Creating the Best Battery Life Phone

With the advancement in battery technology, our Smartphone is becoming efficient and reliable which lets us perform multi-functions from browsing to download various apps. However, various factors contribute to the poor battery life on your Android phone as with the better screens, faster processor, and speedier internet connections, the portable batteries have grown in popularity. Here are some of the tricks and tips that help to boost your phone’s longevity. 

   Best Battery Life Phones

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Avoid charging all the way up

Most of you leave your cell phones overnight for charging but it affects the batteries of your cell phones because when you leave your cell phones plugged in, it reaches 100 percent then starts diminishing. You will not see any difference in the short term, but after a few years, the lifespan will start shortening with every charge cycle. It is recommended to keep your cell phones between 40 – 80 percent to keep your cell phone battery in better condition for a longer period. 

Turn off the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

The Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options use the maximum battery of your cell phones, so make sure to turn them off when not in use as they can affect the lifespan of your phone batteries. These wireless technologies are the real reasons for drained battery lives so keeping them turn off will enhance the hours of using the cell phones.

Use 2G

If you will switch to the 2G connection instead of 3G or 4G then it can enhance the battery life and prevent your cell phone from draining. While charging your devices you should turn off the mobile data to prevent batteries from faster drain to make it last longer.

Use battery-saving mode and turn off GPS

Nowadays, modern phones have battery saving or low power mode that can dim your screen and severely restricts you from the excess use. Moreover, GPS is used by various apps to find your location but uses a lot more power to make your cell phones dead. If you want your cell phone to stay awake for a longer period, you should turn off all the connectivity when not in use.

Best Battery Life Phone

Turn off GPS

Change your screen settings

Mostly, the cell phone batteries drain quickly due to the screens that are bigger, brighter, and sharper than ever as these consume more power. You should keep the screen brightness low as possible and set the screen timeout up to 30 seconds to save the maximum battery. It would help if you will use the darker screensaver that uses less power than the lighter one.

Turn off the vibration

Vibration is appropriate for various users but it uses more battery than the standard ringtones so make sure to keep it off. You can keep the volume of your cell phones low to conserve the battery or switch off the unwanted alerts that wakes up your cell phone screen continuously. However, you should put your cell phones in silent mode when you are using them or when you are doing your work to save the maximum battery life.

Manually disable screen pixels

If you are not comfortable with the darker screen, you can shut off the pixels with the use of apps that can employ various available grid patterns to quickly deactivate half of the pixels. It saves the maximum battery life, enhancing the time of its usage and leaving you out of the low battery anxiety.

Avoid discharging cycles and overcharging of the battery

The deep discharging cycles minimize the battery lifespan as a fully discharged battery uses more current than usual causing overheating of the internal cell of the battery. You should charge your cell phones immediately when it about 20% so that the current can charge the batteries more safely. Furthermore, you should remove the charger after charging your cell phones fully but avoid charging up to 100% as it can shorten the life of the batteries.

Use correct charger for your battery

You should choose the charger, certified by the manufacturer as if you will charge the battery with the wrong amperage; it can reduce the life of the battery or even damage the battery. So, it is recommended to use the original charger and in case, you don’t have one, you should choose the chargers approved by the manufacturer to avoid any damages.

Charger for the Cell phone batteries

Charger for the Cell phone batteries

Avoid fast charging

No doubt, fast charger uses constant current charging method to charge the batteries quickly due to the risks of crossing the voltage limit specified for the cell phone batteries. Additionally, the temperature also increases the chances of damaging the batteries and such factors can reduce the life of the batteries so you should avoid chargers for quick charging as they can damage your batteries.

Reduce the screen timeout

Leaving your screen on without using it, automatically turns off after some time, mainly in a minute or two, but you can save energy by reducing the screen timeout time. By default, the screen auto-locks to 2 minutes or more according to the needs. You can set the auto-lock up to 1 minute or even 30 sec to reduce the screen timeout for enhancing battery life.

Remove the apps that use maximum battery

You should check the apps that consume the maximum amount of energy by deleting, disabling, and restricting them to get the maximum benefits for your batteries. If you want to use the apps regularly, you should restrict the permission for those which are not at all needed or use the light versions of those apps that takes up less space, uses less data, and even less power.

Remove the power consuming apps

Remove the power consuming apps

Charging Stations that keeps your cell phones charged

If you want to keep your audiences connected with your events then you need the branded cell phone charging stations to fulfill their requirements. Those are:

Flex – The Flex is the favorite cell phone charging station that most of the clients prefer to use due to their easy setup, easy branding, and easy experience. These kiosks are available with 20″ digital screen that has images and videos to enhance the engagement of the users. They take only a few minutes to assemble and strike as they are the easiest and free-standing charging stations that you can fulfill the need of every event.

PowerMethod Plus – These charging stations are compact, powerful, and most affordable charging stations that you can choose for your event due to their easy installation. These charging stations have 8 built-in charging cables that provide opportunity to everyone to charge their cell phones effectively. PowerMethod Plus charging stations are light-weight and easier to set up that supports 8 devices through its 8 charging ports.

InBox – These charging stations are the perfect choice for the events due to their portable and powerful features as these can turn any space into the mobile device charging stations. With the built-in cords, it supports various devices and does not leave any device without charging due to its efficiency. Furthermore, you can place these charging stations on any surface that can turn the display into the branded cell phone charging stations and are the perfect choice for those who want the fast and efficient charging speed.

PowerBox – If you have got the multi-day event then these charging stations are the most preferable option that you can choose for enhancing the engagement of the guests. These compact wireless battery-powered charging stations can be charged overnight and last longer due to their reliability. These portable charging stations that are battery-operated have 8 built-in USB ports that enhance their benefits throughout the event. The PowerBox charging stations that are battery-powered can charge multiple devices with fast charging capabilities.

8 Chamber locker – These lockers are secure and smart that provides the safest place for attendees to place their cell phones with a peace of mind. These eight chambers are fully secured that come equipped with 3 cables in each chamber and support every device in between Apple and Android. With these lockers, you can get the information regarding the usage data and heat maps for the effective results and to maximize branding.

8 Chamber Locker

8 Chamber Locker

Glass Power table – Our glass power tables come with the glass-top that is fully brandable and these are the perfect choice to enhance the engagement of the attendees. These charging stations are available with 12 charging ports and 2 A/C outlets that make them an ideal choice for the audience to charge their cell phones effectively. Due to the features of durability and their tempered glass construction, these cell phone stations catch the attention of the audiences to enjoy the event while charging their cell phones.

Things that are killing your Smartphone battery

From the high temperature outside to the various apps running, various things are diminishing the life of the battery power and these are as follows:

  • Too many applications that send you notifications

When you check your phones after a few hours, your phone gets filled with the notifications whether they are from the social sites, business meetings, or any other email. These notifications consume maximum battery when they pop up on the screen leaving your cell phones filled with unnecessary ads, text messages, and updates. You should disable the notifications from such apps to avoid rush and preserve maximum battery life.

  • Your Bluetooth is always on

Most of the Smartphones are available with the Bluetooth turned even if you don’t need it frequently and they consume most of your cell phone battery. However, having the GPS and Bluetooth always makes it harder for your cell phone batteries to leave for a longer period. However, you should keep the Bluetooth turned off to save the maximum life of your batteries for their efficient performance.

  • Clicking a lot of photos and making videos

While traveling to new places you prefer to capture every moment of your day due to which your cell phone batteries drain faster. The battery of your cell phones gets affected by taking pictures and especially while making videos that need extra power to enhance the functioning of your cell phones and records the images and sounds. You should be careful with the video as these consume more battery as compared to taking pictures, so you should put your cell phones on airplane mode to enhance its working.


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