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Regardless of the harsh weather, or any other difficulties, festivals can attract various people and mobile phone battery is the most valuable thing when it comes to the festival life. Besides, the attendees will attend the event with the motive to enjoy the weekend in a better way, and in such a moment supplying them with a simple charging solution can keep their interest as well as enhance their engagement. If you want to help your attendees to keep their interest in the event then Uber charging stations are the ideal choice that you can prefer.

Why should you have more cell phone charging stations at your outdoor music festival?

Among the biggest obstacles that music festivals face today is the supply of power, even if it is an urban music festival, finding the outlets and power supplies for the endless amount of demand is always an issue. From lighting to electronic displays, and a lot more is vital at the outdoor music festivals. Additionally, it is essential to have the cell phone charging stations at the music festivals, as attendees need to charge their phones just like they need food or beverages. The following are the reasons depicting that having the cell phone charging stations enhances the experience of the attendees, as well as result in higher ROI.

  • Having a charging station keeps your attendees satisfied and care-free mainly in the high-traffic areas such as near the stages, in the camping areas, and dining areas. The more phone charging stations for Uber would be there, the more reliable the results you will get.
  • Being the essential tools that you can use for marketing purposes, cell phone charging stations are an ideal choice for the music festivals. Besides, the staffs, attendees, or fans attending the festivals prefer to take photos, and share them on their social sites, which make it accessible for other people to enjoy your festivals without being there, resulting in gaining more leads.
  • If you want to avoid the long lines for outlets and the frustrating dead cell phone situations, you can consider the cell phone charging stations with lockers, as it provides a sense of security to the people to leave their cell phones safely while it is charging. No doubt, everyone uses cell phones to communicate, chat, share photos or videos, due to which they run out of their batteries. In such situations, having a cell phone charging stations can save their batteries to enjoy the moments.
  • If you want to keep your attendees at the event, then the Uber charging stations are a great way with which you can gain their interest and engagement. More often, when the attendees run out of their batteries, they prefer to leave the event immediately as they lose their interest due to a dead battery, so at that time phone charging stations are a great way that can keep your attendees there for longer.

HD Monitor on Digital Signage Player charging station inside trade show booth at event

Cell Phone Charging Station 

How can you improve the engagement of attendees to your festival?

Music festivals are often the big events that go on long hours, with various people enjoying their weekends. Doing such things, they often run out of their batteries, and they start losing their interest but having a phone charging stations for Uber can prevent such situations. Here are some reasons depicting the need of having the charging stations for your next event:

  • Increase foot traffic to your booth – Running out of battery makes people more worries, and if you run out of your batteries at the crucial moment then it will cause more stress than running late for the new job or an event. However, if you have incorporated the phone charging stations at your festival then they will more likely focus solely on your event while charging their phones.
  • Enhances the engagement of the customers and leads – If the attendees are using your charging stations then it is a great way with which you can promote your brand, product, or service to the people. Since you are providing the services to charge their phones, they will show more interest in the promotion.
  • Brand development or awareness – Incorporating a phone charging station at the trade show is a great way with which you can market your brand as if there is a brand on your kiosk then it will catch the attention of everyone and make them remember it. It is the most reliable and cost-efficient method that allows your name to be there with very little effort and more brand visibility.

Man leading on a branded event charging station at a private festival

Cell Phone Charging Station at Music Festival

What are the different types of phone charging stations relevant for festivals?

There are various types of phone charging stations that you can incorporate in your festivals, and some of them are as follows:

  • 8 Chamber lockers – If you are attending the festival and run out of battery, but you don’t have time to monitor your phone while charging, then you can get your phone charged with a smart locker. It keeps your phone safe and secure with the built-in aluminum chamber that prevents theft or losses. The eight chamber locker with three cables supports Apple, Android, and various other devices, and is a great way that you can use for your events.
  • PowerMethod Plus – If you have a better-charging station for your event then there will be better engagement of the attendees, so make sure that they should be of the highest quality. The dynamic designs of PowerMethod Plus fit the needs effectively, and the LED lighting matches to the environment perfectly that fulfills the needs of the attendees. PowerMethod Plus is lightweight and easier to set up that is built by the event marketers for events and can charge up to eight devices with the charging ports.
  • PowerMethod – It is available in various designs, and you can choose the most preferable according to your needs and it can be single-sided, multiple tabletop versions, and even wall-mounted. You can take advantage of the charging technology with the PowerMethod model that is lightweight and can charge up to 18 phones or devices with 10 USB ports.
  • Glass Power Table – These are the charging stations for what most of the attendees look for, during the festivals. It has 12 charging ports and is an ideal choice for the events due to its stylish design. These tabletops are strong, and durable, which makes it comfortable for standing or sitting, and the LED lights add a beautiful touch that enhances the look of the table.
  • Flex – It is among the most preferable charging stations and takes very little time to assemble and strike. These charging stations are the ideal options that you can use for branding and are available in different designs. Mainly, these stations support various Apple and Android devices, providing safe and quick recharge. The features of such a mobile charging station ensure the charging tips remain up to date with the charging cell phone kiosk technology. 

How to pick the correct charging stations for your events?

Whether your festivals have hundreds or thousands of attendees, incorporating a charging station is always a preferable idea that can meet your needs and budget. However, when you need to pick the right charging station, there are various options that you can choose depending on your space and plans which include portable, table-top, wireless and many more charging stations. If you are going to choose the right charging stations for your events, then you should consider the one with lockers that keeps the attendees stress-free while charging their phones, as it prevents the huge chances of theft or losses. Moreover, charging stations with lockers catches a lot of eyes, and provide the opportunity to the event planners for branding their event. 

Close up of man using dead phone charging at Uber lounge during Coachella music festival

Uber Charging Stations

Most of the phone charging stations for Uber has a display screen where the event sponsors can promote their videos, brands, or images. So, while incorporating the phone charging station make sure to choose the one that is compatible and has reliable charging tables. If you want to take advantage of phone charging stations, then you should prefer to place them in the areas with high foot traffic that are mainly near the stages.

When you begin to choose the correct phone charging station, you need to:

  • Evaluate your space where you are going to host the festival.
  • Know your audience that are going to attend your festival.
  • Consider your brand you want to promote.

Evaluation of space – Depending on the size of the location where you are going to host the festival, the type of phone charging station varies. If there is a small festival then you can choose the portable charging stations, as you can place it near your stage where there will be more customers. However, if you are going to host a huge festival then you should choose the phone charging stations with lockers or tables as these are the best suitable for such events.

Know your customers – It is essential to have the charging stations at your festivals, as most of the people prefer to take pictures and make videos of the event that is going on, but with a dead phone it is not at all possible. These pictures or videos can become unpaid advertisements, so make sure that you should incorporate the charging stations. Mainly, phones are the essential things that people carry along with them, but they often forget their chargers, and their batteries drain during the events then they can withdraw their interest. However, you should have reliable arrangements for your customers to enhance their engagement by keeping them fully satisfied and stress-free.

Consider your brand – Most of the phone charging stations comes with a display screen that makes it convenient to promote your brand through images, videos, logos, or colors. However, the Uber charging stations can drive a lot of traffic, and these are a great way to enhance your branding effectively and efficiently.


Incorporating the charging station results in providing benefits to the events planners, and the attendees due to the maximum usage of mobile phones, and it makes the engagement easier as well as memorable. A charging station does the same thing and shows your care for the attendees while keeping their phones charged to enhance their engagement in the events. If you utilize these most popular event trends, then you will gain reliable success during your next event.

If you place the Uber charging stations at your festival, especially the events with a longer time frame, you can show your care for the attendees, and their well-being. However, in the longer hour events, there are more chances that the battery will drain, and it can withdraw their interest from the festivals, resulting in a lack of outlets. The installation of charging stations can prevent the situation, as it needs only one plug outlet and can charge various devices at a time. You can install a map of your event to locate the charging stations so that the attendees can visit the areas easily.

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