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How To Have a Spotless Condo: Cleaning & Disinfecting

It’s an unmatched feeling to have a spotless, clutter-free, and fresh home when you come from outside! Clothes on the sofa or trash lying on the floor not only destroy your mood but also injure you.  If you have a space issue; for example, you are the owner of the Condon and regular cleaning is your primary issue, you can then hire the janitorial service for in-depth cleaning. They are the professionals and have innovative tools and cleaning products like handheld UV light. This cleaning product is used to clean the surfaces, and handheld UVC germ eliminating light is used to kill germs, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

room cleaning
Professional Cleaning Service

Many scholars say that the cleaned environment purifies the mind if you know the keys to happiness. Although, with mental state, the clean home also diminish the allergies, risk from specific diseases, and maintain the hygiene inside the house. Cleaning burns you 205 calories in an hour, whereas it also works as medicine by reducing the stress and anxiety by 20 percent. So follow a schedule to keep the space spick-and-span, cleaning the condo is easier because condominiums are mostly sustainable.

Clean Steadily

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Cleaning Of Glass

Whenever you start cleaning the condos, firmly wipe down the stubborn dirt from window shades, blinds, and after that with the help of handheld UV light spray drizzle on the blinds and shades, the dust will not accumulate. Wash the windows with a sponge or with a soft towel and rub the edges. You can also make use of newspaper but make sure after that remove the mildew spots from the window frames. 

Remember that we all buy the expensive condos for the beautiful view. Don’t see that view through a filthy glass window or blinds.

Breeder In The Shower

The shower is considered the breeding ground for the bacteria; the reason behind this is the slime that builds up inside the shower. Many studies have shown that the shower heads contain Mycobacterium avium bugs that give birth to diseases, especially to the lungs.

Don’t clean your shower regularly or weekly, but clean it every month with handheld UVC germ eliminating light. You can scrub the shower nozzles with a toothbrush or do it with your fingers. Dip the shower in white vinegar for a couple of hours while washing off the filter screen to reduce the bacteria.

Disinfect The Ceiling Fan

If you have ceiling fans at your condo that you use often, then dust it off every month. No doubt, the task seems daunting because of blades, height, and different angles. There is a way to clean as LuxUVC suggests; slide open every blade and remove the dust that stays inside. This simple process will prevent you from sinus infections and allergies.

Clean The Upholstery

Condos have more wooden furniture that appeals to eyes to protect them vacuum your furniture regularly, and if you live in a condominium with your pets and kids then repeat this for multiple time. So, next time the dust mites on the sanity, dust it off with vacuum cleaner. Make sure you use a dust brush tool for leather furniture. 

Lamp Light

Lamp lights are widespread in a condominium in various stuff like paper or plastic, nice shade, and whether parchment. But mostly we ignore their cleaning. So, in a month, wash them off if plastic or vacuum them to get proper lighting.

Wipe The Baseboards

During the sweeping or mobbing, some areas are difficult to clean (Hard to reach the surface) and comprise the most dust-like baseboard. Clean the hard-to-reach surface regularly so that they don’t accumulate the dirt. LuxUVC suggests having a soft cloth or dryer sheet and running it along the trim to remove the stain.

Cleaning Of Throw Rags

In the current scenario, condos have throw rags. It is the most common technique design these days. The throw rags, carpet accumulate the dirt as a magnet does. If you have a furry dog or cat as a pet and they like to sleep there, then the stubborn hair gets trap in the rag. Vacuum them regularly and wash them once a month before they give birth to pests and bacteria. You can also buy a slow feeder dog bowl to avoid choking.

Clean And Organize The Closet

Opening the closet multiple times a day is common. To take out the clothes or put in the new clothes, you pile them up, and at the laundry time, when you take the clothes out that everything becomes a mess. Clean and organize clothes, bags, and shoes because of these stuff cause clutter. If you don’t clean it for a couple of months, then it may drive you crazy. For instance, in a hurry, you would not be able to find your shirt, pant, or belt that waste your time.

Clean The Kitchen Area

Almost after office, you may spend time in the kitchen, especially women, and the kitchen is the dirtiest spot in the house. You can clean it with a sponge, but make sure you change the sponges a few months before it becomes the home of bacteria such as salmonella and E-coil. Change the sponge after a month because it is considered a home to the world’s germiest thing. Apart from rinsing, the areas in the kitchen pay attention to the sink also because, after sponge, the sink grabs more fecal bacteria than in the toilet.

Clean The Chopping Board

The chopping board is the tool that everybody ignores in their cleaning checklist. Most even don’t know when last thoroughly clean. Chopping boards are the tool that uses daily for cutting fish and raw meat. Then you usually wash them with simple tap water.

Wash the chopping board daily, but if the chopping board is of wood, then wash it regularly. Sterilize it with baking soda and white vinegar or use the hydrogen peroxide and bleach to remove the bacteria.

Wash the cutting board with the treatment as mentioned above, and make it dirt-free. While following these tips, every corner of the piece of furniture mostly looks new for a year.

What Precautions Should Be Taken While Cleaning The Condos?

  1. If you scrub your condo for in-depth cleaning, then during cleaning, open the windows and breathe the fresh air because it will help you to eradicate the stale odor, which smells awkward to your guests.
  2. For In-depth cleaning, hire experienced professionals like LuxUVC and book the appointment because it’s not easy to find serious cleaners.
cleaning liquid
Preparing The Cleaning Solution

3. If your condo smells distinct, that bout of nostalgia. Clean those areas foremost where you store your clothes, shoe, or boots.

4. Be careful while cleaning the condo bathroom because whenever you spray any disinfector on the floor or surface, that quickly infects your lungs. Many condos have designed interior areas of the unit. Few of them have a window with them. And if your condo bathroom doesn’t have a window, be extra careful that the spray should be appropriately clean and doesn’t infect the lungs. Always start your cleaning with the bathroom and dispose of the trash. Wipe off the base of the toilet. Consider these things during your cleaning, and your condo will be spotless. That protects you from various diseases.

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