Solarbox Turns Iconic Phone Boxes into Solar Cell Phone Charging Stations

When was the last time you used a public pay phone? These structures, once a key part of the infrastructure of any city, are no longer needed – but in London, they are being put to good use. The iconic red phone boxes are being converted into solar cell phone charging stations for the public to use.

Cell phone charging stations are a growing need among today’s tech-savvy consumers – smartphone batteries rarely last a full day, and there’s rarely time to stop back home to plug in and recharge. Cell phone charging stations are a win for any business, as they are sure to draw foot traffic and make a lasting impression on customers – but how can you integrate the technology without it being obtrusive?

If a custom branded cell phone charging kiosk isn’t what you’re looking for, check out our newest product. With our InBox cell phone charging station, you can integrate high-powered cell phone charging technology into your decor. The InBox allows you to turn just about anything into a safe, efficient, and powerful cell phone charging station so you can provide the benefits of a cell phone charging station without affecting the atmosphere of your business.

How can solar cell phone charging stations solve businesses problems?

Cell Phone charging Stations

With the technological advancements, several people have started preferring electronic devices for communication, especially through cell phones. And with this, keeping the devices charged up is one of the biggest problems that people face every now and then. There are very few times when smartphones make it throughout the day without being recharged.  Finding an electric outlet can sometimes be difficult, especially in the areas when you forgot your charger or there is shortage of power lines in your area. Making use of the solar cell charging panels is one excellent solution, but unfortunately, they are not available to a large number of people in the public.

The progress is slow and there are hardly any charging facilities available in the public. Also, due to lack of knowledge, many people tend to leave the charging stations unattended and prefer alternative and known ways of charging their mobile phones. However, there is a hope that with the help of solar charge systems, this problem can be solved to some extent, and the demands of the people can be met easily.

The charging systems that make use of solar energy are highly useful as they use clean energy. The stations are responsible for converting solar energy to electricity, especially in the areas where such advanced facilities are not available easily. Making such facilities available in public places such as corporate parks, universities, and city parks will prove useful for people to make use of such technology and garner tremendous benefits from them. The charging takes just a few minutes where you can easily plug in your device, charge it, and keep the device attended for a while at least.

One of the biggest reasons for choosing the solar energy is that it is a free and clean source to get electricity. The generators are a portable solution and can be adjusted with respect to the position of the sun.  Moreover, thirty to fifty mobile phones can be charged at the same time using them.

What is the process of solar charging?

Solar charging involves multiple steps as the solar energy gets converted into electricity and here is a brief on how it all works.

Photons that are present in the sunlight have the energy to push electrons from their orbit in elements such as silicon which are used in the making of solar cells. This process of disentangling the electrons is known as the photoelectric effect.

During the initial stages, creating an imbalance in the negatively charged and positively charged particles that are present in silicon is necessary. This can only be achieved with the addition of boron and phosphorus. After this imbalance is created, an electric field in the silicon is produced which causes it to push the electrons towards the front side of the solar cell and create a negatively charged side. The protons then create a positive charge on the other side of the surface of the cell.

When both the sides of the cells are connected with the help of an indirect correct, the electrons flow into the load and start creating electricity. 

The solar battery chargers do not charge the battery of your cell phone directly, but it would charge the internal battery efficiently. This is further charged with the help of solar modules, and the charge is then redistributed to the gadget so that there is no external electrical source which is required for the purpose.

The solar battery chargers are effective and they allow the gadgets to recharge the battery without any external use of electricity source. They are several other benefits associated with it as well. For instance, the solar cells do not lead to any emission, waste, or release byproducts.

Although these chargers are efficient in a most of cases, they come with limitations. The power of the battery charger is less when compared with the regular battery charger. It also takes some time to charge the batteries.

Another thing with the solar chargers is that they give minimal current so they cannot be used to charge a dead battery. You cannot always rely on this battery charger completely. For smaller devices, these tend to charge efficiently, but for the larger ones they are not that effective. You even need to feed the charger with twelve hours of sunlight in order to make it working for charging the phones. Carrying these is easy as they are small and flat. Overall, the benefits of using the solar cell chargers for your phones can overcome its limitations.

The solar chargers are economical and will work for a long duration of time. The only thing that you need to take care of these is that you should avoid exposing them to free flowing water or using sharp objects to operate them. Solar chargers are surely the future technology that will reign for a long time!

What Should People Starting Using Solar Energy Enabled Charging Stations?

Charging Station

Solar energy is clean and environment-friendly which makes it a go to option for the coming times where there is so much climate concern. Here are the detailed reasons for choosing solar energy enabled charging stations over the normal ones:

Solar power is a free source of energy 

Taking energy from the sun is free – it can give you more than what you can use in a day, and there is no replacement for this. The solar power system saves a lot of your money as you do not need to use electricity to operate it. It comes with several long-term advantages that you will come to know in detail only when you start using it. It will surely benefit you in public places, and will also prove beneficial for the environment. Apart from providing electricity, the solar energy systems are suitable for heating purposes as well. It is best to extract heat from the sunlight so that you can use in the solar thermal system, and convert the sunlight to be used for heating solutions.

Solar energy enhances grid security 

If you are experiencing brownouts or blackouts regularly then it is best to switch to this system. The solar cells installed in your houses or even public places can act as small power plants and provide electricity for a certain duration of time. This would help in generating electricity through grid security which is useful, especially when you are facing natural or human-made disasters.

You will face less electricity loss

Electricity is transported to the general public through extensive networks from big power plants. Transferring it to long distances through wires will result in power loss. A shortcut method to use this is to use the solar power panels which can prove to be helpful in capturing the natural source of energy and converting the same into electricity which is perfect for use in homes and other public places. With this, you will have complete control of the energy as would become domestic, and you will be in control of the bills and energy usage. Also, the solar power systems are highly durable, and there are less chances of any interruption. This will lead to power loss and you will be benefitted from the solar energy to a great extent.

Using solar energy is good for environment

Solar energy is clean and green and is certainly an excellent way to reduce the carbon footprint. It does not cause any pollution which the need of the hour as of now. Also, solar power does not lead to release of greenhouse gases, and except for using the clean water, you do not need any other resources for its functioning. Overall, it is beneficial from human and environment point of view at the same time.

What should You Use InBox phone charger?

The Inbox charger is the power source for charging your phones. It is easy to use, and you do not need to pay a lot of attention while using it. The charger comes with multiple outlets which can be attached to the phone. You will just need to connect the charger to the phone. 

The InBox phone charger is efficient, and you can easily store it as well. The charger comes with an AC outlet which can be used to charge the battery of your cell phone. It is also possible to charge devices such as tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices with the help of these charging points.  You can also choose a charger design and color as per your requirement. The amount of power that will be generated in the device can only be determined when you try and test it all by youself. The specification of the charger also depends on the number of devices that you want to charge.

This particular charger is a portable device, and it is easy to carry anywhere, which means that you will not face issues when there are hardly any options available for you to charge your phones. Moreover, you can easily handle it outdoor and take it with you in your carry bag. This is perfect when you are traveling as multiple people can charge from the same device without having to burden their bags with an extra charger or in case someone forgot their charger back home. Make sure that you keep the device safely with you and protect it from any pressure or it might damage the product. You will need to be slightly careful when you are using the device so that it stays with you for the longest time.

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