Tips to Clean Offices and Commercial Spaces

You all must be aware of the importance to clean your houses as well as rooms but the same logic applies to the commercial properties and spaces as well due to which most people prefer to hire the professionals for such purposes. It is essential to go with proper cleaning if you want to maintain a safe and healthy work environment so if the workplace is not tidy, it can become a breeding ground for the germs as well as a riskier area for the health of the employees who are working in that location. Furthermore, if the commercial spaces are visited by the customers or clients, it becomes even more essential to keep the space safe and clean for which you can use the disinfectants as well as cleaning products to remove the dirt effectively. Cleaning not only kills the germs but it also reflects the value of the company so you can use the commercial cleaning services that can help you to create a reliable impression on the minds of the customers as well as clients so the best way to kill the germs is by using uvc germicidal light

Cleaning with UVC Germicidal Light
Cleaning with UVC Germicidal Light

Commercial cleaning vs residential cleaning

A property where the business is done no matter what type it is can be termed as the commercial property and the cleaning methods of the residential and commercial properties has a wide difference. Furthermore, depending on the type of commercial property, the cleaning requirements also vary a lot but the cleaning of the carpets or scrubbing the windows will be a common practice. However, for some commercial properties, it is essential to clean the spaces with acids and solvents that can remove the dirt from the walls and ceilings which cannot be removed otherwise or you can use uvc germicidal light for killing the germs and bacteria. It is a common practice of hiring a professional cleaner who can clean the commercial properties with the right tools to do their job efficiently and the methods they use for cleaning saves time as well as efforts for the long term.

How to clean office buildings?

Cleaning office buildings can make them look great as well as result in enhancing the productivity of the employees who are working in it by allowing them to navigate the area that is safe and healthy. You can decide the schedule of cleaning the office depending on certain factors such as the size of the office building and working schedules, and after that, you can make your decision for regular or weekly cleaning. There are various cleaning procedures that needs to be done on a monthly basis or after six months so here are some of the guidelines that can use to modify your cleaning schedule according to your requirements –

Daily Cleaning

  • You can pick up the debris or paper and throw them in the wastebasket but make sure to check the waste so that there will not be any important document or file in the trash. 
  • Carefully empty the trash cans and clean them thoroughly and replace the filled garbage bags with the clean bags that are new ones. 
  • When you are done with dumping, it is time to vacuum the floor, carpets, and mats efficiently around the office to remove dirt or dust that is not possible to remove with the hands. 
  • You can use the stain cleaners for removing stains as well as to detect them for preventing the germs and it is effective to use UVC light to kill bacteria. 
  • Now, keep everything orderly including your papers that are spread on the desks or any other area but make sure to keep the ones that are required frequently in the spaces that are easy to reach. 
  • Furthermore, use the disinfectants or cleaners to clean the smudges as well as fingerprints from the windows and mirrors as they can make the space look dirty. 
  • Don’t forget to clean the floors and furniture o the reception area but also make sure to organize the magazines, brochures, or books beside the waiting area to make it look more presentable.
Office Cleaning with UVC light
Office Cleaning with UVC light

Weekly cleaning

  • You can start with dusting and wiping the office furniture which includes the cabinets, desks, shelves, walls, etc. 
  • Make sure to wipe accessories as well as electronics such as telephones, computers, keyboards, or anything that are touched more frequently for which you can use uvc germicidal light so that the germs can be easily detected. Furthermore, it is also effective to use the microfiber cloth after spraying the disinfectants so that the germs from highly-touched areas can be eliminated. 
  • Along with dusting the window sills, heating vents, ledges, make sure to disinfect the restrooms for which you can use the scrubs for the toilet bowls and disinfecting cleaner as well as uvc germicidal light that makes the cleaning easier. Don’t forget to wipe the seats when you are done with cleaning and you can do the same for the counter areas as well as sinks but also consider sweeping and mopping of the restroom floor tiles. 
  • Thoroughly clean and organize the kitchen by throwing the left-over food from the refrigerator and clean the interiors, also make sure to clean the microwave from insider and it should be done regularly. 
  • Clean the dishwashers to prevent the growth of unnecessary mildew and replace the dish sponges, as well as wash the towels that are used frequently while preparing food.

Monthly Cleaning

  • During monthly cleaning, you can consider the products that you often forget and these include hand dryers, paper towel dispensers, and other wall-mounted objects that get dirty and dusty. 
  • You can wash the hard floors or use the floor machines to clean and disinfect the germs so that they can be cleaned thoroughly. 
  • You can also use the products to polish the furniture that can restore their shine and make them look great such as tables, desks, chairs, etc that can become dull with time. 

Cleaning after six months

  • Scrub the heavily solid areas that are contaminated with dirt, dust, and stains which include mats, carpets, or upholstery as these can also affect the decor if ignored. 
  • You can strip the old layers of the floors finish and don’t forget to apply the new layers of the floor-finish to make them look newer as well as efficient. 
  • Restore the new look by spraying buff or burnish when you are done with stripping. 

While cleaning the floors or area inside the office building, it is effective to put up a sign of closed for cleaning at the entrance so that no one can disturb you while cleaning or no one can trip on the wet floors accidentally. With the sudden outbreak of COVID-19, our lives have affected severely in some way as everyone is working effectively to prevent the spread of the virus. The companies are using uvc germicidal light to prevent the spread of the germs so that their employees can stay protected from the harmful virus as well as people are staying indoors for the greater good of their community so that they can prevent the spread of the virus.

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