The Working of Electrostatic sprayer

The electrostatic sprayer is a rise in the electrostatic cleaning industry. Before we jump into the working of electrostatic sprayer let’s have a brief knowledge about electrostatic spraying.

Electrostatic Spraying:

The electrostatic spraying is a method to apply the cleaning, coating, disinfecting, or liquid through an electric charge to cover the surface. This most efficient process has various advantages. Cleaning large spaces is a very difficult task and if those spaces have various surfaces to clean then nothing better than electrostatic cleaning.

For instance: The staff of the gym is responsible to clean and disinfect the whole machine surface along with extra equipment like restrooms, lockers, in a short span of time then an electrostatic sprayer comes in the process.

There is a traditional process of cleaning the surfaces but it requires quite efforts and prone human error, including missed surfaces. With the electrostatic sprayer you can regularly disinfect the surfaces and reduce in spreading the spread of dangerous disease. 

Electrostatic Sprayer
Electrostatic Sprayer

The electrostatic sprayer is the modern process to sensitize, clean, and disinfect spaces with limited time and covers better compared to traditional cleaning methods. This technique has been in process for a long time including agriculture, tanning industries, automotive, and now  flourishing his steps in surface disinfection.

The electrostatic sprayer is passed through the nozzle and works in charging liquids, just a fine coating of disinfectant, or sanitizer and sprayed to the objects where the manual cleaning is hard-to-reach.

How does an electrostatic sprayer work?

  1. The concept of electrostatic spray is charge and electric fields. You must have seen the surfaces or clothes are wrapping with the plastic to remove the tumble dryer. This electrostatic technique works with the law of attraction while applying the spray on the metal surface. 
  2. The pressure of the paint spray mixed up with the liquid.  The electrostatic spraying breaks the paint into small droplets. 
  3. When the paint comes out from the nozzle it gives a positive charge. The pattern of the forces elaborates on the electric field. The negative charge attracts the positive charge liquid to its surface just like a magnet. 
  4. The electrical discharge comes from the ionization of paint. In the case of a metal electrical field, this process is known as Corona Discharge.
  5. The ions are attracted by the electric field forces that accompany the negatively charged surfaces.
  6. With the law of attraction the electrostatic paint spray adds success to this method. The positive leaving spray gun has repelled each other.

Why should you use an Electrostatic Sprayer for COVID-19 Disinfection?

Commonly nobody considers having disinfecting services at their home, office, business, or shop. This commercial disinfecting service or sanitizing shift comes into a process when the bad flu season affects the world. However, this bad flu now is not the normal circumstance as the spread of COVID-19 hits the world badly. With the multiple approaches for disinfecting service across the US from a couple of weeks. Incharged comes forward to meet the demands with its new technology name electrostatic cleaning the technology including electric, disinfecting chemical disposal, electrostatic sprayers.

How are electrostatic sprayers better than other cleaning or disinfecting methods?

  1. The first benefit of electrostatic sprayers is it covers the more surfaces like each button of specific area and elevator desk with disinfecting chemical spray. Whereas, the manual spray we wipe on the surface cannot remove all the germs from the areas.
  1. The electrostatic sprayer is not time-consuming. The coverage area of this technology is wide, each chemical requires 10 minutes to dwell. As it covers the area and  you’re-visit at the previous place the wait of 10 minutes will be over. Some areas require the spray droplets only to disinfect. On the other side traditional sprayer residual only wiping out is not enough.

How incharged is helpful to your business during this pandemic outbreak of COVID-19?

As inCharged is providing effective and quality disinfecting services to government agencies, warehouses, grocery stores, manufacturers. With the support of these facilities, inCharged is serving the service and helping the business during these unprecedented times.

Incharged quality service
Incharged quality service

You can choose are quality services and learn about our services by visiting our site and own the disinfecting services along with this  inCharged also provide the recurring services. 

InCharged feels proud to disinfect your workplaces and provide the employees safety during this time. InCharged is looking forward to helping you.

Disinfecting technology

The electrostatic cleaning acts as a powder coat paint which is applied in a low-pressure sprayer which covers the hardest reach areas like services and undersides. This technique covers the 100 percent wider area and offers the facilities to school, work camps, airports, healthcare buildings, and manufacturing with the speed 18,000 sq.ft. in an hour. To stop the spread of infection the electrostatic cleaning or disinfection should be part of regular cleaning. InCharged provides disinfecting service to following key areas:

  • Hotels cleaning service
  • Medical offices cleaning service
  • Healthcare cleaning service
  • Work camp cleaning service
  • Public transportation cleaning services
  • Aircraft and hangar disinfecting services
  • Dental office cleaning services
  • Assisted living cleaning services
  • Gym and recreational centers cleaning services
  • Senior cleaning services

The various styles of the electrostatic sprayer

  1. There are several sprayer system styles available currently in the market so that you can choose the best option that suits you as per your need. Make sure when you choose the electrostatic sprayer option you keep in mind about reliability, safety, and efficiency to use before purchasing.
  1. To determine the proper personal equipment (PPE) the responsible manufacturers set up the testing system for the safety recommendation by bystanders. Select the product which the company claims that they have done proper testing and provide the surety it is safe to use all chemicals and customers can spray it on any surface.  
  1. The electrostatic sprayer comes up with various designs such as handheld sprayers, rolling cart sprayers, and backpack sprayers. The handheld and backpack sprayers have higher flexibility but can be heavy if filled with liquid. The two key steps for spray are battery power to transmit the liquid and the other is the cord for outlet plug. 
  1. The cord proves to better system performance as the cord provides consistent power and droplet charging. Batteries are not powerful enough to produce reliable charge to deliver the system performance and not efficient to provide the service at every time you spray.
  1. The corded system provides benefits as the electrostatic sprayer has a power of air compressor which minimizes the blowback which helps in sanitizer or disinfectant liquid towards the environmental surfaces. Whereas, the battery power does not have an air compressor and did not cover the large area.
  1. No matter which sprays you use, electrostatic sprayer technology will help you to cover the large surface in limited or less time, save your money, and stop spreading the disease-causing pathogens.
Electrostatic Cleaning
Electrostatic Cleaning

How to properly disinfect the COVID-19 during a facility closure?

Due to the spread of COVID-19 every country is shut down and thinking about how to clean their workplaces or homes with a deep cleaning process. Here inCharged comes up with some key tips of deep cleaning during the closure.

  1. Make-sure the disinfecting you are using must be approved by SARS-COV-2. 
  2. Disinfect all the common touch points by using electrostatic cleaning, fogger, and misters.
  3. The custodial staff must wear appropriate PPE

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