How to Disinfect the Virus from Homes, and Hospitals?

Almost every researcher and healthcare is well aware of the several new strategies to clean the contaminated areas, where viruses or flu exist. Many researchers and healthcare practitioners are searching out further the most effective disinfecting method especially for hospitals and homes. Because hospitals are the place that acquires most of the infection and it’s a challenging task to properly disinfect the full hospitals. Whereas, homes are the most comfortable place to live with your family and both need proper cleaning.

Hospital Cleaning
Hospital Cleaning

Best Practices For Home and Hospitals


 As the COVID-19 impacts the people a lot and stuck them into the homes to stop the spread of viral disease. While sitting in the homes homeowners wanted to keep their home clean and sanitized. LuxUVC comes forward as a helping hand of government offering the commercial cleaning services but along with that also comes up with basic guidelines.

1) People should lay off their shoes, clothes outside and also kept the outside clothes separate from indoor clothes. This will be the one step to stop the infection. 

2) As you take off the shoes and clothes and entered the house wash the hands quickly. The reason behind this is to minimize the pathogens coming inside the house and keep the house sanitize and deep clean immediately.

The LuxUVC is a disinfectant company that suggests contact the cleaning company to properly disinfect the house, hospital, working station, or any other place to do it for you. But if you planning to clean it yourself then be careful about the solution you are using.

 For Instance: LuxUVC uses the best UVC wand cleaner and properly know the labeling and correct dilution. The working of LuxUVC is the worker drizzle the disinfectant on the surface of place let them dry for four to five minutes then wipe down. After this the well-trained workers finally wipe the surface again.

Whenever you come inside the house quickly wash your hand for not less than twenty seconds with soap and water. If the water and soap is not available at the place use alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Make-sure whenever you are at home wash your hands and apply little hand sanitizer for extra protection. 

LuxUVC always recommends cleaning the area with warm water and soap and after that final wiping off with Lysol and Clorox disinfecting.


The cleaner usually cleans the surfaces which look contaminated. But there are even the surfaces that do not look contaminated but have a large number of germs, bacteria’s, and other microorganisms present on equipment spreads the infection and illness. To maintain the cleanliness all hospital staff inspires to take the regular step against cleanliness.

1) Always use the alcohol-based hand sanitizer after touching any patient or surface.

Washing Hand
Washing Hand

2) Sustain good hand hygiene

3) Before touching any piece of equipment wipe off all equipment with disinfecting wipes like computer cases, keyboard cover, mice, and cords.

4) Arm support of computer station is the dirtiest surface wipe off them regularly.

5) When using the laptop or computer refrain the gloves.

6) Regular dust off the routine equipment you touch. Such as light switches, keyboard monitors, etc.

7) Whenever you visit the patient’s room clean and disinfect your hands.

Hospital’s high touch surfaces, where people touch with their hands are tray tables, door handles, light switches, faucet handles, phones, and chairs. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals keenly pay attention to those surfaces to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

The Procedure Of Hospital Disinfection.

1) Regularly or three times per week clean the floor, tabletops, and other surfaces. When the dirt is visible on the surfaces wipe off with soap and water.

2) Use the disinfectant detergents daily whether you are cleaning the patient room or house. It will control the infection.

3)  Clean the surfaces of the patient room like beds, visible solid beds, and do deep cleaning after the patient discharge.

4) The surfaces which are not too critical do not require disinfectant cleaning; you can clean non-critical surfaces with hospital detergent.

5) Those disinfectants which are used to clean the cradle in between the patient, the place, and surface must be rinsed, cleaned, and dehydrated before use further.

6) If any patient has a blood spillage to protect them wear the gloves before you touch any sharp visible blood equipment. To clean those areas use the disinfectant which is EPA-registered and labeled with sodium hypochlorite solution, or HBV ( hepatitis B virus), or HIV ( human immunodeficiency virus).

Evaluation Of Environmental Surface Disinfection.

There is no particular strategy considered as a gold standard for assessing environmental hygiene. 

1)  You cannot judge the deep cleaning is reliable or not ones you do not open to individual interpretation. And approved then the process must be validated by an independent gauging.

2) To monitor the fast and effectiveness of cleaning Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is used to modify the cleaning regimen. If the light is 500 units then the surface is clean. This method is genuine but expensive.

3) The UVC light wand is used to evaluate and provide a response about the frequent high touch surfaces. 

The Most Effective Cleaning Product – What You Need To Know?

Bleach solution is the best disinfectant to kill the pathogens. It is most effective on hard surfaces because to kill the germs, bacteria’s, and other microorganisms. The high touch points of the surface such as handrails, doorknobs, taps, entry door, benches, and ledges. Keep taking care of general things like wear gloves and eye protection.

Give keen attention to the labels. The label represents the ingredient which is present in bleach solution such as sodium hypochlorite. Sodium hypochlorite kills fungi, viruses, and bacteria. Use the bleach solutions on the frequently touched surfaces and left the surfaces until the solution air dry near about for ten minutes and then wipe off effectively.

Whenever you are using the bleach solution for deep cleaning make sure may that is your home or hospital it must be well ventilated. If you do not give preference to use bleach as some people don’t like bleach smell and some are allergic then buy hospital-grade disinfectant. 

Where Are The Hidden Spot Where The Best UVC Wand Kills The Germs?

As everybody in the current time sitting at home spending time with family and self-isolation. In this time deep cleaning is the best option. Cleaning the top of doors, inside of cupboards, kitchen sink, top of cupboard, blinds, ledges, under the bed, and vacuuming the mattress you can do. If you have microfiber cloth, effective grease, and warm soapy water you can do your work appropriately. If you sharing the common area and worried about the intercom then frequently wash your hands with warm water or use an alcohol-based sanitizer. Nothing can beat the Washing hands’ technique.

The Best UVC Wand
The Best UVC Wand

The Best UVC Wand

If any of your family members suffering from COVID-19 then it’s very vital to clean and disinfect regularly as well as taking proper other precautionary measures. CLean all surface and remove the dirt using cleaner and apply disinfectant then keep you home well ventilated. The infected person always wears masks at the common area of the home. Clean the common touchpoint surface and avoid face to face contact.

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