Market at Festivals to Reach Millennials – and Here’s How to Maximize your ROI

Many marketers are shifting their focus from buying media to sponsoring events – and with good reason. In an era when choices are readily available, brand affinity is increasingly important in the ongoing bid for consumer dollars. Companies are smart to align themselves with events that their target audience finds appealing. This year, over $1 billion will be spent sponsoring music venues, festivals, and tours. Experiential marketing makes a long-lasting impact because it creates a positive connection between a fun event and a brand that sponsored it.

How can you ensure your sponsorship makes the most impact?

The whole idea of experiential marketing is that it makes an impression because it’s unexpected, convenient, or fun. By utilizing your sponsorship to provide an unexpected service, you’ll make sure your target audience remembers your brand in a positive light. For instance, Garnier has set up hair-washing stations at festivals and Mattel has offered gaming tents. But if your company doesn’t lend itself to providing its own service, try offering something everyone can appreciate: cell phone charging may not seem as glamorous as a new blowout, but it’s a hot commodity at festivals where people will be spending hours at a time. Cell phones are used by concertgoers to take photos and videos, find friends, and post on social media – but in areas with large crowds, batteries die quickly. Providing a cell phone charging station where attendees can recharge will ensure they remember your brand as the helpful one. InCharged cell phone charging stations even offer large HD screens for your marketing messages, providing an extra outlet for your brand. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can use a cell phone charging station to maximize your ROI.

Source: AdAge

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