Microsofts Pants Will Charge Your Cell Phone

Microsoft Mobile partnered with British designer Adrien Sauvage to design a pair of pants with electromagnetic induction charging plates in the pockets. They will be shortly available on Amazon, but the price is a steep $340.

Says Microsoft Mobile UK marketing director Adam Johnson,

“We’re passionate about having experiences that aren’t reliant on a mobile phone…Technology is moving away from just having a standard mobile phone device but also we want to create technology that you want to use and wearables should be. We’re working with people who ultimately, their job is to design beautiful, stylish products and working directly with them to really integrate technology in a useful and meaningful way that doesn’t detract from it being something you genuinely want to wear.”

Johnson hit the nail on the head as he mentioned integrating technology in a meaningful way without detracting from its usefulness. At InCharged, we pride ourselves on providing sleek cell phone charging stations that not only offer a valuable service for your customers, but lend an elegant opportunity for branding. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help you offer cell phone charging stations at your place of business, event, or venue!

The growing trend of wireless charging stations 

The power stations that have been introduced recently and are progressively used for charging mobile phones have replaced the traditional anode in lithium-ion batteries with titanium dioxide gel. The main use of Titanium Dioxide can be found in the making of sunscreen. It is safe to use and can be easily found in soil. The gel has an incredible capacity to speed up the chemical reaction for charging phones and ensure that the speed of charging is fast which is suitable for use in power stations in public places where people would want to charge their phone batteries quickly.

The gel increases the shelf life of the batteries and makes them perform much better than the ones that contain lithium-ion. These batteries have started to be used in large numbers due to the following reasons: One, they have a good shelf life, and second, they have tremendously led to toxic waste reduction which is caused due disposing of the dead batteries in the open. The latest wireless charging technology has proven to be effective when it comes to manufacturing as you just need to replace the gel in the batteries without making heavy changes in the equipment and procedure.

Another invention is the use of electromagnetic field and inductive coupling to send charge between two points. These chargers make use of induction coil which is used to create an electromagnetic field. Second coil that is used in the mobile devices takes up energy from the electromagnetic field and converts it back to the electric current which is used to charge battery. Phones that can take up 15W power will be able to use this technology.

What makes the wireless technology highly effective?

The phone charging stations are highly popular as they provide charging facilities for several devices such as phones, tablets, and other devices as well. They are easy to use and are highly desirable for people who wish to charge their phone instantly. There is a growing trend among the service providers as they have started venturing into this technology in order to provide convenience to people wherever they go. Some of the biggest advantages of using these charging stations are listed below: 

Simple and easy to use: These stations are extremely easy to use. The stations just need to be installed, and it would easy to charge the devices instantly without any further complex process.

Accessible in all aspects: The charging stations have become highly advanced, and there is a wide range of similar solutions that are available for the public to use. The stations are highly accessible, and you do not need to depend on asking for help if you forgot to carry your charger. 

Fast Charging Capabilities: People can easily access the fast charging capabilities, and they would not need to wait for long hours to charge the battery to the fullest in case it gets drained.

Low cost charging: As the charging happens fast you will be able to save money and time at the same time.

Multiple designs: The wireless chargers are available in table-top designs, small boxes, and even in the form of induction plates which can be installed anywhere and can be taken anywhere.

How can Charging Stations Prove Useful for Businesses?

Charging stations are considered to the future technology and are counted among the sustainable inventions. Here are different types of charging stations useful for businesses: 

1) Good way to engage with users

Phones happen to be the best entity to engage with clients, and if someone wants to send an important e-mail or access the web in urgency then at that time, your dead phone might create huge problems. Keep a charging station at your workplace would help in engaging with the clients who might be there to seek your services. Moreover, this would also help in engaging the employees with the customers more effectively and leave their phone attended on the charging station.

2) Exponential boost in sales

Customer engagement can help in boosting sales to a great extent, and there are chances that they would spend more on your services if you are able to provide them value.  Keeping the customers invested would help in increasing sales exponentially. 

3) Customers would want to come back to your venue

Giving your audiences an additional facility such as charging stations for their convenience, would surely want them to come back to you for services again and again. In case you are unable to fulfill their demands they might be least interested in taking your services.

4) Improved Customer Experience & Loyalty

By providing special services to customers, you will see a change in their attitude. They will start becoming loyal to your brand if you make them feel special and provide them with services for their convenience. You should be willing to care for your customers and provide them with something extra so that they would want to respond you back. 

5) You will get competitive advantage

Charging stations are an effective solution for attracting customers. These would also help the businesses to overcome competitive advantage and help in improving your business to a great extent.

6) They are made to solve a business problem

The charging stations help in reducing battery anxiety when the phone discharges and have something that would support their phone from becoming dead. People often look for businesses to solve such problems, and if as a business, you are able to provide them such help, it would surely benefit you to a great extent.

7) The stations can be installed anywhere

The stations can be installed anywhere such as a mall, park, corporate parks, residential complexes, and so on. The kiosks will work as a product service and would solve a lot of issues that are faced by the people in common.

Types of Charging Stations Provided by Us

Inflex has developed multiple varieties of charging station models which are efficient and can be installed anywhere. Read more to know more about the products that are offered by us:

Flex charging station

These stations are equipped with 20” HD screen, audio facilities, and LED that get illuminated when the phone is put on the charging. This model is ideal to be used in a workspace and you can load customer data into it based on the usage. It can also be connected to Wi-fi and has USB port as well. The table has an urban design and you can install it in any décor theme and it would stand out automatically. The station comes with 24 charging tips that come with one kiosk which makes it easy for multiple people to charge the phones at the same time.

Charging Table

This model of the charging table comes with A/C outlets and twelve industrial cables which can be used to charge both phones and tablets. The top of the table is resistant to scratches and is safe to use. It is highly convenient for the users and comes with varied settings. 

Glass Charging Power Table

The Glass Charging Power Table has multiple USB ports, industrial cables, and A/C outlets. It can be used to charge the tablets and smartphones both. The top of the table has a tempered glass and there are multiple settings which can be used as per convenience. 

6 chamber locker station

The station consists of six chambers where the users can put the phone in locker while it is charging. The station is perfect to use in the corporate as well public places and will make the users feel safe due to the lockers.  The payment after charging can be made through an encrypted card when you are using it. These stations will be perfect to use during events and trade shows.

8 chamber locker station

This station comes with eight chambers and has the smartphones that are available today.  It has more holding capacity and comes with payment features as well.

Power Method

If you are looking for an affordable, lightweight and sturdy charging station then this station is an excellent choice. The station comes with eight A/C outlets and ten cables. It is a free standing unit and comes in several models and well-mounted versions as well. It can be installed in multiple venues. Another version of this station is the Power Method Plus which is additional features to this version.


If you want something that that would suit the aesthetic of your venue, then we have the Inbox station which is available in multiple designs such as table-top, wall mounted, flat surface and has the capacity to charge eight phones at a time. The size of the Inbox station is small which makes it to carry anywhere and adjust easily. 


Powerbox offers faster phone charging and its design is available in flat and table-top versions. Although it is small in size, it has great capabilities and features when it comes to wireless charging. As the size is small, it can be carried anywhere easily. 

The wireless technology is surely one of the future inventions which is going to survive the test of time.  The electromagnetic induction plates that are been introduced in the jeans are a completely new innovation although they are costly and might not be accessible to the general public in usual. However, such an innovation will lead to further advancements in the wireless technology and make the lives of people better and the benefit the environment on whole. It is evident that wireless technology will surely prove to be effective in the long run and there are bound to be several other inventions further on.

Source: Forbes

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