Cell Phone Charging Stations at MLB FanFest

A theme park covered with the baseball fans is the best way to describe the Major League Baseball (MLB) All-Star FanFest. During this event, instead of concentrating on the All-Star game, all the players and fans come together to participate in different events at FanFest. The main motive of the FanFest is to provide the best experience of the All-Star Game to the fans, and the pictures of baseball fans are taken for the baseball card in their favorite team’s uniform.

Moreover, most of the people come in the FanFest to participate in different events, to meet their former players, and get their autographs. It is an event that can change the lives of the youngsters as the fans experience what it means to be in the All-Star Game, meet with their favorite players, get in the batting cages, and experience the feeling of a real baseball player.

Nowadays, people merely live on their mobile phones, in fact, they even fear to run out of batteries or having the dead cell phones. Due to this reason, they prefer to watch the game while sitting at their homes and having a charging cable by their side, instead of sitting in the stadiums where they can easily run out of their batteries. 

If you want to keep your audiences at the sports stadiums then you can prefer to incorporate the phone charging stations at sporting events as these are the great way with which you can enhance the interest, and engagement of the fans.

Cell phones Charging Stations enhances the engagement of the fans

If the fans are kept engaged, they will develop their interests for the game, and they are fully satisfied with the venues, they will return for attending various other games throughout the season. With cell phone charging stations at baseball fields near the vendors keep your audiences engaged throughout the event while charging their phones.

cell phone charging station at trade show event with digital screen

Cell Phone Charging Stations at Baseball Fields

The use of mobile devices to capture the moments is the efficient part of live events as the fans want to capture the unique moments to share them with their friends, social media, and to keep them as a memory. By incorporating the charging station nearby, you can keep your audiences powered up for the big moment so that they will be satisfied and make their returns for the next events.

Stadiums with cell phones charging stations get more concert contracts

No doubt, if your sports stadiums are properly equipped, you can provide the greater customer experience to the guests who can use the facilities for various other purposes rather than seeing the sports games. With the incorporation of a cell phone charging station, you not only keep the attendees engaged and happy, but you gain the additional revenue by presenting the spaces ideal for concerts or festivals.

PowerMethod Plus cell phone charging station for baseball field fan engagement

Phone Charging Stations at Sporting Events

Fans at sporting events use mobile devices for everything whether it is to keep in touch with friends, take photos, and make videos, comment or post on social media. All these actions need battery, and if your devices run out of batteries, it can withdraw the interest of the audiences. If you want to keep the fans in the fest, you need to provide them the power to keep their devices fully charged and working. 

People don’t come to the game to watch live sports, they come to be a part of the game, and most of them prefer to share their experience with the outside world for which they need a fully charged device.

Why should you incorporate the phone charging lockers rather than the floor stand stations?

Here are some of the reasons depicting the benefits of incorporating the phone charging lockers:

  • They are safer – While charging your cell phones, you leave them on one of the floor stand stations, and sometimes you have to leave their phones there, or sometimes you get temporarily distracted. Either way, there are more chances of phone theft or losses, or sometimes you get distracted from the event. With phone charging lockers, you can secure your cell phones effectively, and without worrying about anything.
  • You can charge your phones while enjoying the fest – InCharged phone charging lockers are the safest and are placed mostly near the most popular public venues mainly near the places where there are chances of having more traffic. The best thing is you can lock your phone to prevent losses while enjoying your match, feeling confident that you will get the charged phone after waiting.
  • You can enhance the dwell time – The customers who lock their phones for charging will stay longer and show their interest in the events. Moreover, if the customers are getting an opportunity to charge their phones effectively with the cell phone charging stations at baseball fields, they will prefer to stay to enjoy the fest instead of heading to their homes.
  • Display promo video and collect valuable data – The cell phone charging lockers are often equipped with a screen, and retailers can take advantage of these screens for promoting their videos, and collecting valuable data such as email addresses, phone numbers, or the survey responses.
  • Charging lockers are the ideal choice for the sponsors – The most cited reasons among all is that the charging lockers look better, classier, and more premium. Furthermore, you can customize the charging locker with your brands, logos, or colors, to make the audiences remember you for longer.

Cell Phone Charging Stations

InCharged provides your company with the technological edge by offering the services that everyone needs – a solution to charge their cell phones. With videos on displays of the charging station can turn the charging station into the hub of information or advertising vehicle. Our line of cell phone stations include:

  • Flex
  • PowerMethod
  • PowerMethod Plus
  • InBox
  • PowerBox
  • 6 Chamber Lockers
  • 8 Chamber Lockers
  • Glass power table
  • Charging table

Flex – The Flex is among the favorite cell phone charging station that most of the clients prefer due to the features of easy setup, easy branding, and easy experience. 

These stations come with a 20″ digital screen that is perfect to engage the customers with loop videos or images. These charging stations are easier to install that takes very less time to assemble and strike that makes them the most reliable option. These are the most suitable preference for the events that are less than 35 pounds that makes it easier for event transportation.

PowerMethod – If you want to incorporate the light-weight and free-standing cell phone charging stations at sporting events then PowerMethod is a reliable option for you. Due to different designs of these charging stations, you get the benefit to choose the best that fits your needs and these include standard unit, wall-mounted, and the multiple tabletop versions.

 It supports various devices of Apple, Android, and various others. These mobile charging stations can charge up to 18 devices simultaneously, and you get the advantage to wrap the entire phone charging station with custom brands.

PowerMethod Plus – It is the most compact, powerful, and affordable charging station that has features of easy installation, lightweight, and free-standing. Most of the event organizers prefer these charging solutions due to their affordability and reliability to charge up to 8 devices through its charging ports.

InBoxThese stations are known as the secret weapons for the events and can turn any space into the mobile device charging station due to their portability. You can incorporate these charging stations to provide the option of fast charging to the attendees due to the efficient cell phone charging capabilities.

PowerBoxThe sports events go for more than one day and if you have got a multi-day event then you need a compact tabletop wireless battery-powered charger station. These charging stations are portable and are battery-operated with 8 USB ports that are the most perfect option to place on the tabletops or any of the surfaces. Furthermore, you can use the display of these charging stations to enhance your brand, logos, or colors resulting in gaining more leads.

PowerBox battery powered mobile charging station dark room with LEDs

PowerBox Charging Station

6 Chamber Locker – These are the smartest cell phone charging locker that can provide the benefits of secure and safe charging which a reliable way to build trust. These charging stations come with a 14″ digital screen that enhances the engagement of the audiences with favorable images and videos. The six-chamber stations are completely secure that has 4 cables that support devices of Apple and Android, providing the maximum benefit to the users.

8 Chamber Locker – These lockers are easy to access with the personal Pin code that leaves your audiences stress-free throughout the event, and keep them engaged. These phone charging stations are available with 20″ digital screen with 3 cables in each chamber supporting Apple to Android devices. These phones stations leave the attendees stressed-free at sports events and enhance their interest in the game while they leave their phones for charging.

Glass Power Table – These charging tables are fully brand able, and perfect for the events that most of the attendees search for. These are the perfect tables for starting the conversation that are of standard table height with 6 open USB ports, allowing recharging multiple devices simultaneously.

Charging tables – These charging stations are strong, durable, and protect your branding underneath with the features of scratch-resistance. Our cell phone charging tables support 18 devices with a glass top that provides enough room for everyone to keep their devices safely. If you want the table for the booth show, festival, or event, these are the most suitable option for you.

These charging stations comes with several configuration that fits any space and are mainly in the form of tabletop, standing, wall-mounted, etc. If you are investing in such cell phone charging stations for multiple events, then you can choose any of the devices from the above-discussed stations to enhance the experience of the users, and improve their engagement. 

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