they are expecting.
  • You need to create a realistic milestone with which you can track your progress towards your event goals which you can know about the objectives of the stakeholders.

Step 3: Evaluate your event budget and allocate your spending where it matters

You do not always have enough budgets to run your event successfully due to which it is critical to work according to the objectives of your stakeholder for which you need to be realistic in what you have committed to achieving the goals. If you want to stay on the relevant position you need to be sure that you are effectively allocating your financial resources with their better use for which you can follow these tips as well:

  • You can create an event budget with the estimated figures that can help you to calculate the requirement of budget, profits you want to gain, and the break-even points of the events while making arrangements.
  • You should update your estimates with the reliable figures at the time your budget is confirmed and you are completely committed so that you can rework your budget allocations according to the needs.

Step 4: Map the experience mix

You can create the experience by mixing various factors as well as the elements which are also known as experience mix so if you want to know how these flow and interconnect with each other, and ultimately impact the attendees of the event so it can be complex for which you need to do careful analysis and planning. Here are some of the tips you can follow for designing your experience mix:

  • You can list the major touch points throughout your event lifecycle where each of your stakeholder groups can be affected and you should be aware that the journey of the attendees is different from speakers as well as sponsors. Therefore, you need to consider the flow from their viewpoints which also includes before, during, and after your event.
  • Every major touch point creates a list of opportunities and ideas that you can use to create a memorable experience that can be in the form of little touches to the big elements that surprise as well as delight you. You need to be sure to take the venue space as well as the event floor to your plan which is also an interesting way to use the space efficiently.
  • You can keep in mind about your event brand and messaging that can be used at each touch point so it can be in the form of a logo presence, or there can be various ways that you can use to communicate the brand and bring your organization’s culture and ethics back to life.
  • You need to consider the usage of the technology that can enhance the journey of the attendee at the different touch points so the event tech can be used at any point within the event lifecycle.
Enhance Event Experience

Enhance Event Experience

Step 5: Use visual for communicating the event concept

Another way to enhance the event experience is through the usage of visuals which you can use to show the physical design, layout, and production which will also help the stakeholders to visualize the needs that need to be done for achieving the desired results. You can also use the 3D imaging and questionnaires to visualize the concept of event experiences which also includes the planning of floors, decor, furniture as well as the production.

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