InCharged Deploys Calendly to Improve Customer Service

At InCharged, we pride ourselves not only on providing cutting-edge technology but also exceptional customer service – we know all of our clients by name and love getting repeat business from our customers. But in a busy shop like ours, coordinating phone calls and meetings can take a lot of time.

Our Director of Sales Jay Heenan uses a simple tool to manage his schedule – or rather, to let you manage his schedule at your convenience. Calendly is a service that allows Jay to set up blocks of time when he’ll be available for meetings and phone calls. When you reach out to us, we’ll send you a link to his schedule where you can reserve a block of time in just one step – eliminating the back-and-forth emails and phone tag usually involved with setting up a conference call.

Best Phone Charging Stations

At InCharged, we want to make the process of leasing or buying a cell phone charging station for your venue or event as easy and streamlined as possible. The Calendly scheduling system allows you to schedule a meeting with our Director of Sales with just one easy step. Plus, you can provide us with additional information about your needs so we can do our research about how best to serve you before we even get on the phone.

For our business structure, continuous bookings are the fuel for our growth. And, we as a company, can’t take risks, leave any loopholes or loose ends when it comes to bookings. From hiring the right people to adapting to the latest technology, we plunge our hands into everything that increases our ROI and eases the work.

On the marketing grounds, we do have scheduled advertisements in place, we market through a referral program, SEO, social media marketing, lead generating channels, and we practically do everything on repeat that has given us good business.

All our marketing efforts have paid well and lead to call scheduling or appointment booking with our clients, which is managed by our Director of Sales – Jay Heenan.

Marketing Efforts
For anyone in Jay’s position, it becomes imperative to manage all the leads generated through different sales cycles and book an appointment or schedule a meeting with them and improve customer service.

They can’t do it merely with pen and paper nowadays. So, we looked up for a scheduler that was easy to understand, adapt and improves customer service and does the job we were hoping from it.

An Appointment Scheduler

An appoint scheduler tool or software allows your clients to book a time slot for meeting online making it easy for the staff to manage the appointment bookings and improve customer service.

Clients can know which time slots are open and which ones are closed. Based on the available time, they can book their appointment. It also makes sure that the staff’s complete time is being utilized for productive efforts. This way, a business can benefit incredibly through an appointment scheduler.

Here are a few perks of an appointment scheduler

  1. Availability

The appointment schedulers have a 24/7 availability option in their timesheet. This works best in the situations when you have multiple sales representatives working at different shifts, handling the bookings and appointments and you have client-base from different time zones.

Stats show that 40% of the appointment bookings happen after office/business hours. Hence, the need for something to book a schedule 24/7 was there.

  1. Reserve Appointment

Having your appointment reserved is one less thing you need to worry about. Plus, your reserved appointment allows you to prepare yourself beforehand if the appointment is for the discussions on any project.

Sales representatives can prepare for the meeting five minutes before it begins. And, by the time slot they have booked, they know they have to end it in limited time. So, coming prepared is a boon.

  1. Easy Booking Schedule

Appointment schedulers such as Calendly allow easy booking. What do you need to know about the booking? The time slot, the purposes, with whom you have a meeting and how many people are going to join? All these are covered by Calendly. In addition to that, it can be synced to your email account so you don’t miss the appointment.

Once, all the parties involved get the notification of confirmation, there’s no time wastage on back and forth communication for status updates.

  1. Fewer Chances of Cancellations

There are always the chances of cancellation of the meetings if anything urgent comes up. However, most of the time the meeting does happen and there are fewer chances of cancellations because everybody has got their time slots organized through an appointment scheduler. So, the other tasks can be adjusted and not interfere with the time of the meeting.

The Appointment scheduler sends reminders from time to time so that people with super busy schedules can make adjustments. When everybody shows up in the meeting, it increases effective and productive meetings.

  1. Sales and Marketing Have Become More Efficient

The appointment schedulers have majorly affected the sales and marketing departments for the good. Marketers can generate clear appointment links and add to their CTA button without hampering the user experience as clicking on the links and booking a time slot for the meeting is easy for the prospects as well. This drastically improves customer service.

Our Idea of Improving Customer Service through Calendly

Customer Service

After looking at a few options, we decided on Calendly and found it really resonating with what kind of scheduling and bookings we were doing.

We did not only manage our bookings well, but also saved time and money, and boosted our business’ efficiency. It has helped us improve our customer service quality. The easy user interface allows even non-technical users to use it effectively.

Let’s look at the Calendly’s features and benefits quickly

  • It is device-friendly. Currently, it is Web-based and iOS supported.
  • It comes with great integration features
  • Custom and automatic notification options are available
  • Group meetings scheduling is possible
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Open API

As InCharged deals in selling and renting out the cell phone charging stations, we get a lot of requests from the users who want to buy the charging stations in bulk and also from those who want to rent it out just for a couple of days. The Conference organizers usually get it on rent for the number of days the conference or the business fair is active.

The event attendees like the convenience of charging phones from the cell phone charging stations. Additionally, the organizers get extra space to advertise different brands. This is better than putting a simple kiosk or a flex board for promotions. As the phone is getting is charged, the cell phone charging station for some time, becomes the networking station as the attendees interact with each other and share their interests.

There are a lot of parameters that even the clients want to know about our charging stations and we also want to know about their location, the number of the charging stations they need, the type of charging stations they need among other things. For all this, getting on a call becomes imperative. Calendly makes it easy for us to send out the meeting invitations.

We can manage different requests at a time, utilize the time for meetings and be productive through Calendly.

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