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Have you ever found yourself in the position of feeling annoyed when someone uses the cell phone in front of you in the public place and the keep on chatting the entire time whenever he checks his phone? Have you ever felt ignored due to another person’s cell phone when you are in the middle of the conversation and suddenly the phone rings in between? Does it bother you when you sit nearby table of the person who is talking on the phone and you can hear every single word?

Don’t become someone among those people! The cell phone which is the most revered invention of the last century is the most controversial and there is no question that everyone needs the one. However, the way people are using them has gone out of control as the teenagers or people often ignore other people around them and disconnect themselves from the real world as they use their cell phones so much. Furthermore, the cell phone is not the issue, it is the user who is not aware of how to respect others and when to use their cell phones, but some people follow a few simple rules of cell phone etiquette in public.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Public Chatter
You all must have been in the public areas where everyone is chatting on their cell phones while ignoring others who are beside them and in fact, most of them have been the person who keeps on doing chatting. When you keep talking on your cell phone, sometimes you forget that the person beside you can hear every single word that are saying over the call, so it is better to talk outside the public spots. Moreover, a one-sided chatter is sometimes annoying to everyone who is beside you or sitting around you so it doesn’t mean that you can turn on the speaker mode as it can be rude to everyone around you. Here are some of the places where you should limit the use of your cell phone use –

  • Restaurants – You should put your cell phones on vibration to prevent unnecessary noise when your cell phone rings when you are in the restaurants. You can make outgoing calls only if they are necessary and keep them brief or it is better to take your cell phones to the lobby or outside so that you don’t bother anyone who is having a relaxing meal. When people call you, you need to let them know that you are having your meal and if it is not an emergency call, tell them that you will call back later. One more thing that you need to take care of is while having your meals, you should keep your voice low as possible to avoid unnecessary disturbance.
  • Movies, theaters, and plays – When you enter such venues, you should keep your cell phones off but if you are concerned about something important that you need to take care of then you can keep your cell phone on vibration. The best thing you can do while in the theaters or watching movies is to avoid answering the phone calls instead you can step out of the place or either inform them that you will call back later.
  • Work – When you are a professional then it is better to keep your cell phones on vibration as a cell phone with louder ringtone can disturb the other colleagues beside you. However, it is better to avoid using cell phones until and unless there is not an important matter that you need to handle. If you will use your cell phones during business hours then these can ruin your professional reputation, so it is better to avoid using cell phones mainly during business meetings.
  • Worship places – These are the places where everyone used to visit for peace, so you should turn your cell phone off or leave them in your cars to avoid any unwanted disturbances.
  • Flying – When you are in the plane, turn your cell phones completely off before your plane takes off and most of the airline does not allow the use of cell phones while flying due to the safety issues. There is a concern that electronic gadgets, mainly cell phones can interfere with the navigation equipment so it is better to keep them off completely to prevent unnecessary accidents.
  • Bus, train, and other public transportation – You should turn off your cell phones or keep them on the vibration while you are on public transportation as it is rude to keep on chatting on cell phones in public places. The best thing you can do is to avoid picking up the cell phones until and unless there is an emergency.

    Cell Phone Etiquette

  • Checkout line – If you are standing in the checkout line then you should not talk on the cell phone as it is rude to everyone around you from the customers to cashier. You can tell the other person on the cell phone to wait for a few minutes or ask them to wait for their call but avoid taking calls while standing in line. When the cell phone rings, you feel that you should answer it; you can take the call but let the other person know that you will call back and hang up.

Private talk
When you are hanging out with your friends or family members, stop being rude to them and chat with others on your cell phone by ignoring them. You should be physically and mentally present there for the people you care about, but if you feel that you should answer your call when it rings, you can inform them that you will call back when you will be free. Doing this, provide a sense of responsibility and leaves a positive impression that the person with whom you are now, are really important to you.

You should avoid sending messages when you are busy with your stuff or having a meal with your friends or family as it feels like you are not interested in being present there. If you text in front of others then it is the same as whispering behind someone’s back and even it is bad as chatting with someone who is not present there.

 Cell Phone use

Cell Phone use

Rules you need to know about cell phone etiquette
Etiquette is the most essential part of our social life, which is again an essential part of human life that mainly depends on the relationships and etiquettes that are the most common things or reasons to make or break the relationships. The fact that the etiquette can affect your impression is again important for the social life as in any other social behavior; the use of cell phones also demands some etiquette that is very common nowadays due to their essential part in our daily lives. But, have you realized that the device can be a nuisance if used improperly or the insensible usage can be annoying? However, if you are not aware of such things in the very first place then it is essential to have an idea about the cell phone rules as you are also a part of a society where you need to follow the cell phone etiquettes.

Cell phone etiquette

The do’s of cell phone etiquette

  • You need to identify the ring tone whether it is of high volume or you need to keep it down as it is embarrassing when someone points out that it is your cell phone that is ringing when they search for the unattended cell phone ringing.
  • Keep your cell phone on silent mode when you are in trade shows or conferences as these can affect your reputation and if you are not in the mood to pick up your cell phones then make sure to keep them on silent mode as the continuous ringing can annoy others around you.
  • Always speak softly while you are on the phone as there is not any point in yelling at the public places, it only irritates the people around you. As a result, you receive the tough staring in return of yelling as you surely don’t want to be in such an awkward situation.
  • You should keep your cell phones on low volume as when you carry the phones with you, even the low volume can alert you that someone is trying to contact you and it also does not make the people stare at you.
  • You should keep a distance from others while talking on the phone as it is the basic manners and every person has the right to have their personal space. It is annoying when someone stands next to you and keep on yelling, it is very uncomfortable when other people are there during such situations.
  • While having the business conversation then make sure to carry them out in private as discussing the sensitive information can affect the confidentiality of the matter. You should be clear about the issues and topics that you need to avoid talking in public as these can lead to the dangerous consequences that can severely affect the business deals, relationships, and even the plans.
  • The person who is on the other end of your call cannot see the gesture, so it is essential to keep the right tone while talking over the cell phones. If you fail to provide the right information then it can make the other person understand your message incorrectly, so you should not overuse your body gesture to express your thoughts as it cannot help your conversation and as a result, it can only attract the eyes on you.
  • You should avoid handling the multi-tasks while you are on a call as it can affect the quality of both the tasks, so it is better to concentrate on a single thing or finish your conversation to move on to the next task.

The don’ts of cell phone etiquette

  • It is not mandatory to carry your cell phone with you while going anywhere as for various places cell phones are just a nuisance, mainly, the public places such as restaurants and cinema halls where people hang out. It is not less an uncomfortable thing when the people beside you pause their conversation when your cell phone rings in between. If there is an emergency call then the best thing you can do is to excuse yourself and attend the call when you step out of the place.
  • You should avoid attending the calls while driving as it not only endangers your life but also the life of the other people around you so it is always safe to park your vehicle while attending the phone call.
  • It is not proper to yell on cell phones as it can make the people around you to hear your conversation so do not harm the calmness of a place and affect others’ privacy from the time when you step inside the room or place.
  • It is not appropriate to have a long conversation when you are out with friends or family as it will be awkward who are with you and they think they are less valuable.
  • Do not use your cell phones while in the hospitals as your cell phone conversation can irritate the patients around you or affect their time of resting. Moreover, the electromagnetic waves of cell phones can interrupt the smooth functioning of various devices that are there in the hospital.
  • It is not relevant to discuss your issues in public as it directly means that you are disrespecting your privacy and forcing others to hear them so you should avoid discussing your private matters over the phone call.
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