How UVC Lamp Can Be A Helping Hand To Abolish COVID-19?

Producing the electromagnetic radiations in the wavelength among the X-rays and visible light is a UV lamp (Ultraviolet lamp) which is also known by the secondary name Black-light lamp. The Black-light lamp is referred because of rich radiation of sun rays and any person can’t see with the unaided eye. The UVC lamp consists of an electric discharge lamp that yields radiations at the desired wavelength. 

There are special glasses that transmit the ultraviolet radiation that you can’t transmit with ordinary glasses. These ultraviolet glasses are used in the medical area after the germicidal qualities. 

UV Lamp
UV Lamp

The ultraviolet light is very convenient as it has been used in many sectors like healthcare, industrial, and commercial. The way LED technology is flourishing his new technology, the UV LED lights are becoming available in the market. 

What makes the ultraviolet light more convenient is UVC light’s own energy which is quite higher than the visible light.

Modern UV light bulbs also serve to industry and research in producing the artificial suntans and also creating the amazing effects of lighting with fluorescent materials.

LuxUVC Comes Up With Various Ways To Operate The UVC Lamps Which Are As Follows:

Skin Treatment And Tanning

The UV light is very useful for tanning. For indoor tanning UV light is very common it is also used to emulate the sunlight on the skin. If you want to get the tan, you have to spend a long time under the sun, whereas, for indoor tanning, you have to spend only twenty minutes. The reason behind is the rays of the sun are not consistent so it may cause sunburn at times. The other drawback of sun tuning is it contains UVA and UVB beams. 

From UVA from where you get the tanning but UVB beam can prove harmful as it can break your DNA. The UV lamps are used in salons but do not contain UVB beams which are safer. 

Fluorescent Material

UV lamps are used to inspect the various materials and surfaces. The reason is some substances absorb the UV light and convert it into visible light which is known as fluorescence inspection. For instance: The ink pen has a fluorescent dye and that glows in the dark. 

UV Lamps Light In Nightclubs
UV Lamps Light In Nightclubs

The UV lamps provide good light in homes and offices and used in nightclubs. But do not consider the black light which is useful in many ways. The major advantage of UV light is you can see the things which you can’t see with the naked eye. The light is also used to investigate the documents, forged banknotes, etc.  

Germ Control And Disinfection

The UV lamps inactivate the small creature in the water; it is used to purify the drinking water. Disinfecting the water is absolutely free from chemicals that can effectively kill the bacteria’s capacity to reproduce so no more bacteria in water with a wavelength of 240 nm to 280 nm. 

UV light is majorly used in disinfecting the water and proves that the water is much batter as well as more efficient than boiling water as UV light bulbs clear the water with chloramine and chlorine.

The UV lamp is also very efficient to kill the germs that are found on the worktops, equipment, and utensils, etc. 

  • This technique is used in commercial businesses to control the germs.
  • It increases the serviceable life of perishable items like food and vegetables.
  • Assist in cross-contamination or food poisoning.

Disinfecting Air And Bug Annihilation

Installing the air purification unit inside the home in your air conditioner improves the quality of air otherwise mold growth in the house can adversely affect the indoor air quality. Nothing more dangerous than UVC light. So, use UVC light technology air purifiers. In this type of filter air passes through HEPA filters after that passes through a small chamber and gets exposed to UVC light. Which kills all germs, mold, viruses, mildew, and bacteria that levitate in the air because it takes 280 nm to 100 nm range to purify the air. 

Blue Light UV Lamp
Blue Light UV Lamp

The UVC light technology requires 360-watt bulbs for purification. The UV lamp proves to kill the bugs with the modern zappers. The UVA light comes up with the wavelength of 360 nm to 315 nm that attracts the bugs like wasps, houseflies, mosquitoes, and insects and mesh them. At the time bugs come into the contact of electric grids they get vaporized. Nowadays, the bug zapper is a very popular tool to kill insects and bugs.

Indoor Gardening

The UV light proves to be very effective for plants and prevent cancer, it is used as polyphenols. It helps in raisin production and makes you look young also. The UV light improves the medical production of medical cannabis .

UV light has a lower wavelength than natural light. As per the studies the UV lamp is used in several different areas to provide benefits to the people. It also helps the people in their daily routine and assists them in many commercial and industrial applications such as tanning, treating skin diseases, treating water, purifying air, eradicating bugs, indoor gardening, identifying things, etc. 

What Do You Understand By UV Light And Germicidal UV Light?

The UV light or germicidal comes under the ultraviolet spectrum which is very beneficial for inactivating the pathogens like viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms and the wavelength of the ultraviolet spectrum is between 200 nm to 280 nm.

The typical work of germicidal UV light is to disinfect the surfaces and room. Coronavirus can stay at least for three days on certain surfaces; it is very difficult to disinfect the surfaces at regular intervals.

The Variance Between UV Light And Germicidal UV Light From Sun.

  • The germicidal UV light or UV light comes under the ultraviolet spectrum. There are two ways to generate UV light.
  1. It can be naturally generated from the sun.
  2. It can also be generated from artificially light and heat.
  • Although scientifically the UV is known as radiant energy, It is normally called “UV light” the ultraviolet wavelength falls outside the visible light spectrum. This is the reason you can’t see any light generated from UV products.
  • The wavelength of UV light configures in between 10 nanometers to 400 nanometers. Whereas, the germicidal UV light’s wavelengths are between 200 nanometers to 280 nanometers. The UVC comes under the category of germicidal UV but has a shorter wavelength.

UVA and UVB can kill viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms but are ineffective against COVID-19.

What Are The Key Advantages Of Germicidal UV?

  • Kill Pathogen: If you use the pathogen correctly then the test shows that it can kill the microorganisms, bacteria, and viruses up to 99.9 %. 
  • Restricted Chemical Exposure: Germicidal UV uses limited chemical exposure to disinfect the room because it might be very difficult to breathe at a place which is sprayed by harmful chemicals.
  • Lighting Configurations: There are various lighting configurations for UVC light. These are mobile units, fixture installation, and industrial HVAC attachments.

The mobile units are one of the finest options for airports, hospitals, police stations and fire, hospitality industry because this device can be easily moved from room to room and comes under budget compared to installing fixture in every room

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