How To Disinfect The Restaurants Industry?

Everybody wanted to sit in a hygiene place when they go out to the restaurant, bar, or cafe with their family, friends, and relative. That is why LuxUVC provides you complete cleaning service. It is very important to sustain a clean, healthy, and safe ambiance. Each aspect of the facility should be clean and safe appropriately. 

It is your interest in creating food that you are into the restaurant business, and being a restaurant owner it is very important and understandable to clean the eating place to maintain hygiene. This is not new to clean the restaurants regularly as we all been doing but now just a minor change we all have to adopt because of this spread of the flu and COVID-19, to ramp up the sanitizing like increasing the hand-washing protocols, ensuring no sick stuff work. Focusing that nothing is important than stuff and customer’s health.

Restaurant Cleaning
Restaurant Cleaning

The managers should keenly look into the cleanliness taking from kitchen areas to restrooms to ensure that restaurants maintain the health and sanitation requirement for their clients. The reason is the quantity of hygiene you maintain in your restaurants rightly reflects the quality of services they provide. The cleaning of restaurants is classified into two parts.

a) Back-of-house cleaning

b) Front-of-house cleaning

This is the main reason people prefer to contact with good commercial cleaning companies.

For Instance: LuxUVC offer services to the various areas like hospitals, restaurants & cafes, bars, night clubs, commercial, residential properties with various disinfecting innovative techniques such as germicidal UV light bulbs, ultraviolet light disinfection, UV light disinfection home, ultraviolet light sanitizer, lux lighting, UV  led lamp, and many others. 

  • Front House Cleaning

The front house cleaning is your first sense that tempts your customers when arriving at the eating place. It should smell well and feel comfortable throughout the dining experience. If you have these things perfect then eventually with old customers you will have new customers also. Below is the list you need to clean:

  • Daily
  1. Sanitize the tables by wiping down.
  2. Brush and scrub the floors.
  3. Clean the carpets while vacuuming it.
  4. Remove the trash and recycling.
  5. Hoover the benches and seats.
  6. Wipe off the splashes from the wall, if you see any.
  7. Check and shake the pepper shakers, salt, and condiments.
  8. Scrub the sinks
  9. Mob the counters well.
  10. Wash the waiter staff aprons, tablecloths, and cloth napkins through the washing machine.
  11. Unstained the exterior and interior of windows, recycling bin, etc.
  12. Clean and disinfect the restaurant bathrooms with the best clean product.
  13. Decontaminate the toilets.
  14. Empty the sanitary pads dustbin.

Throughout the Shift

1) Drizzle the disinfectant on the surfaces which are frequently touched like railings, seats, door handles, and tabletops. And as COVID-19 disease inform your cleaning staff to wipe down this much more frequently usual.

2) Throughout these health crises it’s very important to remove the germs, bacteria’s’, and dangerous microorganisms from the contaminated tabletop, ketchup bottles and provide these items by wiping instantly when demand by customers.

3) Clean the window and glass doors so that they free from streaks.

4) Examine each table that is fully stocked and clean.

5) Meanwhile check the bathroom is clean or not.

Throughout Closing Out

1) If you see the debris or crumbs then immediately vacuum that spot.

2) Wipe down the menu cards.

3) Rigorously sensitize and disinfect the bathroom surfaces.

4) Arrange the napkins and silver paper for the next shift.

5) Sweep and mop the floors and spray the tabletops.

  • Weekly
  1. Clean and sanitize the toilets.
  2. Disinfect the hard-to-reach areas.
  3. Sweep and mop all the secondary fixtures and surfaces.
  4. Maintain and water the plant, if you planted within a restaurant.
  5. Drizzle the cleaning spray on the glass surface and mirror then wipe off.
  6. Sanitize the door handles.
Front House Cleaning
Front House Cleaning
  • Monthly
  1. Wash the visible splashes or stains from the walls.
  2. Remove the grime the wall arts or decorations.
  3. Remove the ceiling for cobwebs. 
  • Back House Cleaning

As the backside of the restaurant is the most contaminated area, it is very important to keep on cleaning consistently to block cross-contamination as well as bacteria. Back-house-cleaning is vital because of dirty dishes and foods come and go. To take the safety of the customer at the top we should have cleaning supplies like.

  • Daily
  1. Wash the walls with soap and water if you see any spot/splashes.
  2. Clean the underneath equipment of range, air fryer, grill, griddle, and flattop.
  3. Clean the top lining of the grills, range, and flattops.
  4. Sanitize prep are surface.
  5. Wipe off the beverage dispenser and tips of the soda guns with a soda fountain.
  6. Clean all the flatware, glassware, and small wares and cover with fabric clothes and let them dry overnight.
  7. Wash the sinks.
  8. Wash the towels, uniforms, aprons, and rags in a washing machine.
  9. Fill the soap dispenser every time ones empty as well as the paper roll.
  10. Disinfect the refrigerator along with the storeroom
  11. Remove the trash and recycle.
  12. Sanitize the waste disposal area and clean empty cans.
  13. Vacuum and scrub the floors.

Throughout The Shift

1) Before the preparation examines all the surfaces that are clean.

2) If you preparing the different food then sanitize and wipe down the surfaces with clean fabric cloth or table roll.

3) Commute the tools as per required.

4) Swaddle and date on every stuff that you been to restore and place in a new container.

Throughout Closing Out

1) Replace the floor mat with another one for cleaning

2) Put the cutting boards, container, or bowls into a dishwasher and clean other equipment and tool.

3) Clean the food preparing surface and clean the steel surface.

4) Sweep and mop the floor effectively.

5) Fill the soap bottle and dispensers of paper towels.

6) Put the dirty towels in the rubbish bin and linens in proper bins.

7) For recycling purposes break the cardboard paper

8) Empty garbage bags.

  • Weekly

1) Empty the faucets, coffee maker, and sinks.

2) Wash the deep fryer with boiling water.

3) Wipe and sanitize the door, racks, ovens, and walls.

4) The surface of walk-in and reach-in coolers require appropriate cleaning.

5) Throw the ingredients that are chopped for many days.

6) Deep clean the refrigerators as well as freezers. 

7)  Disinfect the anti-fatigue mats.

8) To dry the floor uses the drain cleaner.

Back House Cleaning
Back House Cleaning
  • Monthly

1) Disinfect the freezer

2) Wipe off the refrigerator coil to remove the dirt.

3) Remove the pest trap it may need cleaning or need replacing.

4) The vent hood is compulsory to wash every month.

5) Its very vital to clean the ice machine after six months.

6) Spray the sanitizing chemicals on the espresso machine and coffee machine to remove the sludge.

7) Clean the grease traps

8) If the splashes or cobwebs are visible then remove grease buildup.


Maintaining the cleanliness of restaurant and cafes are very useful because it keeps you safe from germs, make you stay organized, envoy the tasks to employees, and keep on top of food safety guidelines. While maintaining the hygiene it will keep your equipment clean, increase the duration of your kitchen equipment, and enhance the taste. These things attract guests and make them come back.  

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