LuxUVC- Tips To Clean the Public Gyms and Home Gym

Being shut down for approximately two months entrepreneurs are ready for the grand opening. But to assure their employees or workers about how virus-free the workplace is. Many business owners contacting community cleaning companies the same as LuxUVC is providing the disinfecting services to Gyms, Homes, Workplace, Hospitals, Old age homes, and many others. 

To ensure the employees and customers that the flooring of the place is correctly disinfected and free from bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other microorganisms.

Gym Cleaning
Gym Cleaning

Though COVID-19 did not confirm the place of origin yet, everybody knows that it passes from person to person. Some basic recommendation to control the infection is covering the nose and mouth whenever sneezing, following social distancing rules, and regular hand washing. 

These are the household remedies that are not appropriately effective or enough to ensure total free of COVID-19. LuxUVC is the best cleaning company that uses various innovative techniques and tools for proper and deep cleaning such as ultraviolet light sterilizer, electrostatic sprayer, and UVC germicidal lamp to prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens.

How Contaminated The Public Gyms Are?

As many of us hire personal trainers who are hired by some other also. These individuals went at different workout spaces like client’s homes, small studios, and commercial gyms and touched many types of equipment.

Research had been conducted which results that the gym is the most contaminated place. It contains a high amount of viruses than bacteria. If you considered the equipment then the weight equipment is more debase then aerobic equipment. The machines which remain bus contains more harmful germs and multiple individuals touch the surfaces and equipment.

How Much Home Gym Need Cleaning?

It sounds weird to clean your own home gym when only you and your family people touch. But even you don’t share your gym equipment with strangers then also your equipment needs a deep cleaning.

For instance you went out and bring the germs on your hands and instead of washing hands you hopped on the weight machine (treadmill) for exercise. The bacteria’s’ that you got at home spreads the infections through treadmill handles and buttons. The age of the bacteria is for three days on a treadmill. 

Home Gym
Home Gym

These bacteria can transfer from home gym equipment to sofa couches, beds, and more. To sanitize or clean your home gym equipment every day wipe down with bleach or other hospitals disinfectant. 

What Deep Cleaning Includes In Gym Disinfect?

While cleaning the public gym then contact professionals but if you disinfecting the home gym then follow these five prerequisites:

1) Before you initiate cleaning, wash your hands with soap and water and rub it for 20 seconds or you can use 60 to 70%  alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

2) When you start cleaning  wear personal protective equipment (PPE) and after you have done then dispose of it.

3) If you using the spray then simply spray the surface and if you using wipes then wipe down in back and forth direction so that the place properly cleaned. In this process you have to use multiple wipes.

4) If you drizzle the disinfectant then left them over for a specific time to dry as per the product recommendations.

5) Ones you are done with cleaning then remove the personal protective equipment dispose of it the cleaning material and then wash your hands.

The professional workers know how to disinfect the equipment, but for the non-professionals the portable equipment you have used to clean the surfaces is touched by other individuals also so disinfecting that object several times is also very important. Flush the piece of that object with soap and wash them with water to dry the chemical otherwise it will irritate your skin.

How To Ensure The Sanitization Of Your Gyms?

1) If you planning to re-open the gym then before that you have to disinfect the complete center and clean every material that your users as well as staff use. This process is time-consuming as it usually covers within 2-3 days.

2) If you daily clean the place then there is not much difference between deep cleaning. But make sure that every element should be cleaned properly.

3) While cleaning on the air conditioning/heating systems so that the loose particles can remove that accumulate during the closure.

4) After that create the cleaning/disinfecting plan to minimize the risk from contagion items.

5) As the life of the COVID-19 virus is depends upon the different surfaces. So all the surfaces cannot be controlled equally. We must know the life of viruses on specific surfaces.

Metals- Above 7 days.

Glass, counters, and furniture- 2 to 4 days.

Plastic-7 days

Wood- 2 days

Which Gyms Areas Needs Special Attention To Disinfecting?

As every corner of the gym need proper cleaning but there are some areas that need focus and special attention to disinfecting.

1) Flooring: The flooring is the most contaminated place, but it should be cleaned at last with the best cleaning product. You can hire a guide that can suggest you the best-guaranteed product which does not damage the floors shine.

2) Lockers/Machine room/ Fitness: These fitness studios, lockers, machine room, kettlebells, and bars need the dusting first and then disinfection with detergent to remove the trace of bacterias or fungi.

Janitorial Restroom
Janitorial Restroom

3) Spa/Sauna/Shower area: It’s very vital to disinfect the walls, gutters/drains, floors with detergent.

What Are These Three Essential Words: Sterilize, Sanitize, And Disinfect?

Many folks have given many names to the cleaning facilities. Many companies using various tools such as LuxUVC the professional commercial cleaning service use the ultraviolet light sterilizer home, and UVC germicidal lamp to treat against the harmful germs.

The actual difference between these three essential words is as follows:

Sterilize: This is used to kill the chemical and other normal infected places. It is usually done in hospitals and places that require a high level of cleaning to prevent spread germs.

Sanitize: The sanitize is used to clean the surface but it is less effective than disinfecting. Use the sanitizers at the places which is less contaminated or where the dirt is not visible.

Disinfect: The disinfecting is the most effective and deep cleaning process as it removes the 100 % harmful germs from the equipment and surfaces.

How To Protect Yourself While Disinfecting?

Professional companies like LuxUVC are well aware of the personal protective equipment (PPE). But if you taken the responsibility of cleaning then follow following recommendations.

  1. Always wear face shield, gloves, helmet, goggles/glasses, gown,and face mask.
  1. But very importantly do wear gloves and mask before you go up with cleaning. Use mask when product is unhealthy odor,this will protect you from contaminants. Make-sure the area must have well ventilation system. 


To stop the spread of harmful germs, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms. People follow below steps.

1) Follow the five-step disinfecting procedure the steps are:

a) Follow personal protective equipment.

b) Washing hands

c) Disinfect the surfaced) left over the surface wet for minimum time.

d) Dispose the PPE material

e) Re-washing hands

2) Make the routine plan to disinfect the surfaces and equipment.

3) If you want to clean the fitness equipment and surface then disinfection is much better then sanitization.

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