How to Disinfect Your Residential Property?

Fighting with the invisible enemies such as germs, bacteria, or the virus is much difficult and challenging as compared to any other battle and for that, you need to take the precautionary measures to disinfect everything in your residential property. If you think that it is not possible to get rid of the germs or bacteria without any professional help then it is best to hire a professional company that can help you with the thorough sanitation cleaning and disinfecting the things around you. No doubt, you can hire professionals for such a process but at the same time, you must know the steps you can take for cleaning and sanitizing. Here are some of the points for which you need to be aware of –

  • Cleaning and sanitizing are different processes and they follow an extremely different procedure.
  • Cleaning is essential when you start with the sanitizing process as, without cleaning, it is not possible to sanitize the complete home.
  • The normal cleaning that you do every day is not enough to get rid of the germs or harmful bacteria but you need to follow a deep cleaning procedure.
  • You have to be sure that your home needs to be a sanitizer.
Sanitation Cleaning
Sanitation Cleaning

Things to consider while disinfecting your home

Cleaning and sanitizing at the same time help in preventing diseases to a greater extent so if you want your family members to stay protected from the harmful germs or bacteria then you need to know about the things that you should consider. Here are a few arrangements that you have to make before starting with the sanitation cleaning and process –

  • You should have a pair of disposable gloves or you can also use the rubber gloves but make sure to clean or sanitize them at the end of the day when you are done with your job.
  • A right disinfectant as there is different brands available from which you have to choose the most suitable that can work effectively to kill the germs, and alternatively, you can make your sanitizer at home.
  • All other cleaning tools and equipment that also includes clothes, disinfectants, vacuum cleaners, brush, and broom.

Here are some of the things that you need to consider while cleaning and disinfecting homes –

  • You have to identify the areas that are highly touched surfaces such as countertops, switches, tables, chairs, mobile phones, keyboards, sinks, and many more things.
  • Avoid touching any switch or running appliances while working at home.
  • Keep your family members away while you are cleaning or disinfecting your homes.
  • While cleaning and disinfecting your homes, you should have a thorough knowledge of the product and procedures.
Disinfecting the homes
Disinfecting the Homes

Disinfecting the homes

Which areas need to be sanitized in residential areas?

Generally, every area has different contamination of germs and bacteria as some are highly infected, while others are normally infected. The infected areas are divided into –

  • The high-risk area that is red zone – These areas include elevator, gym, and guard room.
  • Medium risk area that is orange zone – reception, clubhouse, corridor
  • The low-risk area that is yellow zone – stairs – railings
  • No risk area that is a green zone

Instead of just considering the home area, you should also consider the entire area that is completely contaminated with germs and bacteria.

How to sanitize your home – a complete checklist?

Step 1How you can disinfect your bedroom?

  • You need to clean a room with a vacuum or broom.
  • You can use the vacuum cleaner for vacuuming the areas where the broom can’t reach.
  • While vacuuming, don’t forget about the cushions, bed, sofa, carpet, and other furniture.
  • Also, consider dusting the doors and windows with a fresh cloth.
  • Use a brush or soft cloth for cleaning the electronics that are highly contaminated with the germs or bacteria.

After you are done with primary cleaning, here are some of the things that you need to consider –

  • Use the disinfectant and add it into a bucket of water and deep clean the floor areas but make sure to clean them thoroughly.
  • Use a mild solution of soap and water to continue cleaning with a sponge that is an effective way to clean the surfaces, especially when the surfaces are highly touched.
  • You can use a disinfectant to wash all the surfaces with a sponge or a small piece of cotton cloth.
  • Now, at last, leave them for drying them naturally.
  • Clean the electronics and electrical goods with the relevant methods –
  • You need to read the instructions for cleaning the electronics and electrical goods.
  • The best way you can use is the alcohol-based disinfectants that are efficient to clean the mobile-devices, TV, and various other electronic goods.
  • It is always useful to use reliable covers that you can use for mobile devices as doing this can help you reduce your efforts for sanitizing.

Step 2 – How to sanitize your bathrooms?

  • You can use the soap and water solution for cleaning various hard surfaces such as sink, handles, doorknobs, and windowpanes.
  • You can use a high-quality cleaner for cleaning the bathrooms.
  • Now you can leave the surfaces for drying them naturally or you can turn on the fans or open the windows for cleaning the surfaces.
  • You can use the handmade disinfectants and spray it everywhere around in the bathroom for cleaning them thoroughly and getting rid of germs.
  • Now leave the surfaces as it is to dry naturally as it can kill various germs on the floor.
  • You can use the same solution for mopping the bathrooms.

Step 3 – How to sanitize the kitchen?

  • You can follow the same procedure for sanitation cleaning the kitchen as you have used for bedroom and bathroom cleaning but you need to provide special attention to some of the areas.
  • You can start from deep cleaning and sanitizing the sink and don’t forget to clean the pipe of the sink if it is accessible.
  • Wipe the counters and top of the stoves with detergent and with a clean sponge or a clean cloth.
  • You can use the water and soap for cleaning the hard surfaces that are touched frequently.
  • Now it’s time to clean the refrigerator for which you have to vacant it and you can use a mild solution or you can use a dishwashing liquid for cleaning.
  • After that clean mixers or grinders with the normal cleaning methods.
Hiring the Sanitizing companies
Hiring the Sanitizing companies

How to disinfect the home with the home sanitizing services?

  • Expert cleaning and sanitizing is a great way to keep the homes safe and protected from various types of microorganisms so you can ask for the professional help – 
  • The professional use effective disinfectants to kill about 99.99% germs and provides complete protection.
  • You can gain the benefits of complete sanitizing of your home, which means your home will be virus-proof.
  • The professional services can work effectively against coronavirus and various other droplet-based viruses.
  • If you will hire the professionals for cleaning it means you do not have to call them again for at least 2-3 weeks.

Additionally, hiring the sanitation companies means there will be no smell and no side effects and it is only possible when you depend on the professionals for a thorough cleaning that is the most suitable way to get rid of germs and harmful bacteria that can also make severely ill.

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