The Top 5 Event Technology Trends for 2020

It’s no secret that some of the most successful events are tech-driven. Event technology has grown at a rapid pace over the last few years, and this trend has no indication of slowing down in 2019. Whether you’re looking to add new features to your event, upgrade your existing event tech, or are seeking better ways to boost engagement at your event, there are options out there at every price level that can help you meet any goal.

Here are the top 5 trends in event-tech that you may want to consider for your 2020 events.

  1. Augmented Reality

Virtual reality (VR) has generated a lot of buzz within the events industry, but rolling out an entire virtual reality setup can be costly for small and medium sized events. If you don’t have the budget or creative staff needed to create an engaging, on-site virtual reality experience, consider using Augmented Reality instead.

Augmented reality (AR) allows you to provide a fun, engaging experience through hardware that’s accessible and familiar to your attendees. Rather than closing off an experience to a VR headset that may be foreign or uncomfortable for some attendees, AR utilizes smartphones and tablets to display an augmented view of the world around them. A great example of this is the infamous Pokemon Go app where users could hunt for Pokemon and interact with other users in their surroundings. From scavenger hunts to exhibitor promotions, AR takes gamification and engagement to the next level without the outrageous upfront cost. If your event attendees are already used to using an event app, adding an AR feature might be a well-received addition to your event tech for 2020.

  1. Mobile Event Apps

As 2020 approaches, you can rest assured that your event attendees are comfortable using apps. The concept of an app isn’t as foreign as it once was and even the least tech savvy of your audience can probably download an app with little issue.

Event Technology

Event apps are a great way to list your event info, schedules, performer information, exclusive on-site events, and amenity locations in one place. Their flexibility gives you the power to use the tools your event needs to succeed and allows you to ditch the features you don’t, making them a perfect fit for almost any type of event. Going with the point above, event apps can also integrate seamlessly with augmented reality to further engage your attendees.

  1. RFID

Wearable tech has been around for years and, because of its prevalence, consumers have little resistance when wearable tech is an integral part of an event. Radio frequency identification (or RFID) is a big part of the wearable tech trend and can significantly impact how you run your events.

RFID can act as an integral part of checking in attendees, mapping individuals as they wander your venue, enable them to interact with certain exhibits, or even grant access to special areas within your venue. By implementing an RFID solution for just one aspect of your event (ie: access control), you can significantly cut down on your day-of staff or reallocate your staff into more engaging roles at your event venue. Using wearable tech also gives your event a sense of clout, giving your attendees clear proof that your finger is on the pulse of today’s event tech.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is popping up in every industry imaginable. While we’re not at the point where you can fully staff your event with AI powered robots, AI can certainly play a key role in the run up to your event.

Artificial Intelligence

Chatbots powered by AI can integrate within your event app and on your event website. Chatbots help boost engagement with attendees and provide immediate answers to general questions about your event. This can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend in correspondence with your attendees, allowing you to focus on your communication with event sponsors and answer highly specific questions as they pop up. Just think, the less tasks you have to manage, the more time you have to focus on improving your event.

  1. Mobile Charging

Tabletop branded phone charging station on table surfaceWith all of this event tech, it’s important that you give your attendees a way to recharge! Only second to fast, reliable WiFi, having a convenient way to charge mobile devices is one of the top amenities event attendees crave.

Charging stations come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to match the branding of your event. Whether you’re looking for something flashy and eye catching to increase foot traffic, something sleek that will blend seamlessly with your event décor, or an option where attendees can safely store their phones, there’s an option for every event. If you’re considering upping your event tech game for 2019, make sure to incorporate some mobile charging stations, charging tables, or charge locker stations to round out your event tech lineup.

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