How can you Disinfect Carpets?

Nowadays, no one imagines a home interior without a good carpet as these are ones that enhance the decorations in a better way due to their adorable patterns. These are one of the essential parts of your homes as you use them to fulfill the needs of the surface that also makes it convenient for you to step on it every single day. Due to these reasons, it is essential to keep your carpet clean which also ensures the safe health, no doubt, vacuum works accurately to remove the debris but it is not possible to gain the same cleaning results every time. Someday you will realize that your home carpets are completely filled with the harmful bacteria, germs, and allergens, so you need to find a better carpet disinfectant to kill bacteria and disinfect your carpets on easy terms.

Disinfect Carpets at Home
Disinfect Carpets at Home

There are various sanitizing products and deep virus cleaners available for your good but not everyone prefers to use them due to some reasons which shift their choice to use home-friendly practical ideas. If you are looking for the ways and affordable cleaning products that can help you to disinfect your carpets effectively or you are not sure how you can efficiently deal with the unexpected fluids on the carpets then we are here with some quick ideas to help you! 

Homemade Carpet clean solutions

Vinegar cleaning with steam power

Some soaps and detergents can be expensive and these are not budget-friendly every time due to which it is beneficial to prepare your own mixture. You only need some basic ingredients which include white vinegar also known as a natural disinfectant that is safe to use at home and cleaning the carpets easily. Here are some of the basic steps that you can follow to sanitize your carpets easily –

  • Take two cups of white vinegar and pour it into a bottle which you can use for the spray purpose as these bottles can keep your hands clean and mist the mixtures equally over the carpet. After that, you can spray the mixture on the carpet but make sure to avoid pouring too much vinegar on the carpets and then leave the vinegar to get dry.
  • Now you can use your steam cleaner for which you need to fill the fluid compartment with water and vinegar but make sure that the quantity of water should be more as compared to the vinegar. When you use the mixture to clean the surface of your carpet you will notice the easiness to sanitize your carpet without putting in any effort.
  • Now you can make your stream cleaner by plugging it but at first, you can wait for at least five to six minutes to heat up and then start pushing it across the carpet. When you work with this process, you will see that the stream power when mixed with the vinegar provides relevant results and when you use them together as a carpet disinfectant you see the expected results. 
  • You need to wait for the carpet dry after steam cleaning as it is better to choose the sunny weather when you continue with this process if you want to see the efficient results.
Deep Virus Cleaning
Deep Virus Cleaning

Vinegar cleaning without steam power

No doubt, vinegars work efficiently for your daily use and they are the successful way to keep your carpets clean but you also need another deep virus cleaner solution for your carpets and make them free of harmful bacteria. Here are some of the mixtures with white vinegar that can help you to kill bacteria or remove dirt on the carpet without any steam cleaner.

While following the process, you need cold water, white vinegar, and liquid dish detergent in equal quantity along with a bucket, scrub brush, and an old rag. 

  • You need to remove all the irrelevant pieces of stuff from your carpet and remove the furniture and vacuum thoroughly to remove germs and dirt that is not possible to see with the naked eyes. After that spray the baking soda on the carpet and keep it there for a few minutes and use that time to prepare your mixture for which you need to stir it until you see the foamy consistency. 
  • Take your bucket and add the ingredients but make sure that they are in equal parts with cold water, white vinegar, and a little bit of liquid dish soap. 
  • Now dip your scrubbing brush in the foamy mixture to use them for scrubbing your floor but make sure to get it wet for which you can start from the corner of the carpet and go through the other corner of the carpet. 
  • It is the time to rinse your carpet for which you need to take a rag and dip it in the cold fresh water to remove dirt or bacteria. 
  • If you will get a chance, you can keep your carpet to dry with a fan or any other device but ensure to go with the process on a dry or low humidity day. 
  • At last, you can clean the carpet to remove the mixture that is left a little bit and after that, you are done with the thorough cleaning with a reliable carpet disinfectant.

Homemade Detergent Cleaner

Here is another deep virus cleaner solution for which you need a vacuum cleaner along with a mixture but make sure that the mixture should be made of baking soda or dish soap only and you need an old toothbrush, brush, a clean rag, and a bucket as tools. 

  • First, you need to clean the area for which you can use the vacuum to remove the dirt and dust from the carpet. 
  • Now, you need a bucket of warm water and tools to get started and make sure to sprinkle baking soda till it is completely covered. 
  • If you are using dish soap, it is better to use 1 tablespoon and now you need to mix them with the warm water that includes the dish soap or baking soda and mix them till you see bubbles. 
  • Use your tools to scrub the mixture and follow the procedure until it becomes wet enough to scrub away with warm water. 
  • At last, you need to make them dry for which you can use fans or open windows to make your carpets dry on time and after drying you can use the vacuum to sanitize it completely and get rid of harmful bacteria or germs.
Deep Virus Cleaning
Deep Virus Cleaning

Best Deep Virus Cleaner Solution

The best carpet cleaning solution you can use is the LuxUVC, a sister brand of InCharged that uses safe and powerful 254-nm UV-C germicidal cleaning technology for commercial, residential and medical spaces. These are the most efficient way to clean the space and kill 99.99% of the germs all at once. LuxUVC also offers a full room cleaning UV-C light that you can use to disinfect your room completely and get rid of the harmful viruses. The technology is mainly used in hospitals but also it is available commercially for fast sanitizing to get efficient results. The most efficient feature of the technology is it is easy to transport and setup due to its compact design and you can use it to disinfect your location within a short period as compared to the traditional cleaning methods.

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