Airport Cell Phone Charging Stations: More Crucial than Ever

British Airways has announced that passengers with dead cell phones will not be allowed to fly to the US. BA, responding to US intelligence’s concern, said that passengers on flights to the United States who transfer from one plane to another, will not be allowed to board their flights if they cannot prove that their mobile devices turn on.

Cell phone charging stations in airports are now more important than ever. BA’s home city of London is a key layover point for passengers traveling from Asia to the US. And, the first leg of the trip west can be over 8 hours. 

It is much longer than the average battery life of a smartphone. If passengers use their cell phones on extended flights, they will need to be able to recharge before boarding the final flight to the United States. If this is a precedent being set by Homeland Security, it’s likely to be implemented by other airlines in other airports.

Woman using Lyft cell phone charging station at Newark International Airport (EWR)

Offering a cell phone charging station in airports is one key way to make travel easier and improve the customer experience. Get in touch with us today to learn how you can offer complimentary cell phone charging stations to make travel easier and more efficient.

The events of 9/11 did bring a major change in the world we live in today. The devastating events of plane crashing shook the whole world. Several new security measures took place in various parts of the world, especially at the airports to avoid such events in the future. One of the security measures that were initiated by the airports was not allowing people with dead phone batteries to board the flight.

As the investigators noticed that the terrorists used the new technologies to accomplish their inhumane goals, it was imperative for the security agencies to cover up the technological grounds in their security as well.

Cell phones have been used by the terrorists as the triggers of the explosives for many years. They can be easily programmed for such activities. That’s why The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) introduced a new security law for the airports as per which, nobody is allowed to board the flight with a dead phone battery, especially on the direct flight to the United States. The device must be operational for the security personnel to understand what it is.

The phone with the dead battery might just be the casing of the phone and inside there could be anything. That’s why it is important for the phones to be in the running condition for the security personnel to check it thoroughly.

The charged phone is not just the necessity for the phone user, but of the airport staff also. An uncharged phone can stop you from boarding the flight. If your mobile phone is not charged, then the security staff might also ask you to step out of the line for further questions.

The rule is for all the electronic devices including laptops and tablets. Passengers have to simply turn it on to make sure that they are real and not the explosives.

Initially, it was difficult to deal with passengers with their uncharged phones, because all of them do not carry the power bank with them. There was nothing on what will happen to the phone, or the passenger will get it back or not.

Airport phone charging station was the only viable solution for the frequent flyers that don’t care much about charging the phone at home because of their limited time. For them, the airport charging stations are life savors. Here’s the list of airports that realized the need for installing the phone charging stations.

Reading, internet surfing, chatting our phones are not used merely for calls. All the tasks for which we use the phone eat up the phone’s battery. 

So, due to prolonged usage, they are likely to get drained daily. And, seeing the phone’s battery running out to zero is a bad site for anyone. The worst thing to happen when the flight is delayed.

It is a good initiative by the airports to install the phone charging stations for the convenience of the passengers as well as the security of the airport.

Initial issues with the Airport Phone Charging Stations

It was speculated that the airport phone charging stations were infected with malware. Hackers would install a chip at the port end where the cable connects with the phone. When anyone connects the phone with the charging port, the hackers can then access the user’s phone and take control of it. However, no hard evidence came into the light that clearly mentioned that data was breached through phone charging stations.

The speculations did raise the concern and the phone charging station manufacturers became more cautious. They added a new security layer to the stations that ensures no tampering can be done with the charging station cables.

So, on one side where the airports want security enhanced by not allowing phones with dead batteries, they should consider the security of the passengers by installing the updated and latest phone charging stations from InCharged because thousands of people who travel through planes use phone charging stations at the airport. And, you need a trustworthy brand in that case.

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As of now, you already know the two major benefits of the airport phone charging stations

– The phone charging stations allow passengers to charge their phones for long flights. It could be an important email that they needed to send, but the phone’s dead battery is not allowing them to. So, the charging stations come to the rescue.

– The phone charging stations help the airport staff to allow people to board the flight with charged phones. So, these are a pretty crucial tool for security point of view.

The third major reason for which more airports are installing the phone charging stations is that it allows a new marketing platform for the advertisers.

– The casing of the phone charging station is a great platform for advertisers to paste their graphics posters. As we all know that when people charge phones on these stations, they tend to stay with the phone. The interesting advertisements are likely to get people’s attention.

– InCharged’s Flex is equipped with a 20” digital screen on which the advertisers can run their video ads and digital graphical representations to engage the audience.

– Different sizes of the phone charging stations come with different advertisement options. To explore all the other options for advertising through a phone charging station, see the InCharged’s complete product line.

This has been a revenue-generating investment for the airports also as due to constant footfall at the airports the advertisers are ready to spend more to display their brands at the phone charging stations for a longer time.

Even if it is necessary to charge the phones, the stations don’t have to be dull-looking. InCharged keeps the aesthetic value in mind for two reasons

– The phone charging stations as installed on airports, big retail stores, waiting areas of public places and other places so these have to match with the decorum of the location. In the case of airports which are designed keeping international guests in mind, the charging stations are no less than eye candy.

– The phone charging stations just have to look good to grab the attention of the people. The casing is kept in a way so that people can easily see the advertisement placed on it.

The charging stations complement the interior of the location where they are installed.

Some more features of InCharging Stations:

  • The charging stations are fully customizable from top to bottom to aid easy advertising by marketers. You can transform the charging as per the brand you want to promote.
  • The average time spent on the charging station by any user is around 10 minutes. In that time, the user can view the advertisements on screen or the casing.
  • The free charging stations show the users that the location owner cares for the people’s priorities. Some store owners said that they have seen an increase in footfall after installing a free charging station on their premises.
  • It just takes up to 5 minutes to set up and install the InCharged phone charging station at your location.
  • The weight of the charging stations is around 35 pounds. These are one of the lightweight charging stations in the market considering the features they have.
  • The charging stations that come with video feature have the autoplay option. Nobody has to press the play button again and again to view the ads.
  • These are capable of charging Apple as well as Android devices.
  • A few models have open slots as well in case anyone wants to charge any other device.
  • You can purchase the stations, or you can get one on rent.
  • InCharged customer support is always available for you to give you tips to use the charging stations in the best possible manner.

Get in touch with InCharged today to know more on the products in detail.

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