Fast Charging Technology Charges Cell Phones in 30 Seconds

If you are tired of waiting for your cell phones to get charged fully, then you must be looking for the technology just that charges your cell phones in 30 seconds. An Israel-based technology firm has also provided relief to most of the users, as the company is developing the battery that can recharge your cell phone batteries in 30 seconds.

Fast-charging batteries can be a huge game-changer for various mobile devices but these can eliminate the low battery anxiety that causes subsequent loss of communication ability. It can revolutionize the way of using your smartphones and the functions that are taken with handling. Once you have a better battery, your overall experience of using the whole applications of your mobile phones changes and you get the better devices that handle your daily tasks efficiently.

Portable cell phone battery banks bunched and stacked

Cell phone batteries

You must have heard about the sugar batteries, solar charging, or the wireless charging; now it’s the time for the new development that charges your phones within 30 seconds. Quick charging is an impressive development, but when it has various drawbacks as it can shorten the life of the batteries than the other devices.

 Furthermore, the technology is expensive that adds to the phone’s manufacturing cost and the new type of batteries do not retrofit into the existing devices as the Smartphone needs to be designed around the new battery technology.

At StoreDot, scientists are building the Smartphone batteries that charge the cell phones fully in 30 seconds to enhance the experience of the users by increasing the battery life. Active Smartphone users at some point while charging their cell phones feel like they are waiting for hours, but it is a matter of seconds if the customers will charge their cell phones with Israeli startups.

The crystals that are derived from the amino acids also possess the properties that allow them to assemble into the quantum dots. Moreover, Nanodots naturally emits the reddish, greenish, or bluish glow in the presence of red light that makes them an ideal source material for OLED displays to LED screens. When the batteries start to recharge, it stores the initial surge of electrical current at the tips instead of lithium that allows for 10 times more than the traditional electrodes.

How you can charge your cell phone batteries faster?

You all must have experienced the situation when you leave your home and suddenly realize that you have forgotten to charge your cell phones due to which its battery is perilously low. However, you have 15 minutes to spare, so you need to plug it into its charger to gain a better boost for your batteries and it gains only three or four percent. 

But you can avoid such a situation in the future with the easy-to-follow tips as the battery life is a combination of various factors and there is not any single solution to rule them. If you use your smartphones accurately with reliable practices to save you from the frustration then you can avoid the low battery anxiety effectively.

Black PowerBox tabletop charging station that is battery powered with tablets plugged in

Charge your cell phones faster

Get the right plug charger

The Android chargers can fit any device, but it does not mean that they are the same as your charger so you should avoid using the chargers that not certified by the manufacturers. Also, avoid charging your cell phones with a charging cable by connecting it to the laptop to quickly charge your cell phones as it can affect your cell phones badly. 

The best option is to use your wall chargers that provide a reliable speed to charge your cell phones. If you are in a hurry and you think about using the wireless charger then these are not the suitable option that you can choose charging your cell phones. These are more effective than the USB charging, but not efficient than cable charging from a wall socket so it is suitable to avoid such a situation.

Put your cell phones in airplane mode

You should not use your cell phone while it is on charge as these can recharge your cell phones quickly, providing you the benefits of faster cell phone charging. Airplane mode blocks the connectivity of your mobile devices, reducing the capabilities of your cell phones and therefore reducing the activities on cell phones. When you keep your cell phones on Airplane mode, you don’t receive any calls or messages but that time makes your cell phone to stay on for longer hours.

Turn it off

Turning off your cell phone completely allows it to charge even faster than putting it on the airplane mode and you might miss out on the opportunities while doing so. However, the little inconvenience can keep your cell phones stay up for a longer period handling the maximum tasks.

Use a battery-saving mode

Android devices have a battery saving mode that saves the maximum life of your batteries to make things easier for you as well as to handle your tasks efficiently. All you need to do is go the battery icon in the settings and then click the battery saver mode to get the maximum out of your battery. These features make you stay stress-free while having enough battery to do your daily routine work.

Turn off the features that consumes more power

Before putting your cell phones on charge, you should check the unnecessary features that consume more power as well as uses more battery power that makes your cell phones to die faster. You should close all the apps and restrict your cell phones from automatic backups or updating the apps automatically for better results.

Avoid touching your cell phones

If you don’t want to keep your cell phones off or put them on airplane mode while charging because you are expecting an important call then you should avoid checking your cell phones regularly. 

Furthermore, the screens are the biggest cause of battery drain so if you want to protect your batteries then you should not touch your cell phones after every few minutes. The more you wake your phones while charging, the more time it will take to charge causing your batteries to drain faster. However, you should avoid checking for the urgent notifications or calls while charging the cell phones as doing so will enhance the charging time of your cell phones.

Keep it cool

When it comes to technology, temperatures can affect the reliability badly and it is never a good idea to let your batteries get too hot. You should keep your cell phones in the cold places or the location with suitable room temperatures and avoid charging your cell phones in direct sunlight. If you are using the portable battery chargers, you should not leave your cell phone in your pocket as these can leave your cell phones too warm and will cause a faster drain of the batteries.

Make use of a portable charger

These chargers may not provide fast charging but these are the most efficient solutions that can solve the low battery issues and the situations when you do not have the time to charge your cell phones. Nowadays, portable USB chargers come in small lightweight packages that are suitable to carry anywhere around providing you with better results.

Charging Stations that you can use

There are various charging stations that you can use while charging your cell phones that provide fast and efficient charging during the events or festivals.

Flex – These lightweight charging stations are easy to assemble which takes a few minutes to set and are available with 20″ digital screen. These charging stations not only customize the screen but wrapping in full-color will transform your charging station into reliable branding. If you are looking for the kiosk for the multiple events then the Flex is the most reliable option that you can use for your requirements due to its efficient working.

Flex cell phone charging station at outdoor event with greenery

Flex Charging Station

PowerMethod – If you are looking for a solution to enhance the engagement of the customers in your trade show or event then PowerMethod is the most reliable option that you can choose. These charging stations are lightweight and free-standing that charged multiple devices at a time and the most reliable option due to their affordability. These are available in different designs and you can choose the best that fits perfectly for your event as these have 10 built-in charging cables that can charge various devices simultaneously.

InBox – With InBox, you can turn any space into the mobile charging stations due to their portable and powerful features that support every phone from Apple to Android. These are the most reliable option for the events or festivals when you have to turn the existing space into the charging stations for providing the charging solutions to the customers. Furthermore, these are the perfect options for those who want the fastest and efficient cell phone charging capabilities by consuming very little space for its installation.

PowerBox – These charging stations are the most reliable option for the events that go on for more than one day due to their long-lasting features. These are available with 8 built-in USB ports that can be placed on any surface or table-top efficiently to fulfill the phone charging needs of the attendees. You can turn these wireless chargers into the custom phone charging stations due to their small and light-weight features for better results.

PowerBox tabletop charging kiosk USB powered on a dark wood table

PowerBox Charging stations

Glass Power Table – You also have an option to use the glass power table that is equipped with 12 charging ports that makes it an ideal cell phone charging station. These charging stations are durable and strong that attracts most of the customers due to their stylish look and phone charging features. Make things easier for your customers by installing these charging stations at your events or festivals that will enhance the engagement of your audience as well.

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