What Is Electrostatic Disinfection Technology And What Are The Benefits?

Initially when it comes to cleaning and sanitizing the surfaces and objects traditional dry and wet dusting comes in mind. But due to this pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 the cleaning techniques spread little more filth by the time the rag used to wash it daily. So the harmful dust particles do not set on other surfaces or objects. 

Coronavirus affects sensitive places such as schools and R & R&D labs. They need more sanitizing methods to kill dirt, dust, and germs from the surfaces many disinfection cleaning companies come up with various tools like electrostatic spray.

Electrostatic Disinfection Technology
Electrostatic Disinfection Technology

An Introduction to Electrostatic Disinfection Technology?

The Disinfection Technology is a way to disinfect the objects and surfaces and provide deep cleaning. It is a specialized solution that is made up of mist and disintegrated by an electrode. 

The spray contains the positive particles which are used to adhere to surfaces and objects. It is very difficult to disinfect the hard-to-reach places or shaped objects so here the electrostatic spray works. The major advantage of this spray is the nature of the mist that evenly coats every surface. After the spray the disinfecting workers work to disinfect or clean surfaces. It disinfects the contaminated areas this is the reason electrostatic spray is an effective solution.

Working on the Electrostatic Disinfection?

1) Disinfection Technology is a popular and appropriate sanitizer that wraps and evenly coats all the types of objects and surfaces for deep cleaning. 

2) The electrostatic spray has chemicals that give a positive electrical charge.

3) The sanitizer agents spray the droplets of the solution on all the visible area underside and backside.

4) The surface which is initially covered with the spray makes the electrostatic spray method extremely efficient.

What Is The Extent Duration Of The Pathogens?

The nosocomial germs or pathogens can stick with the surfaces for months which turn the continuous source of transmission. This is the reason more and regular surface disinfection is recommended. Cleaning the hard surface with contaminated clothes can be the source of the virus. To control the infection and for positive outcomes there is a need for balanced between cost and quality. 

These methods include wiping, fogging, spray and wipe, and UV lighting programs the disinfection technology counted as a viable and cost-effective tool in the disinfection arsenal. 

Nosocomial Pathogens
Nosocomial Pathogens

Battling with the healthcare facility to kill the pathogens is a costly and value-based purchasing (VBP) program that gives the preference to this term. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have created safety measures infection rates. Infection prevention is a cost-prohibitive method that includes UV lighting or labor-intensive hand-wiping. The cleaning, sanitizing, or disinfecting plays a very important role in healthcare to inactive the infection.

Benefits Of Electrostatic Disinfection Technology

1) Disinfection Technology is a conventional method as it reduces the time because of high coverage that also disinfects the contaminated places which is hard-to-reach.

2) Stop the spread of viruses and control the infection from viruses such as HIV, influenza, MRSA, and many others.

3) Usage of chemicals in electrostatic spray in a very effective manner that eliminates the danger of overuse.

4) Disinfect the items which are a financial burden and contagious healthcare infections.

If you want your floors, walls, and desktops to be spotless from pathogens electrostatic spray is the best option as applies to the equipments which are hard-to-reach and heavy electrostatic spray is the most comprehensive way to remove the germs and dirt.

Is Electrostatic Disinfection Is A Good Choice For Your Business

If you are an entrepreneur and have a building which has sensitive rooms such as R&D facilities or clean room and areas which contain germs and grime then opting electrostatic spray is the best option. Although many disinfectant cleaning companies are using electrostatic spray methods which act as a regular commercial cleaning application.

Is Your Workplace Is Clean From COVID-19?

As the threat of COVID-19 is increasing day by day and all the entrepreneur, facility managers, and HR departments take appropriate steps at the workplace to keep the employees healthy and safe. So far now also no reason and vaccine of coronavirus come into existence but by following the previous coronavirus results there is a lot to do.

Workplace Cleaning
Workplace Cleaning

For your convenience the LuxUVC come up with the steps, you can protect your employees from COVID-19.

1) Give Leaves To The Sick Employees.

It is very obvious steps that any employee having some acute respiratory symptoms or a sign of illness should not come in the workplace. They should not be called in the office till the time they don’t show any sign of fever, cough, cold, or any other infection until 24 hours. The employee must take proper medicine for reducing any ailment altering symptom.

2) Appropriate Cleaning Infectious Disease Remediation

Your workplace building as well as the workplace should be kept disinfects or sanitizes to prevent the spread of germs. The areas which need to clean the surface include:

  • Eating area
  • Doorknobs
  • Countertops
  • Bathrooms
  • Workstations and desks
  • Floors and walls

LuxUVC also provides the cleaning services and use the modern methods that include “Electrostatic Disinfection Technology” along with the traditional method to provide an effective cleaning solution for any type of facility. The electrostatic spray is the cost-effective plus time-saving method that provides the standard cleaning and distributing the droplets of the disinfectant solution to surfaces regardless of the shape or angle.

3)  Before Traveling Check Employees Health

If any of your employees going out of the country for office work then it is the responsibility of the HR department to get the check CDC traveler’s health new guidance, updates, and recommendations for that particular country your employee visiting. If the employee shows some symptoms of illness should report or notify their supervisor. If any news regarding the employees’ sickness, then the visit can be canceled!

4) Avoid Overusing Of Facemasks

As per the guidance of the CDC they don’t recommend a healthy person to wear facemasks to protect from respiratory diseases. As per the recommendations firstly facemasks should be worn by those who show COVID-19 symptoms so that this disease does not pass to others. Secondly to worn by health workers and caretakers because they treat the patient closely.

5) Maintain Hygiene And Respiratory Etiquette

It is very important to maintain respiratory etiquette and hand hygiene. This should be the responsibility of the company to provide all employees easy access to tissues and individual dustbins. Folks should wash their hands within the duration of one hour with soap and water but if they don’t have can use alcohol-based hand sanitizers and rub hands for 20 seconds until it dries. If your hands are dirty the only soap and water is effective.


As you have conveyed the whole process and procedures for the workplace due to the COVID-19 outbreak, it is very difficult to maintain the clean and sanitary under a roof with so many people without help. Let LuxUVC keep your office, healthcare center, industrial facility, or another commercial property germ free with electrostatic disinfection technology which is an effective and most appropriate tool for the full-service commercial cleaning solution. 

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