UV-C for Event

UV-C is a type of ultraviolet light which is also known as Germicidal UV as it has the efficiency to kill or eliminate the bacteria, fungi, mold, and viruses by destroying the DNA of the dangerous pathogens. It is an extremely powerful technology that can be used to clear the air due to the reason that these can kill the microorganisms efficiently. The technology is a non-chemical approach that is used for disinfecting and in this disinfection method nothing more is added that can make the process simple, inexpensive and that needs very low maintenance.

Cell phone charging stations for events
Cell phone charging stations for events

It is essential to keep your hands clean and sanitized as no matter your hands serve you in a better way, but they also put germs in contact with your mouth, eyes, nose, and various other parts of your body. However, it is essential to wash your hands with the hand wash or soap multiple times a day, as it is the best way to keep them lean and hygiene but another worthy alternative you can use is hand sanitizer. If you have not already added this hand sanitizer dispenser at your place then you need to learn about its benefits –

You may wash your hands, but not everyone does the same

Even if you are among them who regularly scrub their hands with soap and water for up to 20 seconds after using the restroom, it does not mean everyone does the same. The non-washers sometimes go around touching the same phones, cup handle, door handle, keyboards, and various other supplies that you do and it is from where the infection continues to spread easily, even if you keep your hands clean. However, if you will place the hand sanitizer dispenser strategically then it can prevent the spread of illness from infection and keeps you healthy for longer.

It shows your care for the clients

You can make the hand sanitizer available right from the front desk that also shows that you care about your clients and their health is your top priority which also generates a positive impression. These small details can keep you valuable for the employees as well as your clients and it is also a great way to keep them completely satisfied and involved.

Good health promotes productivity and lowers the costs

If you will make the hand sanitizer dispensers available at the key places in your workplace or during the events then it can prevent various people from unwanted illness, enabling your employees that also keep you to stay healthier and stable. It is also a great way to enhance their attendance as they will not become sick and will stay focused on the important tasks which will result in fewer sick leaves. If the employees will be healthier then they can do their job correctly and accurately as they will not ask for the leave or delay their work due to unstable health.

If your employees will be healthy, they will give their best in every task assigned to them and they will be more productive which will provide reliable results for the business and satisfied customers who can come back to you any time. If the workplace will be hygiene it will be the major reason that people will fall ill less due to the germs or bacteria which ensures that a system can promote good hygiene conditions that can promote good health and better productivity among the employees. If you take a few seconds to wash your hands you can go a long way to prevent the spread of common infections such as flu or unwanted illness in the events or workplace. Washing your hands regularly can kill about 98% of the germs with which you can come in contact from touching various objects while going about your daily activities and it is an action that mainly takes few minutes to carry out the benefits which can be compared with the number of days you have to be in the bed due to illness.

Hand Sanitizer with Charging Stations
Hand Sanitizer with Charging Stations

Benefits you can gain with UV-C Sanitizer

The workplace, as well as events, makes you more susceptible to various forms of diseases so you should have a place with good hygiene that also plays a major role in keeping the work environment tidy and productive. Hand washing alone is not enough to kill the bacteria but you need to use the hand sanitizers for preventing the spread of illness so you should focus on providing your attendees with a clean, hygienic workplace to keep them safe against the germs for which UV-C is the most reliable choice that you can choose.


One of the foremost benefits of the hand sanitizer is that it keeps your hands clean and the product is mainly designed to kill germs. When used properly, these hand sanitizers can eliminate up to 99.99% of the germs on your hands and it has been recommended to wash your hands every time you are around the food, garbage, social gatherings, animals, and more. When you find yourself in these places, hand sanitizer is the most reliable solution that you can use to eliminate the germs.

Great for group settings

The UV light sanitizer is the most reliable option for the office, classrooms, events, and any other space with heavy foot-traffic where germs can spread quickly. During such situations even if you are not doing anything, the germs from other people can affect you due to which having a UVC Light sanitizer is ideal for group settings. The event attendees can disinfect their hands without going out to wash their hands and they can have their food without going to the washrooms to look for the sanitizers.

Less risk for disease

Especially during flu seasons, it is essential for your health to minimize your exposure to the germs of other people so when you take out some time to sanitize your hands a few times a day, you can reduce the chances of getting sick. It is essential because during the flu season if you are taking a quick trip you can get exposed to the germs that can cause a cold, flu, or other illness, so you should keep your hands clean and hygiene.

Where you should keep the hand sanitizer?

Mainly, every inch of your workplace is completely covered with the germs and there are few surefire danger zones so you need to sure to keep the hand sanitizers in the following areas:

On Every Desk

You must think that your hands are clean but germs are crawling all over your desk so you will add your computer mouse, keyword, or your cell phone then there are thousands of microorganisms. So, it is essential to have a good sanitizer mainly the UVC Sanitizer that is your best defense and keeps you completely secure from getting sick.

By the doors

No doubt that the handles of your doors are the hotbeds for the bacteria and a germy handle can infect various people in the public place within hours. If you will incorporate the hand sanitizers by the doors then the event attendees or people at the office will more likely enter the room after disinfecting their hands and it can keep the germs away from your staff.

In the meeting rooms

When the employees are giving the presentations, mostly it happens that they sneeze due to common cold or flu and the viruses from flu or cold survive on the hard surfaces for up to 18 hours. If you will have sanitizers then it can help you to prevent your team from getting sick on the most essential moments.

Near the elevator

The employees hit their floor numbers or arrows after they cough into their hands, eat anything, or use the restroom so it is no doubt that the elevators contain bacteria on the buttons so it is essential to keep the sanitizer on every floor.

Outside the bathroom

When you leave the bathroom after washing your hands, you think that the germs are gone but it is not always the case as only a few of the people wash their hands correctly so you should have the sanitizer outside the bathrooms that can kill the germs completely.

The effectiveness of hand sanitizer in preventing disease

With the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), it is not surprising that various people are taking steps to stay safe for which they are even stocking up the sanitizing sprays, gels, as well as soaps and these sanitizers, are the most effective defense against the bacteria and viruses such as coronavirus and influenza. These are useful in public places that are useful to prevent the transfer of viruses and bacteria from an infected person to a healthy person. Mainly, during the events, people catch respiratory viruses from direct contact with the people who are already infected, so it is essential to keep your hands clean and hygiene when you visit public places. Throughout the day the employees use their hands to create reports, shake hands with the new clients, open doors while going to different cabins, and do much more. All these activities directly expose hands to the harmful germs and bacteria resulting in illness that is directly connected with the productivity losses. Mainly, the infections are transmitted through hands so it is crucial to implement the hand sanitizers to disinfect the hands of the employees or any other person.

UVC sanitizer helps to prevent the spread of the diseases and if you are providing the employees with access to the hand sanitizer, it can reduce the likelihood of the illness in the workplace. Employers should place the hand sanitizers in strategic locations such as around high-touch surfaces and communal areas that include entrances and exits, cafeterias, and break rooms, meeting rooms, employee desks, and bathrooms, but make sure they are accessible and insightful. It can encourage the people in the social gatherings to use them, which is a great way to prevent the spread of the infections. However, washing your hands is extremely important and great ways to get rid of germs and bacteria and if you are incorporating the hand sanitizer dispenser stand then these are only preventing the spread of the harmful viruses.

Provide unique protection with sanitizer to your event attendees!

When attendees charge their cell phones at the events, you can provide them with the UVC sanitizing cell phone charging stations that can keep them healthier. InCharged now provides cell phone charging stations equipped with the bacteria-killing UV-C led lights that are a great way to keep the guests charged as well as safe at the same time. Furthermore, you can create a safe environment for the attendees that also show your care towards them and make them believe that they are the higher-priority. The new sanitizing dispenser from InCharged is the add-on benefits that fit any space and with any charging station product so if you want to provide the ultimate experience to your attendees you should also take care of their health. If you are looking for a safe and effective solution as well as budget-friendly then the free-standing brandable sanitizing dispensers are the most reliable option that you can choose. These sanitizing dispensers need low-maintenance and are completely brandable which means you can conveniently fit them to any environment. Here are some of the InCharged products that are upgraded with an LED UV-C sanitizing light –

UV-C LED Light with Cell phone Charging Station
UV-C LED Light with Cell phone Charging Station

8 Chamber lockers

These charging stations are free-standing units that are available with eight aluminum chambers with pin code access that supports various cell phones from Apple to Android. These charging stations are perfect and most reliable to build trust of the attendees at the trade show or events due to their upgraded HD screen that enhance the experience of the attendees as well. These charging stations provide the attendees with a safe place to recharge their cell phones and some peace of mind that their cell phones are protected as the new locker is easier to use than ever before. When the attendees do not have time to monitor their cell phones they leave their cell phones behind to charge them while wandering around. The best thing is that these cell phone charging stations are easier to access due to their Pincode which means you do not need any software to learn about its usage. These charging stations keep the cell phones safely and securely with the built-in aluminum chambers that prevent the cell phones from theft or tampering.

Flex charging lockers

These are the most popular charging stations due to their easy to set-up, easy to brand, and easy to experience charging stations and these are available with a 20″ HD screen that displays videos as well as images perfectly. It can also charge multiple devices at the same time due to their greatest power and speed that the cell phones consume to charge safely and efficiently. The Flex charging stations are light-weight, free-standing kiosks that are easy to transport and configure and these also provide the client with multiple customization flexibility for which you can use the unit whenever needed. With 12 charging tips, the Flex provides the charging stations for the modern devices such as Android and iOS devices and also offers an open port with a USB connector. Additionally, the flex charging stations provide mobile charging convenience as well as fully brandable charging stations that are available with a 20-inch HD screen that also plays video and audio to keep the audience’s stay engaged when they charge their cell phones.

Glass power table

These charging stations are completely equipped with USB charging ports, outlets, and industrial cables that also provide fast charging benefits to the smartphones that keep the cell phones always charged. The best thing is these charging stations feature a glass-top that is safe, used for optional solar charging and is available with the efficient charging technology that is also a convenient solution to keep the patrons connected as well as engaged. If you want to bring the best to the attendees’ table then these charging stations are the most efficient solutions as your attendees need some space where they can gather around, and these charging stations are the perfect solutions where they can sanitize their hands as well. These are available with 12 charging tips and two A/C outlets that make them an ideal choice for the events to charge the cell phones conveniently.

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