Using Phone Charging Stations as Experiential Marketing

Advertising has been a practice as old as the businesses and products they promote. Before the internet, advertising was fairly straightforward, taking the form of physical signage, fliers, mail materials, and physical media. These days, it seems like we’re almost overwhelmed with advertisements, both digital and physical.

When focusing on marketing, businesses and organizations tend to ask the same question- how do we make our message or brand cut through the noise? Having clever marketing strategies and an understanding of your target audience certainly helps get your message out there, but it isn’t always enough to keep you fresh in your customers’ minds.

Typically, most organizations turn to digital marketing strategies such as ad retargeting to help increase their brand awareness, but this isn’t the only approach to effectively reach your customers. A great way to keep your brand relevant is to turn your display or physical advertising into experiential marketing.

Rather than treating your target audience as passive receivers of your message, experiential marketing invites them to participate and develop a direct relationship with your brand. This can range anywhere from a flash mob to an in-person giveaway event, or even something as simple as attaching your brand to a genuinely appreciated service (here are some great examples of experiential marketing campaigns to get your ideas flowing).

Experiential marketing is highly effective because, instead of telling or showing customers your message, they get to create their own memories and relationships with your brand. This type of connection is proven to be more powerful and long lasting when it comes to consumer decision-making because the customer made this connection themselves.

Cell phone charging stations provide the best of both worlds because they encompass both eye catching display advertising and experiential marketing.  InCharged kiosks provide your customers with the fastest, safest, and most efficient charge on the market. Not only are your customers getting a highly coveted amenity, but they’re also actively interacting with your brand.

All of our charging stations can incorporate custom graphics to blend in with your décor or match your branding. We also provide plenty of options that incorporate HD displays, which are a perfect place to showcase your business with gorgeous animations and graphics. This HD display gives you the unique ability to showcase your message or include a call to action to engage your customers across multiple platforms. For example, prompting your customers to like your Facebook page, follow you on Instagram, leave a review on Yelp, or whatever you can think of engages them in-person and allows you to continue to interact with them online when they’re done charging.

When your customers see that you offer free cell phone charging stations, they’ll be more than happy to engage with your marketing messages while their smartphone is charging up- and your business will remain front of mind as one that puts their needs first!

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