Three Simple Tips to Attract (and keep) Sponsors For Your Next Event

If you’ve been in the event industry for awhile, you remember what event sponsorships used to be like: a strategically-located banner, logos placed on name tags, or advertising space sold in programs. But with an ever-growing number of events to choose from, sponsors want more than just logo placements – they want engagement, leads, and a higher ROI. In an era when there are more trade shows and more opportunities than ever, event planners need to make sponsorships appealing in a new and modern way. Try these three tips to enhance your events by creating stronger connections between your sponsors and your attendees:

Facilitate Engagement Before, During, and After

New technology allows (and demands!) that we move beyond static brand encounters with a single touchpoint – social media, email, location targeting, and other new innovations allow us to create strong brand engagements that reach consumers on multiple touchpoints. Before the event, advertise your sponsors on your social media pages, feature them in email blasts, maybe even let them “take over” your event page with custom branding for a day. Connect with influencers and bloggers in your industry, identify trending topics, and provide fresh content that adds value. During the event, share photos, Tweets, and Facebook posts featuring your sponsors – create a hashtag and connect with your attendees in real-time, provide information from sponsors and vendors, and use offers and incentives to encourage attendees to engage! And after the event, include your partners when you connect with your guests via email and social media with photos, videos, unique offers, and reminders for the next event. Never underestimate the value of your consumer touchpoints – they’re free for you, but your sponsors will see this engagement as a huge added value!

Provide Value-Added Services

With new technology come new distractions – it’s tough to get your message to cut through the clutter. Rather than relying on clever copy, eye-catching graphics, or giveaways that get lost in the shuffle, allow your sponsors to attach their brand to a valuable service. How about a coffee cart with a barista who wears a t-shirt with your sponsor’s branding? A branded lounge with massage therapists to soothe tired shoulders? Or a cell phone charging station to keep them powered up throughout the whole event?

Take Advantage of Multiple Touchpoints

No matter how fascinating your event is, attendees will most likely be glued to their smartphones – it’s just the new norm. Rather than trying to fight it, embrace it! The key is use technology as a tool, not as a distraction. Think out-of-the-box: since your guests will be on their phones so much, it’s likely their batteries will need recharging. Rather than leave them to huddle around awkwardly-placed wall outlets, provide a designated area for cell phone charging and catch their attention while they enjoy some down time. Sponsors will instantly recognize the value of sponsoring a space that not only provides a valuable service, but includes an audience with a dwell time of over ten minutes. For bonus points, upgrade your power strips to cutting-edge technology that provides the fastest charge available and is fully customizable to your needs. InCharged offers charging solutions for every need – from standing units that can be completely skinned in your sponsors’ branding to unobtrusive charging boxes that can accommodate devices from laptops to digital cameras. Our units with HD screens are great for displaying marketing messages, social media feeds, event-related news, and offers for your guests.

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