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We’re excited to announce a new charging option that combines the sleek versatility of our InBox with the portability of our battery pack option- the Power Box.

The portable Power Box can fully charge up to 8 devices simultaneously with no need for a power source.  In fact, the Power Box can fully charge at least 2,000 devices before needing to be recharged itself.  The 8 USB ports located on the top of the box provide easy access for everyone and also make it a great tabletop charging option for any device.  Simply place it on any surface and you instantly have a place where people can come together and charge up!

If you’re looking for a sleek charging option, the white metallic finish, LED backlights, and round LED top light will seamlessly blend in with your atmosphere.  Need something more eye-catching?  We can add a custom wrap that can include your logo, message, and custom color scheme.

At a mere 12” x 1” x 3”, the Power Box is an extremely portable option.  It’s also constructed with a durable aluminum casing to help protect it from wear and tear.  If your events are never at the same venue or you need a charging option that can easily be moved from room to room, the Power Box is one of the best options available.

If you’re searching for a charging solution for an area where power outlets can be scarce, look no further than the Power Box! It’s a great, unobtrusive option for waiting rooms, corporate events, conference rooms, outdoor events, and more.

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