7-Day Phone Battery Life May Be Closer Than You Think!

Are you tired of having to charge your phone daily, sometimes multiple times a day? If you’re looking to have a less rigorous charging schedule (and want to keep using your phone battery life normally ), British fuel-cell developer Intelligent Energy Holdings may have a solution for you.

Intelligent Energy Holdings, most notably known for developing a hydrogen-powered black cab, claims to be working on a fuel-cell battery small enough to be incorporated into mobile phones. This fuel cell would improve battery life and significantly reduce the need to charge your phone, potentially only requiring a phone to be charged once a week.

Phone Battery Life

So how does a fuel-cell work? In essence, a fuel-cell battery creates electricity by combining hydrogen and oxygen, leaving only water vapor as a byproduct. This alternative to the current lithium-ion batteries used in mobile phones is much more efficient and significantly cleaner, which could reduce the impact on our environment as well.

While this development is exciting, it’ll still be about 2 years before any type of fuel-cell powered phone makes it into the hands of consumers- and this is only if Intelligent Energy’s partnership with the smartphone developer financially backing the project continues to be strong. So, much like brushing and flossing, we’ll have to stick to charging daily (for now).

All You Need to Know About the Fuel Cell Mechanism

For all the fast processors out there, QHD displays along with other major technology advancements in the industry, the modern, advancing industry of mobile innovation continues to serve as a way that helps in meaningfully managing the overall battery life in contemporary devices. As discussed, Intelligent Energy Holdings –the leading fuel-cell developer from Britain, has claimed that the company is working on finally cracking the code to battery life in the coming times. 

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Intelligent Energy Holdings is highly acclaimed for its impressive work for a hydrogen-powered range of black cabs in the London city. Moreover, it has also been accredited creating a Boeing aircraft that powers on the innovative fuel cell mechanism. Boasting over 25 years of in-depth research & training in the given field, Intelligent Energy Holdings has established as an industry leader in the development of the advanced fuel-cell charging mechanism. The company aims at translating the research into the existing mobile landscape. While this is not an easy task, the company still aims to achieve the desired results over time.

The experts at Intelligent Energy Holdings reveal that a leading smartphone manufacturer is expected to provide them with lucrative funding of around $7.6 million. The main motive of the funding is to design & develop the fuel cell mechanism that is small enough to be used in the modern range of smartphones in the coming era. As per the research reports, it is expected that with the advent of such a system, the users can look forward to reducing the overall need for charging their smartphones every now & then. This implies that in the near future, you can look forward to charging your phone once a week. The question is, “How exactly does such a kind of battery charging mechanism work?” In simpler terms, it can be said that a fuel-cell battery is capable of converting hydrogen into the electric current while leaving water vapor as its byproduct.

When will Fuel-cell Smartphones Hit the Market?

While there is a great need for such fuel-cell charging mechanisms to be soon implemented in the modern smartphones, still, there has been no release of a specific timeline with respect to the release of this high-end innovation in sight. As per the reports of Intelligent Energy Holdings, it is expected that the company will make this dream a reality soon enough. Henri Winand –the Chief Executive at Intelligent Energy Holdings, explains that in case the partnership with the smartphone maker (yet undisclosed) would go well, the company could then observe the market availability of the fuel-cell mechanism technology in a matter of around 2 years. At the same time, currently, there are several unknown factors including cost, replaceable or rechargeable batteries, and so more. The closest that charging giants have reached until is around 2-3 days of battery life on some of the advanced devices including Huawei Mate 8. 

Julian Hughes –the Acting Managing Director at Intelligent Energy Holdings, says that the company believes in the notion of embedded fuel cell technology for smartphone charging –along with other portal devices. This advanced technology can help in providing an innovative solution to the modern dilemma of the device’s battery life as the consumers keep on demanding for improved battery life from the respective phones. While battery innovation in modern smartphones has still not kept up, the company aims at offering a comprehensive solution that serves to be both clean as well as efficient. Moreover, it could also imply that consumers can go truly mobile while being free from the grid’s constraints.

How to Achieve Longer Battery Life for Your Smartphone?

As smartphones are increasingly becoming an integral part of our day-to-day lives, it is a challenging task to keep up with the battery life of the modern smartphones. This is the reason why leading giants keep looking for innovative solutions that can help with major advancements in the field of upgrading the battery life of the cell phones. 

While awaiting for any significant innovation is unprecedented, there are some DIY methods that can help you ensure a longer battery life for your phone. Here are some innovative suggestions from our experts:

  • Analyze What is Utilizing Your Phone’s Battery: Before you aim at fixing the slow charging capability of your phone, it is imperative for you to know about the exact cause of the battery dying prematurely in your device. If you are using an Android smartphone, you can ideally advance to the Settings tab. From here, you can proceed to the Battery section. Here, you can get a proper report of the battery’s health. If the system warns that some app or feature is draining a significant amount of power in the phone’s background, you can consider resolving the same. 

Inside the Battery menu of the phone, you can also make use of additional features. You can also leverage the Battery Saver feature that is set to 15 percent of the charging status by default. The Battery Saver option is known to turn off some of the specialized features of the app while restricting specific app usage. 

  • Switch on the Adaptive Battery Capability: For doing so, you can advance to the option Settings in your smartphone. From there, you should head to the Battery section, and then proceed to the Adaptive Battery option. Here, you can slide the available toggle to enable the option of Adaptive Battery in your phone. Using this advanced capability introduced by the revolutionary Android Pie version, you can prevent any app from draining the excess amount of battery capability in the background. These apps might be the ones that you do not prefer using frequently. 

Just below the option of Adaptive Battery, there is another section referred to as the “Restricted App” list. This folder is known to be empty by default. It is important to note that you simply cannot place any app in this restricted folder. Instead, the Adaptive Battery feature of the smartphone is known to monitor the wide number of apps that run in the background. In case any app is utilizing excessive current or energy from your phone, you will be sent a proper notification regarding the same. You can then add the particular app to the restricted folder to maximize the battery output for your phone. 

  • Stop Background Running Apps: While you might not have access to the Adaptive Battery option because your phone is not upgraded to the Android Pie version, you can still look forward to maximizing the battery output through other ways. You should keep a check on the apps that might be running in the background of your smartphone. While in Android Pie, you can check the same by simply swiping up from the screen’s bottom, the older Android versions allow for a separate button located towards the side of the home icon. 

It is important to note that when you tend to force-close a particular app, it can only turn out helpful if you will not be re-launching the app. This is because it tends to utilize more power for re-opening that app than by killing the background processes.

Woman on phone at night event using charging station

  • Utilize Fast-Charging Stations: 

There are several charging kiosks that help in ensuring the fast-charging capabilities for smartphones and other devices. InCharged is a leading service provider of top-class charging stations that deliver optimum performance when it comes to ensuring faster charging services. Moreover, you can also charge other devices using this innovative technology. There are various models of charging stations by InCharged that you can try out.

  • Preventing Running the Apps During Startup: The ability to select the apps that will be running when you start the phone might not be a feature that is observed in Android. However, this feature is available in most of the customized versions of the OS like MIUI. For instance, in Mi9 smartphones, advance to the Settings section and going under the option of Permissions as specified under the App settings. Click on the option Autostart. Then, you can check the apps on the given list that you would like to run on the phone’s background. 
  • Switch Off the Feature of Adaptive Brightness: While some of the cheaper smartphone versions might have dull screen displays, still most of the advanced phone versions are known to deliver the brightness level that could actually hurt your eyes in the darkness. This level of increased brightness only serves useful when you are headed out in direct sunlight and wish to access your phone. However, at other times, increased screen brightness only tends to minimize the overall battery performance.

You can look forward to making use of the Adaptive Brightness feature available in most of the latest smartphone range out there. You can reduce the screen brightness by going to the option Settings and then, selecting the option Display. After this, you can move the slider of the Brightness level option downwards to minimize the screen brightness. As you are using this feature of the smartphone, you might as well consider switching off the capability of Adaptive Brightness. 

  • Reducing the Screen Resolution: While all phone models out there might not allow you to adjust the screen resolution, some of the notable flagship models by Samsung are known to reflect this property. These models are renowned for their presence of Quad HD+ display resolution along with the default Full HD+ setting. This helps in reducing the process of battery drain as less power is required to push the given pixels.

Make the most of the innovative battery-saving techniques while awaiting the 7-day battery life capability by the experts.

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