InCharged, LLC is the Official Cell Phone Charging Station of Social Fresh East

Union, NJ (PRWEB) July 15, 2014:Market leader in the sale and leasing of cell phone charging stations, InCharged, LLC of Union, New Jersey, has announced its partnership with Social Fresh as the Official Cell Phone Charging Station of the Social Fresh Conference in Orlando, FL from July 16-18 2014.

Jessica Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of InCharged, LLC said, “We are excited to be participating in one of the most insightful conferences in the social media industry.” Gonzalez continues, “For social media professionals, smartphones are crucial tools. At InCharged, we realize that battery technology doesn’t quite live up to the demands of communications experts – our cell phone charging stations ensure you and your clients can charge, connect, and create without the limitations of your device battery life.”

Social Fresh is a unique event in that all attendees participate in the same discussions and hear the same speakers at the same time, providing real-time interactions and insight from top industry professionals from companies including LinkedIn, Yahoo, and Spotify. InCharged, LLC bridges the gap between the high usage of smartphones and the lack of battery technology to keep them charged by providing cell phone charging stations at events where smartphones are particularly crucial. InCharged partners with venues and event hosts to provide mobile device charging kiosks with customized marketing messages for event attendees to use free of charge.

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