Unconventional Cell Phone Charging Technology

Smartphones are essential in our day to day lives and we hardly get the time to charge our phones as we mainly ignore putting our cell phones on charge till they are completely dead. It is hard to keep cell phones charged and different types of cell phone chargers allow the users to keep their devices charged in different situations. Here is a list of ways you can use to keep your cell phone charged up and always ready to go.

Wall Chargers

Over the years, battery charging technology of the Smartphones has changed and improved efficiency as it has become more than from being charged through a pin to USB power supply. It is much easier to charge the devices from cell phones to tablets with the USB ports that can connect to the wall outlet directly. Nowadays various other cell phone charging options are working efficiently and the USB wall chargers are gaining huge popularity due to various benefits.

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Battery Charging Technology

  • It delivers accurate current – The normal USB power outlet that is used to charge the laptop or desktop provides reliable current that can charge the cell phones and takes a long time while charging the cell phone devices. On the contrary, the wall sockets can deliver more current and takes a few minutes to fully charge the Smartphone and charging the cell phones with a wall socket is much more efficient than charging it from desktop or laptop chargers.
  • Convenient – The USB chargers are very convenient as these are the most reliable to charge the cell phones and get the data from the other devices at the same time. These charging cables have limited ports that can add to the convenience and the only solution is to install a USB wall charger that can be used when your Smartphones are running out of batteries.
  • Durable – Most of the USB ports that are available in the market break down frequently for various reasons, but the wall chargers are very durable due to their efficient functioning. As a result, installing those chargers in the office can save you from a lot of troubles of buying a new USB port and they can deliver effective results if they are durable and of high-quality.

Before buying the wall chargers you should consider the things that cell phone chargers should have and it includes the design, brand, and the price of the cell phone chargers.

Car chargers

Everyone uses their cell phones constantly and no one prefers to leave them even for charging due to which the Smartphones sometimes runs out of batteries even before the day ends. Going through the daily routine, we mainly forget about charging the cell phones and a great way to make sure that your cell phone is always charged is to have multiple chargers in your car, at the office, or even at your home. Mostly, people drive on a regular basis, they spend a lot of time in their cars communicating about their work and it is the perfect time to be able to charge the cell phones and make sure that the batteries do not run out over the day and even if you speak while driving you can charge your cell phones with the car chargers.

A car charger is generally the most reliable battery charging technology and do not take too much space and will save you from the burden of forgetting to charge your cell phones at home or work and once you have started using it regularly then it will become a habit for you to plug your phone in for charging whenever you are driving.Unconventional Cell Phone Charging Technology

Cell phone Charging

Wireless chargers

Wireless charging provides better charging options and these are the hassle-free options for cell phone charging as well as keep you free from unnecessary chaos of cables. The charging ports are disappearing from the mobile phones and removing the ports provides more flexibility that improves the overall look and finish of the devices. Here are a few of the advantages of wireless charging –

  • Always powered – The wireless charging network includes a wireless charging spots that are easily accessible in public spaces throughout the day and mainly in the restaurants or cafes, in the airports, and most importantly in your cars. You can continue with your daily routine without worrying about your battery and concentrating on what is really important.
  • Seamless experience – when you go to public places or in the meeting rooms you must have seen the mobile phones placed on the tables and those are next to the owners usually sitting nearby. This is how the wireless charging fits into your life and with wireless charging, you can charge your cell phones anywhere no matter where you are.
  • No wear & tear – Most of the time, you skip answering the phone calls on your mobile phones, forgetting that your cell phones are connected to the cables for charging and you them in or out without noticing the delicate charging ports. With the wireless charging, the charging ports on your cell phones stay intact and you don’t have to worry about the wear and tear due to the aggressive use of the charging cables.
  • Clean surface – The wireless charging spots do not create the chaos of the cables, as there are not any wires that are needed to charge the cell phones and you don’t have to worry about cleaning the messy desk that can create a stressful environment.

Solar power battery chargers for phone

Most of the people prefer to use the solar energy due to its eco-friendly nature that is utilized to perform day to day activities as people are more conscious about the safety of the environment that is affected by other sources, due to which they prefer to look for different ways for utilizing the solar energy. Nowadays, you will get different solar power battery chargers for phone that can provide the most effective charging features with reliable results. The most reliable way that you can choose for operating the solar power section is by using chargers that are solar-power and the process for its operation is much easier when you use the solar power battery charger. Among all, one of the main advantages of these solar-powered chargers is their portability and they are easily carried to the different places to charge various devices simultaneously. You don’t have to carry different chargers for different devices but having a solar powered battery charger for phone is enough to charge multiple devices. The solar power chargers are the most efficient way of converting sunlight energy into solar energy for charging the devices.

Power banks

No doubt, the power banks are the most useful devices that serve as portable chargers and can be used on the go due to which more and more users of the cell phones and tablets invest in these tools. In certain situations, the power banks are not less than the life-saving tools as most of the time the cell phone runs out of batteries, mainly when you are expecting important calls, at that time the power banks are the most reliable solutions that you can choose. The benefits that you can gain from these cell phone charging stations are –

  • They are the life saviors in situations when the cell phones run out of batteries; you cannot find any electric sockets near you where you can plug in your charger. The situation mainly arises when you go out for traveling or in a hurry when you get late for the meeting, at that time you can simply connect your devices to the power banks to charge your cell phones.
  • One of the greatest benefits of portable chargers about which you need to be aware of is that they are lightweight and easy to move from one place to another. The unique design and feather-like weight make them convenient to carry them around and it makes easy for travelers to charge their cell phones when they are on the road.
  • Another factor of the power banks is that they are attractive, colorful, and most of them are pencil thin and can charge your cell phones when they run out their batteries.
  • The most essential benefit of these charging stations is that they are versatile, which means that these portable chargers are used with the devices of almost every device including the iPod, tablets, or iPad.cellphone with power banking charger white background

Ways to Charge cell phones

The best ways to charge cell phone battery

The health of the batteries is the most essential part of the overall experience of mobile phones and nobody wants to run out of battery in the middle of the conversation or when they are handling the most essential tasks due to which everyone wants their cell phone batteries last longer. However, if you are curious about learning the best ways to charge cell phone battery that can prolong the life of the batteries, then you must see the following guidance.

Factors that affect the longevity of the cell phone batteries

The longevity of your cell phone batteries mainly depends on your buying habits and how often you use your cell phones as these reasons mainly enhances or shortens the life of the cell phone batteries. Here are some of the factors affecting the life of the batteries:

  • Charge or discharge cycles – Every cell phone has a specific number of charge or discharge cycles and you don’t need to replace them often so when you use your cell phones, the battery releases the stored charge and that is in the form of electricity. Usually, the life of the cell phones does not stay the same throughout the life of the phones, but it declines slowly. When the battery declines, you mainly put them to charge and discharge cycles decline whenever you charge your cell phones.
  • Temperature – You should never charge your cell phones in hot places as they are harmful for your cell phone batteries that can lead to severe disasters. When you charge your cell phones regularly you must have noticed that the batteries run down frequently if the devices get hot and there are more chances that they can affect the battery life of the cell phones. When the batteries of the cell phones get hot, they start swelling and even explode and when you charge your cell phones in the extreme cold then they can make the batteries lose their capacity over time.
  • Charger – Another thing that you need to consider is the type of charger that you use and there are a lot of chargers available in the market that promises for fast charging of devices. You should not fall for those devices as the usage of those chargers can lower or enhance the voltage to your phones that cause your cell phone batteries to get damaged.

If you want to prevent your cell phone batteries from any damages or excessive heat then you should use the chargers that are recommended by the cell phone manufacturers as these can make your cell phone batteries last longer.

Things to consider while charging your cell phones

If you want to learn how to charge your cell phones to save the battery then you should be aware of the process for charging your cell phone devices and here are some of the common charging habits that diminish the batteries with time.

Using cell phones when plugged in – When you use cell phones while charging, your cell phones get overheated; it means that there is a great competition between your cell phone usage and battery chargers that supply charging and it sometimes damages your cell phone batteries.

Allowing your cell phones to drop to zero before plugging in – If you do not want to replace your cell phone batteries more frequently then you should not leave your cell phones to die before you plug them in for charging. If you charge your cell phones when the battery drains completely, it shortens the life of the cell phone batteries and the best ways to charge cell phone battery that prolongs the life of your cell phone is to keep them between 30% and 80%.

Overcharging your cell phones – Overcharging is the most common cause that mainly affects the life of the batteries by decreasing their lifespan and if you are among those who keep their cell phones plugged in all the time then you should know that it is ruining your batteries.

How to enhance the useful life of your Smartphone batteries?

Charge your cell phones partially and often

Most of the phone users charge their cell phones up to 100% during every charge and no doubt everyone does the same thing but you should know that it can damage your cell phone batteries. Furthermore, you should not leave your cell phone batteries to drain to 0% before putting them on charge as these can affect the longevity of the cell phone batteries. The best way to prolong the life of the cell phone batteries is to put them in charge when they drain to 30% and keeping them for charge till they become 80-90% for creating a healthy charge or discharge cycle that enhances its life.Unconventional Cell Phone Charging Technology

Charge your Cell phones

Avoid using fast-charging devices

Fast charging does not mean the ways you are charging your cell phones to save the batteries but these are the chargers that promise to provide efficient speed for charging the cell phone devices. However, you should not use these chargers until these are recommended by the manufacturers as these can enhance the temperature of your cell phone batteries that results in decreasing the capacity.

Do not charge your cell phones in the environments with extreme temperatures

Extreme temperatures greatly affect your cell phone batteries, so if you want to keep our batteries safely for longer then you should prevent your batteries to get extremely hot and cold.

  • Remove the cell phones from the pouch – Pouches not only enhance the weight of your cell phones but they also causes your cell phones to get extremely hot that reduces the life of the cell phone batteries.
  • Avoid charging your cell phones in poor ventilation areas – You should charge your cell phones in the areas that are well-ventilated that will keep the temperature of the charging stable and reliable.
  • Turn on Airplane mode – If you want to extend the life of your cell phone battery then you can leave your phone on airplane mode while charging as the airplane mode automatically turns off the cellular data that is the biggest cause of overheating of batteries.

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