Cell Phone Charging Stations: a Natural Companion to iBeacons

Nowadays, event industries are charging and evolving to provide improved, more engaging audiences, and attendees’ experience, which has gained the results from the adoption of iBeacons technology solutions. You must have heard about the iBeacons that are being incorporated at the trade shows, business conferences, conventions, and meetings, so these tech trends can increase within the next few years due to their better functions that deliver suitable results. 

iBeacons technology solutions are the trademarked term by Apple for beacons that were launched in 2013 and these are the mobile technology that consists of small low-powered transmitters that use Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) signals for communicating with mobile devices. Although trademarked by Apple, the BLE technology is mainly used on the Bluetooth 4.0 devices that are capable to support dual-mode and these include Android as well as Windows devices which can be placed in any location within a venue to enhance the engagement of smart-phone savvy attendees, mainly used as an indoor positioning system.

ibeacon technology

Detection technology

Working of the iBeacons

The iBeacons technology solutions is used to pinpoint the location of the users within a few feet as the attendees who have downloaded the specific event app can accept the location services and opt-in to receive notifications. When the user passes by a beacon, the relevant information is provided to their mobile devices with the use of an app. The battery life of the beacon mainly depends on its usage, which ranges from six months to two years. These are also ideal for indoor usage as the signal can pass through the walls and other physical barriers that are a much better alternative which can be used to waning Wi-Fi signals. The proximity a beacon reaches has various categories whether it is immediate, near, or far, and it can range from a user who is a few centimeters away from the beacon to those who are far away. Furthermore, the messages that are sent to the attendees can be customized according to the range of the customers when they are near the booth or any specific locations which means that you can guide and welcome the attendees even before they arrive in person.

How to transform any event with iBeacon

iBeacon is an exciting new detection technology for mobile devices that has gained huge support and adoption as the system allows devices to detect their proximity to one another and trigger location-specific actions and content that is a potential boon for the event organizers. With the incorporation of the Beacons, the users of the iPhone app can use them to speed up their process that also enhances their event experience.
Take audience participation to the next level

Beacons can be placed within the selected session of the venues so that when the attendees enter the venue, their smartphones can detect the beacon and they will receive the invitation to “join the conversation” within the app. These features allow the users to know about the attendees in the session, know about their business through their profiles, and send messages with the app or with the blinded emails. They can also take part in the live audience polls and post a discussion forum for the session as the beacons can make it simple for the badge holders to use their smartphones or tablets that enhance their engagement in the sessions they attend that also maximizes their participation.

Craft the understanding through content

If you will promote the social content or offers that are according to the reach of the users on the beacon then it can provide myriad possibilities for the event organizers. Beacons can deliver timely information and access to the services so these are the most relevant things that you can incorporate in your venue while keeping the beacon alerts. These are a great way to direct attendees regarding the specific sessions or booths that promotes tailored offers that are specific to locations and provides relevant messages by locations which are a new level of personalization that allows you to get the maximum out of an event.

Beacon Technology Solutions

Attendee-to-attendee set-up

The swapping of the business cards will become a thing of the past as along with the detection of the beacon devices, the users of iPhone and iPad that are iOS7 can use their devices as beacons. It will allow the app users to detect other nearby app users and let them connect or exchange their information without putting in any effort. At present, the devices other than iPhones are only used to listen to the beacons, so these users need to use them in a way that can support the broadcasting of the beacon signal.

The facility of on-site transactions

iBeacon technology solutions are a great path for generating revenue through mobile transactions and among them the Near Field Communication is the method that is used for facilitating payments, so the limited range of this technology and the fact it has not been adopted by Apple, which makes it less optimal. No doubt, beacon technology works in the same way but only for over 100 feet it supports various actions across pre-defined zones so you need to consider the purchases that are limited to the users who are nearby.

How to use beacons to enhance the experience of the attendees?

Nowadays, retailers increasingly depend on the beacons to stand out of the competition whether they are online retailers as they are gaining huge visibility these days and have gained popularity for mobility solution space. They also have turned out to be more than just the need for successful event engagement and better engagement.

Quick event registration

Nobody wants to wait in the queue to register for an event but it annoys people and consumes a lot of time but with beacon devices at the entrance, the attendees can register for the events with a scan on a QR code or from within the app when you enter the basic information required. When you are done with a successful scan or registration, the beacon will check him in and direct him to collect the welcome kit.

Smart Networking

The main motive of visiting an event is to build a professional network that is you must move around to look at the badges of the attendees. The beacons can easily tell who is present in the room at any time when you use the app including the information of their names or the designation. Furthermore, a quick search will provide enough details to strike a meaningful conversation with any of them or you can strike a partnership or even convince them to invest in your startups.

Food and beverages guide

Food and refreshments are an integral part of any event just like the sessions, speakers, booths or networking and the corporate events host people in large numbers and a few times from the whole world. Thus, you need to serve food according to the taste of everyone present in an event as it is necessary for a complete event experience but it is the basic requirement to arrange food that is reliable for every attendee. Beacons provide a guide for the refreshments, fresh varieties, or the choices while providing information regarding the ingredients or the food components that they may want to avoid due to health reasons, dietary restrictions, or allergic reactions. The beacons are the most effective ways to provide event organizers and the planners with necessary details about food habits and preferences that help them to plan better for upcoming events.

Floor maps In the large event locations various mini-events go on simultaneously for the different set of audiences and the attendees often lose track of the locations of their event. However, with iBeacon technology solutions, the event organizers can prepare the effective floor maps that allow attendees to navigate their event properly without getting lost at the  at the venue. The attendees can install the event apps that can provide the entire schedule of the event with which the attendees can get a reminder of the event about when it starts with the options to navigate the events and the Beacons are the perfect location identifier for the mobile apps.

using ibeacon

Indoor Positioning System


If you want to enhance the involvement of the event goes by keeping them engaged then gamification is the crucial element to do so. You can push Q&A, tips, facts to the app with the progress of the event as it is great way to put the participants in the leaderboard and give reward to those who are on the top of the end of each day, which is also a sure way to put your event engagement factor on the next level.

Tips for the Trade Show Success

Preparation of the trade show is not an easy thing especially for those who are in the start-up phase, so you need to consider the specifics of the trade shows when you are going to host. You can consider the type of attendees who are going to attend your events and collect details regarding the layout of the area that you can use effectively to display your business in an efficient manner. However, you need to be sure about the size of the trade show display table that you can incorporate in your venue or the best thing you can use is to place the cell phone charging stations.

Set up your goals and the target

When you start sending the invitation and start planning your booth designs, you need to establish the relevant goals to enhance your trade show presence. You should consider the things regarding whether you want to leave a lasting impression on your current customers, or you need to attract more customers. You need to consider your brand as promoting the product that you have just launched as these can determine the choices that you make while planning the trade shows, designing the booth, or advertising the pre- and post-shows.

Make your tables stand out

If you are using your tables for displaying your brand then you can use the charging tables for such purposes as these are great to represent your company’s image as well as keep the attendees engaged for longer. Attendees always look for the tables when they are at your venues and the tables with charging stations are a great way to enhance the involvement of the attendees.

Use a presentation board

You can use a presentation board that can show how your clients can get benefits with your services so you need to be sure that the charging tables are creative and can stand out in the competition. You can also include pictures, and be sure about your company name and logo that is a great way to enhance their visibility.

Create a template of your company name

You can use the display of your charging stations to create the template that includes the name of your company as it is the most efficient way to leave a lasting impression on the mind of the onlookers. Furthermore, the use of charging stations is a great way to gain more customers as well as their attention that keeps the customers satisfied as well as involved.

Use videos or slideshows to gain attention

You can use the videos or the slideshows presentation that you can display on the large monitors in your booth as these can clearly show your brand name even if the attendees are far away from the stage. These are the most visually appealing ways that can draw the attention of the users efficiently so you can incorporate the monitors that can leave a lasting impression on whoever is getting involved in your event. 

Make your booth approachable

Besides, having an attractive booth design, there are various other things that you can do to make your booth more approachable by providing relevant information regarding your venue. You need to look for the appropriate time when you can start posting details about your event hosting and you need to identify the movement of your target audience on social platforms so that you can go live to share some useful information regarding your event and why people should attend your event.

Host a contest in your booth

You can also host a contest as everyone likes to win some sort of gifts, which not only makes people visit you, but it also creates an opportunity to generate more leads or hold a trial for your products. You need to schedule the contest that can keep your guests involved and mention the specific time about the starting time of the contest. It not only enhances the anticipation but also leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the attendees so if you want to keep your attendees engaged for longer, then these are the great way to do so.

Focus on developing your brand

Every event organizers want their event to stand out in the crowds of the buyers so you need to focus on your brand and the things that make your company apart from the competition. You can incorporate the cell phone charging stations that are a great way to enhance the visibility of your brand as well as keep your attendees engaged for longer. You can display the images or the videos that can leave a lasting impression on the minds of the attendees so you should have an idea about your brand no matter which business you are involved in.

conference meeting

Develop Your Brand

Solutions for cell phones

Nowadays, cell phones are the most essential part of everyone’s life and if the attendees run out of their batteries, they prefer to leave your venues as they suffer from low battery anxiety. So, if you want to make your attendees stay longer at your venue then you should have a reliable solution to charge your cell phones. You can incorporate the cell phone charging stations that can keep the attendees engaged for longer and these are also a great way to gain the attention of the attendees when they are charging their cell phones. The best way you can opt to keep your attendees involved is to incorporate the cell phone charging stations near the stage or in the middle of the booth where there are more attendees as it keeps the cell phones of your attendees safe as well as secure.

If you are looking for the cell phone charging stations for your event, then choose the cell phones from Kiosks that not only keeps the attendees satisfied and free of low battery anxiety but also provides them a sense of safety that allows them to leave their cell phones behind when roaming around in the venue.

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