Keeping Event Attendees Safe through Cell Phone Charging

Cellphones are arguably the easiest and most direct way to get in touch with anyone. With the overwhelming majority of people keeping their cell phone in their pocket or bag at all times, a cell phone can more or less be a person’s lifeline or only channel of communication.

As we saw with the bombing outside of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, getting in touch with family members or loved ones after an event can be crucial for both your peace of mind and their safety. For example, may concert goers were able to arrange a place safely way from the venue to meet up with friends, family members, or their ride home via calls and text. In addition, many posted that they were safe on social media as soon as they had safely exited the venue, which certainly led to a sigh of relief for many anxious people waiting to hear from concert goers.

Had their cell phones not been charged, who knows how they would’ve navigated the unfolding chaos, communicated that they were safe, and arranged for a way to return home.

While the concert bombing was an unnecessary and unfortunate attack, it serves as a reminder that keeping event attendees’ cell phones charged can be the difference between safety and immediate danger. Even if there is no direct danger to attendees, giving them a way to communicate with both other attendees and individuals not at the event gives them a way to get a message out if needed or stay updated on anything happening at the event venue.

Another glaring example of cell phones keeping event attendees safe are the countless videos, images, and posts created by Fyre Festival attendees in real time. As more and more festival attendees arrived on the island of Great Exuma in the Bahamas, they shared their inexplicably lackluster and disappointing experiences with other festival goers and the world at large. As more and more people began to post, it became shockingly clear that the Fyre festival had completely flopped and that these festival goers had been swindled.

Without the light on their cell phones to help them navigate the unlit “campgrounds” (gravel pits) at night, many festival goers could have had their belongings stolen or could have potentially gotten injured amongst the chaos. And remember, booking a flight back from the Bahamas becomes increasingly difficult if your cell phone is dead!

If major catastrophes won’t convince you, consider an all too common problem for event attendees everywhere- getting home after a night of fun. They’ve gone out, enjoyed your event (and the bar at the venue) but aren’t in a state where they can drive home. Some venues will help arrange transportation for inebriated guests, but getting yourself home can be a nightmare without your phone. Keeping your attendees’ phones charged gives them the ability to order a ridesharing service, taxi, or contact friends or family to pick them up. By providing charging stations, you’ve saved them a potential night in the drunk-tank, a DUI, or worse.

If safety is your #1 priority, a charging station is the best way to put the power in your event guests’ hands- literally!

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