How to Use LuxUVC for Cleaning Hospitals?

As we all know hospitals are considered for saving lives in the entire world but along with this it’s not deniable that it carries a ridiculously large amount of viruses, bacteria, and germs which automatically cause the patient and the attendant’s sickness and disease. It’s very important to disinfect the hospitals from harmful germs by using various options.

  1. It’s very important to contact the commercial cleaning services as they have various tools that disinfect the large areas within less time. LuxUVC is a commercial cleaning company offering services to hospitals, commercial properties, residential properties, and many others. They have various equipment for deep cleaning such as ultraviolet light disinfection, electrostatic sprayer, Clorox 360 chemical, lux lighting, UV light disinfection home, and many others.
Hospital Cleaning
Hospital Cleaning
  1. And if you doing the cleaning by yourself which is a difficult task then be very careful with the chemical use are using and read the label how much quantity of disinfecting required. Make-sure your hospital’s cleaning staff must be well-trained and regularly they sanitize, disinfect, and sterilize waiting areas, rooms, and appliances.

The term disinfection and sanitization is often used interchange but carries minor differences:

  1. Disinfection is the most effective way to inactive the germs, and visible dirt, whereas sanitization is used to wipe down the objects to disinfect the bacteria’s and other microorganisms but not useful to replace the visible dirt.
  1. Sterilization is you to destroy the entire microorganisms on the surface. All the hospitals, hotels will take the utmost seriousness.

Following are the life-saving practices tips LuxUVC suggests.

1) Hire A Cleaning Agent

Hospitals flourish in a wide area which is not cleaned properly by hospital workers so, contact with commercial cleaning service providers. There cleaning agents will kill full bacteria’s, and germs with the different cleaning products. 

If your hospital cleaning staff doing disinfecting then suggest them to follow all cleaner instructions of an agent. Do the work stepwise, wait some time for complete cleaning. Then all the germs and bacteria’s can conquer.

2) Don’t Reuse The Dirty Cloths

Whenever the hospital cleaning staff disinfecting the hospital then it’s very essential for them to do not reuse the untidy cloth. The crew must use a different cloth for each room cleaning. This will ensure that the germs of one room do not pass to another room. If the crew sees any patients’ accessories like pillow or blanket falling on the floor then immediately replace it with new.

3) Avoid Litter

Make a strict rule in the hospitals that no visitors bring superfluity stuff into the patient rooms like flowers. It is very hard to keep some items out of the hospitals. Educate them to do not carry these stuff because they dragging germs, bacteria which proves very harmful to patients.

4) Make Out Last Bit Of Germs

Ones the cleaning staff wipe the surface, then they wait for some friction to ensure that even the last bit of the germs and bacteria are removed from the surface.

5) Disinfect The Hard-To-Reach Areas

The cleaning staffs live is always on the stake as cleaning the hard-to-reach areas. So hire a trained and certified hospital cleaning crew. Contact LuxUVC to take care of your hospital cleaning needs.

The Equipment Of The LuxUVC Janitorial Service.

It’s very common to clean the hospitals, hallway, and school with mob, and bucket. But all the big or small companies nowadays hiring janitorial services, which are turning to be very essential. The following discussed the LuxUVC equipment.

1) Lightweight Equipment

The lightweight equipment is mops, brooms, buckets, scrubbers, and window cleaner.  And these tools are fundamental for cleaning bathrooms, and offices.

2) Heavy Duty Equipment

There are some surfaces that need heavy-duty equipment. Using heavy-duty equipment tools are expensive. For Instance: Floors, the floors need polishers after six months which can only be done through extensive tools. 

The upright vacuum properly cleans the carpet floors, and sheets need industrial caliber units that cover the large areas of conventional centers.

3) Transporting Equipment

There are some items, trash that needs to be transported through the van. That can be picked around the buildings, hospitals, commercial spaces, and residential properties.

Procedure Of Cleaning Hospitals.

There are different levels of cleanliness. Operation theatre and ICU require deep cleaning compare to waiting areas and OPD. The procedure for cleaning hospitals is divided into four parts.

  1. Construction
  2. In Process
  3. Finished Cleaning
  4. Empirical Recommendation
Janitorial Service
Janitorial Service
  • Construction

1) Remove the litter from the floor and surfaces before cleaning.

2) Before cleaning wear gumboots and after cleaning properly wash those shoes.

3) Gloves are very important to wear for cleaning of the health facility.

4) Before cleaning wear apron, mask, gown, and cap.

5) Read the labels of the cleaning product and follow the instructions of appropriate dilution and correct time of disinfecting solution.

6) Collect the material required before entering the room.

7) Thoroughly check all the cleaning equipment itself.

8) Replace the furniture and cots from the original place to one side. After cleaning place all the furniture at the original place.

  • In Process

1) Always start with the least soiled areas to most contaminate soiled from high surfaces to low surfaces.

2) Remove the visible soil from the place before cleaning and disinfection.

3) Diminish the roughness to prevent germs, bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

4) Do not shake the mob as the dust particles mixed in the air.

5) Do not use the broom, use mop which controls dust before the wet mop.

6) Ones you going to scrub the wet mop, wash it under the running water.

7) Always dip the mop ones in a disinfecting solution; otherwise, it will re-contaminate the mop if you keep on dipping for multiple time.

8) Ones you dip the mop then it covers 120 square feet area, and then re-dip again.

9) If you are not moping at ICU or Operation Theater then with one disinfectant solution you can cover around 240 square feet.

10) If you clean the body fluid spills, blood, or another visible contaminated soiled then immediately change the cleaning solution.

11) Be careful about the sharp objects like needles, dispose of them carefully in a puncture-proof container. And if any incident happens then report to your supervisor straight away.

12) Handle the plastic or waste bags from the top. Do not compress the bags with hands.

13) Wash your hands immediately.

  • Finish Cleaning

1) Drizzle the disinfectant let them dry and wipes down till the time the surface gets dry.

2) Wash the mask, cap, and let them dry.

3) Wash the gloves you wear and let them dry.

4) Wash your hands as per standard time.

  • Empirical Recommendation

1) Remove the more clutter, before dealing with stains/ splashes/dirt.

2) Hire the LuxUVC commercial cleaning service for ultraviolet light disinfection, and UV light disinfection home disinfecting tools.

3) First use the light methods and then use stronger methods for cleaning.

4) Make-sure that while cleaning the area; it should not be wet, slippery. Use the cautionary sign.

Cautionary Sign
Cautionary Sign

5) Make plans and then clean to attain effective results.

6) Do not use the abrasives as it damages the surface. Try to avoid or make a last option

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