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Is Cleaning A Movie Theater Is A Challenging Task?

Cleaning the movie theater is the most daunting, challenging task. The managers of the theater face more pressure to maintain the sanitary and cleaning facility. A large amount of public continually comes and goes. If the cleaning is not supported, especially after or during COVID-19, then theater will lose customers and profits. 

For the maintenance of the healthy ambiance of the movie theater, the management mostly hires the janitorial services. Many studies have been proved that contacting janitorial service for movie theater cleaning services improves profits. 

theatre sanitizing
Cleaning Movie Theater Chairs

The movie theater covers many bacteria, germs, and other pathogens, regardless of size or quality. The reasons behind the microorganisms are:

  • The high footfall of the public
  • The lack of time to properly disinfect the equipment present in the movie theater on a regular basis.

These reasons filthy the area which make anybody sick. Many industries recommend and upload their safety checklist not to touch anything and avoid consuming any food items sold even at a concession stand.  Everybody talks about hygiene, but no industry mention anything about profit margin, healthy growth, and longevity. In the current scenario, the movie theater carries a massive portion of the market share.

Unfortunately, if the proper cleaning and hygiene are not set up, then it can lead to a decline in the customer base and downfall in profits to maintain the volume of foot traffic LuxUVC a janitorial company provides you well-experienced cleaning crew. 

The availability of tools and cleaning product with untrained cleaning crew will put a negative impact on the productivity and profits of theaters in the number of ways, including:

  • Poor publicity
  • Chronically ill employees
  • High levels of job dissatisfaction
  • A lack of employee engagement
  • High employee turnover
  • Upset customers

Which Theater Areas To Approach First For Cleaning?

Hiring the experienced custodial team has always been an ideal option because they have specialized equipment and staff training. They thoroughly clean your top-to-bottom cleaning requirements at a minimal cost along with safe storage that is compulsory for placing the product. They have excellent knowledge about the cleaning as to which area need priority or have a high volume of foot traffic.

1. Passageway and Flooring

There have been so many studies had taken place, which shows that theater floors tend to be covered with feces and other contamination. The floor and walkway must be cleaned multiple times, if not possible, before and after closing. The tiles and hard floors in the washrooms and concession area should be moped at the opening and closing of theater and professionally scrubbed weekly. You can also make use of Clorox disinfecting spray or other Clorox clean up.

Vacuum the walkway mats and carpets regularly, and have steamed cleaning at least ones in a month according to the weather and foot traffic.

store cleaning
Cleaning Concession Counters

2. Washrooms

The restrooms have the chance to be understocked and filthy with toilet papers/products or soap, and an unpleasant smell, which can harm your business. Ones the customer left, never return back, and word of mouth is another negative experience through social media or online reviews site.

Paying attention to the soap, toilet paper/product, and floor simultaneously take care of toilet seats, as they don’t have any clogs or blockages, mirrors, sinks, counters, and fixtures before opening and after closing. Check these accessories on a regular basis throughout the day/evening, 

And weekly clean the walls and stalls of the restrooms for that you can use the Clorox disinfecting spray cleaning product.

3. Concession Zone

The concession area at theater faces the same challenges that are faced by the fast-food establishment. Wherever the food is prepared, there will be bacteria and germs. Along with top, food-handling employees, safety is also a greater concern for the management, public, and theater owners. 

Dangerous germs can be passed through ingestion during eating, so wipe off all the utensils with Clorox clean up wipes before putting anything in plate. Maintaining hand hygiene is foremost for concession workers to avoid this virus. 

Clean the food preparation utensils, counters, and area after that disinfect. Be careful and well-maintained the concession area till the time theater is open and ones in a month cleaned and sanitized the entire area.

4. Chairs And Auditorium

Cleaning the auditorium and chairs itself the biggest challenge. The cleaning staff has to tackle the spills on the floor immediately; otherwise, it can create a slippery and sticky surface for customers while exiting from the hall. These sticky surfaces can destroy your soiled carpets, candy, and popcorn decontaminates the auditorium’s floor.

Take care of cupholders, armrests, and chairs because they are covered with feces matter, E.coil, staph, bacteria, and germs as the theater have a large number of seats where regular cleaning is not possible for staff. So two times in a week wipe down, wash, and then disinfect as per the material of the chair and cupholder with Clorox disinfecting spray appliance.

5. Foul Odors

The garbage should be unloaded at the end of the day; otherwise, the rancid smell will originate. The in-depth cleaning and disinfection you can schedule in a week. Bad odor can come from the dampness of any stuff in the kitchen area, clogs, or blockage in the bathroom. So this is the responsibility of the cleaning staff to check the facilities for issues.

The foul odors can also come from the unsanitary soda fountains, and burnt grease that degrades the importance of regular cleaning and maintenance.

mess in theatre
After Party Cleaning

Many cleaning products, along with the air toxic, come to avoid making people sick. Like Clorox clean up solution can be combined with other chemicals and occupied the whole building for better smell. The simplest way to remove the bad smell is to have a adequate ventilation after the use of toxic chemical cleaning products.

6. Cross-Contamination

There are some of the embarrassing situations for a business when their unsatisfied customer gives an unfavorable report.  Many cleaning crews use the same towels to clean the concession counter and bathroom or use the theater mop that was used for restrooms. These kinds of cleaning transfer the bacteria, germs which can make customers, management sick.

To avoid this mistake, use the color-coded microfiber cloth or towel and make use of two buckets. Always initiate your cleaning from the most contaminated part, like from top to bottom.  

Ways To Prepare The Theater Cleaning Checklist

1. Exteriors & Entrances

  • Empty the rubbish bins.
  • Sweep and mop the floor & walkways, landings & steps.
  • Collect the trash and dispose of 

2. Box Office & Interior Entrances

  • With Clorox clean up wipe, scrub each window.
  • Empty and refill trash cans
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor several times a day
  • Polish the glass window and counters
  • Sanitize the touchpoints of customers

3. Theater Lobby

  • Scrub the floors and vacuum the carpets
  • After few months steam clean the carpets
  • Mop the kickplates and doors
  • With the stain removal kit, remove the tough stains from the carpets.
  • Dust of the baseboards, light fixtures, and frames in a week.

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