Provider of Customized Cell Phone Charging Solutions InCharged Launches the Thinnest, Lightest, Most Efficient Cell Phone Charging Station on the Market

Union, NJ (PRWEB) September 10, 2015: Provider of customized cell phone charging solutions InCharged launches the thinnest and lightest cell phone charging station on the market.

The InFuse Flex is the result of a 3-year period of research and development based on client requests and feedback. This cell phone charging station is guaranteed to be the thinnest and lightest in space – but not in impressions. The InFuse Flex features several brand-new features:

  • Increased screen size: Sponsors now have more digital ad space to display branded messaging
  • Uninterrupted branding space: The InFuse Flex features over 20 square feet of space available for branding – without wires or holes
  • 3-minute tool-free assembly: The new time-saving design ensures the cell phone charging station is up and running as quickly and easily as possible
  • Dual unit option: Units can now be placed back-to-back on a single stand, minimizing space and maximizing exposure
  • Media management: An improved system to remotely manage all media, eliminating the need for a manager to be on site
  • Mobile charging stations: The InFuse Flex can be fitted with optional casters, allowing for quick relocation to accommodate client needs.
  • Lightweight and slender: The InFuse Flex features lightweight options – the Standing unit is just 24 pounds and the Tabletop weighs in at just 12. Both options are just 3 inches deep.
  • Modular: The InFuse XL package is the only modular charging station in the industry: it provides over 10 different tool-free configurations to suit any event, venue, and need – making it a valuable investment for any organization.
  • Easily updated: The included cables are compatible with 90% of mobile devices, but they can easily be swapped out to accommodate unusual chargers and when new cables are introduced to the market – ensuring the charging station is compatible with 100% of devices and never becomes obsolete.

Says CEO Jessica Gonzalez, “We’re thrilled to once again expand our product offerings to exceed our clients’ needs. The InFuse Flex is just the latest in an evolving line of high quality American-made cell phone charging stations. We are continually integrating the latest cell phone charging technology into all of our products and constantly striving to innovate in order to better serve our customers. In 2016, we will be launching solar units, battery-powered units, and weatherproof outdoor charging stations.”

About InCharged
InCharged is the leading custom cell phone charging station manufacturer and distributor in the USA, providing solutions for associations, brands,event producers, experiential marketing agencies, and venues. InCharged has made it their mission to solve the connected consumer’s problem of short battery life while benefiting businesses and marketers in the process. InCharged turns consumers’ reliance on mobile devices into a valuable commodity by attaching unobtrusive marketing messages to a valuable service that customers genuinely appreciate.

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