How to Do Cleaning After a Household Illness?

If someone in your house is suffering from cold, flu, or any other type of illness then it is your key responsibility to get them healthy if you want to prevent the illness from spreading to others within the home. In spite of frequent hand washing, you need to do a proper cleaning which is your first line of defense as the viruses can live on solid surfaces for up to a few weeks. Here are some of the areas where you need to pay extra attention and how cleaning can kill the germs and bacteria effectively – 

Supplies needed

When you do cleaning with plain water and mild cleaners, it is not possible to kill viruses, bacteria, and germs but you can use the disinfectants and follow the right direction for reliable cleaning. A quick swipe is not enough to clean the surface and if you don’t have a commercial disinfectant product with which you can do a thorough cleaning, you can make your own by using chlorine bleach. 

  • You can add 2 tablespoons of 5-6 percent of chlorine bleach in a bucket that contains 4 cups of water but make sure to read the label of the bottle to be sure that your product is reliable enough to provide disinfecting properties. 
  • Make sure that mixture should be fresh and you should make it every day because chlorine bleach losses its effectiveness when it is exposed to air for a longer period so you should take care of the details. 
Household Cleaning
Household Cleaning

How can you use the disinfectant cleaners at home for getting rid of germs?

If you are using a commercial cleaner, you need to follow the directions that are mentioned on a label and if you are making a home solution then you need to follow the guidance. You need to dip a clean white cloth or cotton cloth in a solution of bleach and water and apply it to the surfaces that need a thorough cleaning for removing the bacteria. Let it be there on the surface for at least three to five minutes and then rinse the surface with the clean water. However, you can also use the bleach solution in a spray bottle and after that use a paper towel or a cotton cloth to clean the surface that can also be washed after each use. It is not possible to use the sponges for cleaning as there is a possibility that bacteria can harbor in the crevices. For the regular use items such as computers and remote controls, you can use a disinfecting light to clean the tight areas and detect the germs that cannot be seen with the naked eyes. 


When you feel terrible or tired, your bed can is the only solution which can provide you a little bit of comfort and needed rest to get rid of the anxiety but if you will spend your time in bed with the flu or cold then it can leave germs and bacteria in the fabric so if you want to prevent the spread of illness and reinfecting yourself, it is essential to disinfect the bed lines when they are used. Mainly, the sheets and pillowcases need more attention as these are the things that come in contact with the body but don’t forget about the toys that your kids leave in the bed after holding them. While you are washing clothes make sure to wear gloves and keep the sheets away from your face as well as bodies that are contaminated with the germs. Also, when you think about doing laundry, do not wait for the time just wash them away as early as possible if you want to prevent the cross-contamination with other clothes that are safe from germs. Furthermore, you should do the same at least once a day, mainly when someone is sick as it can prevent the further spread of illness.

Cleaning after illness
Cleaning after illness


Bathrooms are the spaces where plenty of problems get generated and they can make anyone ill so you should focus on a thorough cleaning and make sure to clean the vomiting and diarrhea that can leave the tiny particles. You can use the disinfectant cleaner on toilet flushing, sink, shower handles, seats, and lids but also make sure to clean the light switches, doorknobs, trash cans that are the main causes of generating bacteria. You should wash the bath and hand towels as well as the bath rugs in hot water and dry them at high temperatures to kill the germs or bacteria. When a person is severely ill in the past, you can throw the toothbrush away and wash the toothbrush holder with the uv air disinfection systems

Living area

It is difficult to stop the sick person, especially a child from doing anything as they do not prefer to stay in one place and still want to be a part of the family. If you want to prevent your furniture or accessories from the contamination of germs and bacteria then you can cover them with the washable sheets and make sure to clean them frequently. Also, don’t forget to clean the pillows or the covers that are more contaminated with the germs and other things include the hard surfaces such as phones, remotes, or the doorknobs are among them that should not be avoided. If the sick person is using any game or toy, it is essential to clean them with the disinfectants and make sure that the tea tables or side tables that are touched frequently should be wiped away with them. 


If you want to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs to others, you should not allow the sick person to prepare the food for the family members. When a person is sick, it will not work even if you are washing hands as it cannot prevent the spread of illness. Make sure that you can use the disinfecting light to wash the utensils and dishes thoroughly if those are used by the infected family member. Also, make sure to clean the hard surfaces such as tables, chairs, refrigerators, drawers, cabinets, taps, switches, and much more with the disinfecting wipes and sprays. However, make sure to avoid using the sponges and use paper towels or cotton clothes that can be washed in the hot water.

Disinfection of Spaces
Disinfection of Spaces


When you are a passenger or driving your own car to visit your doctor or any pharmacy, it can also leave the viruses in the cars so when you come back from the trip, you should take few minutes to wipe down the wheel, inside and outside door handles, dashboards, door openers, and most importantly your keys. It is essential to wash the cover and wipe down every nook after a few weeks and use the disinfecting light to detect the germs and kill them frequently. It is the most reliable way that you can choose to prevent harmful viruses to affect your health and cause severe illness as it is the often used accessory that you use to go around and these need thorough cleaning to remove the harmful bacteria or germs present on the hard surfaces that take days to end. 

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