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The Top Four Ways to Promote Any Event

When you’re in the planning stages of your event, it makes sense to keep things under wraps from the public (anticipation can be a very effective tool when used properly).  That being said, you need to have a plan for getting the word out about your event once you’re ready to go on sale.  The simple fact that you’ve nailed down all the details for your event doesn’t mean that attendees will suddenly be interested in buying a ticket- you need to let people know all of the exciting things your event has to offer!

If you’re looking for great ways to promote your event while boosting customer engagement, consider using any of the following tactics.

Email Marketing
Anyone who has hosted or organized an event knows that email is the cornerstone of a good marketing strategy. Emails can be powerful, especially for smaller events or new events that don’t have a built-in following of returning customers.  A well targeted email campaign can be used to raise awareness of your event, boost ticket sales, spread promotions or perks, offer special upgrades, and so much more.

There are plenty of email marketing platforms that have built-in tools for maximizing the effectiveness of your email campaigns such as MailChimp, but you might benefit by finding room in your budget for a digital marketing partner to help with things like content design, targeting, tracking, and performance analysis.

Mobile App
Event apps are typically used on-site at your event, but they can also be utilized before your event to generate buzz and pre-event sales. Encouraging potential attendees to download your event-app ahead of time will increase engagement, gets them excited for what’s to come,  and will allow potential customers to view a detailed, interactive breakdown of your event before they purchase a ticket. Depending on the app provider you choose, there are also ways to incentivize in-app purchases prior to your event (such as ticket upgrades or special packages).

Live Streaming
Live streaming aspects of your event can help attract customers that are on the fence about attending. Facebook and Instagram have built-in live streaming options but you can also utilize streaming-focused platforms such as Twitch and UStream.

Encouraging ticket buyers and potential purchasers to view a live stream of your event setup, sound checks, and other exciting pre-event activities is a great and relatively low-cost way to create excitement around your event. Be sure to also live-stream during the event itself to capitalize on event FOMO (fear of missing out) to get those last-minute ticket buyers locked it!

Partner with Influencers
Influencers are individuals with a large following on social media who leverage their popularity to promote events and products (think of it as a type of sponsorship or partnership). They typically have a central focus (such as fitness, design, live music, fashion, etc.) so finding an influencer who’s beliefs and interest align with your event can be a very powerful way to spread awareness of your event. The right influencers can leverage their built-in following to reach people who may already be interested in the type of event you’re hosting but who may have been left out of your target audience.

The beauty of event marketing is that there isn’t one right way to promote your event. If there are any platforms, apps, or online forums that are specific to your type of event, look into ways you can leverage these industry-specific channels to spread awareness of your event. Diversifying your approach is always best, so don’t be afraid to take a trial and error approach when it comes to exploring new, innovative ways to promote your event!

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