InCharged Cell Phone Charging Stations at 2014 Governor’s Ball

When there is a favorable sunlight, fresh air, and new music, it’s the signs of festival season. If you are going to host the festival, what could be better than an outdoor event charging station for the beautiful people, and open fields? After all, the attendees of the festivals will surely want to share their moments in the festivals. However, it is only possible if they will not run out of their batteries, and it is only possible if there are reliable charging spots. Here are the main reasons that you should have a charging station at festivals:

  • Brand facing – All of InCharged mobile charging stations are fully customizable, which means you can show your brand’s logo in a way that will make people to recall your brand later on. It is a great way with which you can gain the attention of the customers, and enhance their engagement.
  • Interactivity – Due to the display screens on the charging stations, it becomes easier for you to interact with the public by displaying the images or videos on the screen. With the more interactivity people prefer to attend your festival even more.
  • Gain customers – Charging stations are essential to remove the growing battery loss anxiety that most of us suffer when we run out of batteries. It not only provides power to Smartphone or tablets, but they use them to gain more customers, retain them, and improve revenue. Moreover, if you will have a Smartphone at your event, there are more chances that the customers will stay, and contribute more to the festivals.

Things to consider while choosing the suitable cell phone charging stations

If you are thinking to incorporate cell phone charging stations at your event or festival, you need to consider some of the essential things:

Make sure it should be durable – The most essential thing that you need to consider is the durability of the charging stations as if the charging stations will be of low quality there are chances of easy breakdown. As you are using them for events, make sure that they should be capable enough to fulfill your needs effectively.

They should provide security to your cell phones – Security is always an issue for the people going to charge their mobiles in public places, or who are leaving their phones behind. However, you can get rid of such a situation if there are charging stations with lockers as they can protect your phones from theft, or unnecessary losses. 

Check the compatibility – You must check that charging stations are compatible with both Android and iOS devices and it needs to be checked before you choose them. Charging stations that provide wiring for the charging stations fits perfectly to any event or festival, as multiple devices can be charged at the same point.

Phone chargers for festivals and trade show branded

Outdoor Event Charging Stations

Best Location – You should determine the location where you can place your charging station at your event, where you think there will be more traffic. You may want to know the exact location and the kind of space where you can place them. It helps to determine the location so that you can get an idea for the size of the charging station that you are thinking to incorporate. No doubt you need to incorporate more than one charging station if you are hosting the event so make sure to choose the one from which you can get the best ROI.

The number of cables or slots – The number of slots on various charging stations also varies according to their size, and shape. You should choose the charging stations that are reliable for both Android as well as iOS with suitable cables that can take the charging station service to the new level. The cell phone charging stations with maximum cables means you can serve more customers by keeping their interest in the place. 

Close up of multiple phone charging cords

Cell Phone Charging Stations 

Types of charging stations – There are various types of charging stations that you choose to incorporate at your event or festival. Besides, it is up to you to decide the style and design of the charging stations that want to place in your event. Moreover, you can choose the tabletop stations that look stylish mainly in the events or festivals, and guests prefer to stand near the tables while charging their cell phones.

  • Flex – The Flex mobile charging stations are available with HD screen, suitable audio, and high-quality LEDs that have 12 charging tips to charge the devices. These are the choices of most of the audiences due to its last-minute charging features with a hidden USB port. You can use these cell phone charging stations for the events or festivals, and these are available in various configurations to fit any space.
  • PowerMethod – It is the most powerful cell phone charging station that has features of a sturdy yet lightweight base. It can charge up to 18 phones or devices with its 10 USB ports. If you are looking for a better way with which you can increase the engagement of the attendees in the event or trade show, then it is a great way with which you can do so. These are lightweight and free-standing and take only five minutes to assemble and strike effectively. Moreover, PowerMethod is a great way to save budget while serving your customers efficiently.
  • InBox – With InBox you can turn any of your space into a mobile charging station due to its portable and lightweight features. It can support Apple to Android devices, and withstand with any event that you throw due to its built-in design of aluminum. It is the perfect option for those who need fast as well as most efficient cell phone charging solutions by taking very little space, and can be mounted on a wall, tabletop or bottom.
  • PowerBox – Whether you are going to host a multi-day festival or a single day, the compact tabletop wireless charger stations that are battery-powered are the perfect solution that you can choose. These chargers last longer and can be recharged overnight due to which these are a great option for your events. Our portable battery-operated charging stations have 8 USB built-in ports that can charge any device ranging from Apple to Android.
  • 6 Chamber Locker – Give your audience a sense of security with the mobile charging lockers that will keep their devices safe and secure from theft or losses. These devices are available with 3 cables in each chamber that can charge different devices from Android to iOS. All the locker units feature a touch screen with interactive displays that provide instructions on the screen, suitable content, and the access to the system setting for advanced configuration as needed. 
  • Glass power Charging table – By choosing the glass power charging table, you can create the perfect conversation starter that comes equipped with 9 Smartphone charging cables, allowing multiple devices to recharge simultaneously. All you need is to plug the charging table into the standard outlet and you are all set to charge effectively.
  • Charging tables – At events, everyone looks for the place where they can stand, so why not to prefer the standing tables that look stylish as well as will charge the phones effectively. It has 12 Smartphone charging cables that can charge up to 18 devices simultaneously. All you need to do is to plug the charging table into the standard outlet and your device will be ready to charge.

Why do you need to incorporate the charging stations at the festivals?

Incorporating a charging station for an event has many benefits for you as well as attendees, as it enhances the engagement as well as interaction. A charging station is a great way with which you can show your attendees that you care about them by keeping their phones charged during the events. You can make use of the most popular charging stations for your festivals with which you can get the most out of your organized events. 

Locking charging kiosk for phones close up open door

Mobile Phone Charging Station

  • Show your care for the attendees – If you have a cell phone charging stations at the events with a longer time frame, you can show your care for the attendees and their well-being. In case, your event is longer than a few hours then there are more chances that the batteries of the attendees will drain, but you can get rid of such a situation with a suitable charging device. The charging stations can be the perfect solution for the attendees due to their lockers that can provide a safe and secure environment for the attendees to leave their cell-phone while enjoying the events. 
  • Keep your attendees’ phones charged for the event awareness – Nowadays, everyone keeps their cell phones charged, and carries them everywhere they go, and use them for texting, calling, sending emails, taking pictures & videos, and much more. With the dead batteries, they will not be able to take pictures, make videos, or post them on social media, due to which they will not be able to share their experience with other people.
  • Extra benefit of brand awareness – If you are incorporating the charging stations in your event, these are a great way to gain maximum benefits for you as well as for your attendees. Charging stations can add extra elements of branding to the festivals as these can be fully wrapped with branding which you can customize with the logos or brand.
  • Build engagement and customer loyalty – You must be aware that likes and engagement is not enough to build customer loyalty, it is more about engagement. With phone charging station you can gain their interest as well as engagement, they will participate in your event while charging their phones.

If you want to take greater advantage of the cell phone charging stations, then you can place them in the high foot traffic areas that are mainly near the registration desks or stages. By providing the recharge features, you can gain the maximum customers with their efficient engagement in the event.

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