iPhone 5 battery life is significantly reduced by iOS 7

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Apple’s iOS 7 debuted today to strong reviews and favorable reception that improves performance significantly, even if the hardware is older. Though reviews indicate that the three-year-old iPhone 4 struggles with the new animations and transitions, but the amazing thing is that the phone takes an absolute wallop in battery life. However, various phones are impacted negatively by the iOS 6 to iOS 7 transitions but you should check the iPhone 5’s battery under Wi-Fi as compared to iOS 6 and iOS 7.

iPhone Battery Life and Performance

Your iPhone is designed to deliver the most effective experience that is simple and easier to use as it is only possible with the combination of advanced technologies and engineering. The most essential technological area is battery and performance as the batteries are a complex technology and various variables contribute to the performance of the battery. 

All the rechargeable batteries have the features of consumables with a limited lifespan due to their capacity and decline in the performance due to which it needs to be replaced. Furthermore, as the batteries age, their performance keeps on changing resulting in declining the life of the batteries that use lithium-ion technology. Mainly the batteries with lithium-ion charge faster lasts longer and has a higher power density for better battery life in a lighter package compared with the older generations of battery technology.

iPhone 5’s Battery

How to maximize battery performance?

Battery life refers to the particular time your device runs before it needs the next recharge, and the battery lifespan refers to the time a battery lasts until it needs to be replaced. The factor that affects battery life and the lifespan depends on your habit of using cell phones, but there are various ways to enhance the lifespan of your batteries.

 The lifespan of the batteries is mainly related to the chemical age that is more than the passage of time, as it includes different factors such as the charge cycles and how you can take care of them. The following are the tips that can maximize the performance of the batteries and helps you to extend the battery life.

Prevent your devices from ambient temperature

Mainly the devices are designed to perform effectively even in the ambient temperature that is the ideal comfort zone, but if it is extremely high then you should avoid such using devices in those temperatures as they can damage your batteries permanently.

 If you are charging your device at a high temperature then they can damage your cell phone batteries badly. However, sometimes the software limits charging above 80% when the temperature of the batteries exceeds, even you should avoid storing your cell phones in the hot temperature. When you use your device in the cold environment, the life of the batteries decreases but it happens temporarily. When the battery temperature becomes normal and returns to its original operating range then it can perform the functions effectively.

Remove the cases while charging

While charging your device inside the cases can generate excess heat that can affect the capacity and battery life. When you notice that your device gets hot when charging, you should take out of the cases first and make sure that the cover of the magnetic charging case is off.

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Battery Life

Store it half-charge while storing it for longer period

If you want to store your device for the long term then you should take care of the overall health of the battery and the factors that affect the lifespan – the environmental temperature and the percentage of the battery when it is powered down for storage.

  • Avoid charging or discharging your phone battery to full and keep it around 50% as if you store the device when fully discharged it affect the battery life badly. However, if you store the fully charged cell phones for a longer period then there are chances that the battery can lose its capacity shorting the battery life.
  • Shut down the device when not in use to avoid additional usage of batteries as it saves you with a reliable battery.
  • Place your device in the cool and moisture-free environment that is less than 32° C to avoid any damages.

iPhone batteries ages chemically

All the batteries are of lithium-ion that becomes less efficient when they chemically age as they are the consumable components whose performance gets affected with time. When these batteries ages chemically, the charge amount starts declining and results in decreasing the recharge time. It is also referred to as the capacity of the battery that is relative when it is new and can deliver the most reliable performance.

 If you want your phone to function properly, the instantaneous power is delivered for the battery’s impedance as if is high it can provide sufficient power to the system. The impedance of the battery increases when the battery ages chemically as it increases temporarily due to the low state of charge and in the cooler environment. However, with the higher chemical age, you will see the increase in the impedance more significantly and these are among the most common characteristics of the battery that are of lithium-ion.

How can you prevent unexpected shutdowns?

During the low battery stages, higher chemical ages, and colder temperatures, users mainly experience unexpected shutdowns and in various situations, these shutdowns occur more frequently due to less reliability and usability of the devices. You can manage the performance of these device temperatures with the battery state of charge and impedance as with these variables, iOS can manage the maximum performance of some of the system components to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

 As the end result, the workload of the devices will self-balance that allows the smoother distribution of the system tasks that need to be done in order rather than performing quickly. In most of the cases, the user notices the difference in the daily performance of the devices as the level of the perceived changes mainly depends on the requirement of the performance management for a particular device.

Cell Phone Charging Stations Are Now More Important Than Ever

Nowadays, various businesses and public places provide the facilities of charging stations to the customers as well as guests. Moreover, these are also available with a locker that is the best area where you can keep your cell phones safely to prevent theft and losses.

Trade show booths

After walking around for several hours and making business relations during the events, people need to charge their cell phones and a courtesy charging kiosk encourage visitors to charge your trade show booth. 

These are not only a great way to get people to check your business but these are also a great way where you can feature promotional messaging. InCharged charging stations have the custom graphic designs that are great to promote the business through its logo and branding. However, various models have an LCD screen that enhances the engagement of the users with your content while charging cell phones. 

Cell phone charging locker with woman using phone - battery icon showing

Cell Phone Charging Stations at Trade Shows

Waiting rooms

Waiting rooms are also a great way to feature the phone re-charging kiosks as whether it is a bank, hospital, or a garage, these fixtures are always a great way to enhance the experience. While waiting in the queues, users can charge their Smartphones appropriately.


The cell phone charging stations makes the customers feel welcome as they encourage them to stay longer and perhaps spend a little more time. Placing the charging stations makes the customers to enjoy their beverage with more patience while waiting for their cell phone to recharge fully.

Transportation Terminals

Airports are among the areas where more users will need to charge their phones and places where you can place your cell phone kiosks. Mainly, people compete to get access to the few available power outlets during their low battery anxiety, but the charging stations can create enough space for everyone to charge their cell phones at once.


Students of every age use smartphones these days and they have various advantages and disadvantages while having a drained battery. Device kiosks are also useful for the classrooms that allow the use of tablets as a learning tool. However, teachers can also store the students’ phones during the tests or when they are not using them.


Phone charging stations are also great for the libraries as the visitors do not use their device while studying or checking for the books so these are the convenient way to store their cell phones. Moreover, these provide a great help to the students who spend long hours on the research reports.

Different charging stations you can use

Flex – The Flex is the choice of everyone available with a 20″ HD screen and 12 charging tips that you need for the last-minute changes. It has a hidden USB port that fits any space whether it is a tabletop or wall-mounted and suits every charging need. If you are looking for the cell phone charging kiosks for your needs then these are the perfect option that suits Apple and Android devices.

PowerMethod – These charging stations are lightweight and free-standing that takes only a few minutes for assembling and striking. These kiosks have 10 charging cables and 8 A/C outlets that can charge various cell phones from Apple to Android due to their compact charging features.

6 Chamber Lockers – These are the smartest cell phone charging lockers that not only charges the cell phones but also provides peace of mind to the audiences. These lockers have 3 charging cables in each chamber that charges up to 2.7a each and supports various devices between Apple devices to Android. These charging stations are the perfect solution for public places as you only need to put them in the aluminum lockers to prevent them from losses or theft.

Charging Tables – These are the great way with which you can gain the attention of the attendees when they are charging their cell phones. These charging stations are equipped with 12 charging ports and 2 A/C outlets that can charge up to 18 devices at once.

 You only need to plug the charging cables into the standard outlets and your devices are all ready to charge. If you are making the seating arrangements in your trade shows or events then these are the perfect choice for catching the interest of the audience while they are charging their cell phones.

Turquoise blue charging table branded close up

Charging Tables for Events

InBox – It is also the secret weapon for the events that can turn any space into the cell phone charging stations due to their portability features. The built-in cords of these stations support various phones from Apple to Android and the perfect option for those who want fast and efficient charging capabilities. No doubt, events are expensive but these are the most affordable way to keep the engagement of the customers.

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