How to Disinfect the Residential areas from COVID-19?

As we all spend a good deal of time at home and this is the only place we feel comfortable. We decorate our home in a unique style but if it is properly cleaned it can directly affect our mood as well as our health. LuxUVC providing deep cleaning services to make your place tidy and fresh. 

LuxUVC provides all-time of cleaning services from air duct cleaning to upholstery cleaning covers all residential areas who want their house to look clean its best.

LuxUVC provides the cleaning service to residential homes with the care it deserves. Our initial step is to discuss the needs of clients and after that planning to meet the specific demand and schedule. Our team uses a Clorox 360 chemical to disinfect the particular places. We provide all types of disinfectants service whether your bathroom tile and grout need scrubbing, carpet need cleaning, and upholstered furniture require a deep vacuuming or need to remove the stains always rely on LuxUVC.

Cleaning of Residential Area
Cleaning of Residential Area

As our services cover’s all the full spectrum of provisions and prerequisites. Our well-trained team members take enormous care of your residential areas may that is your home or condo. Apart from your homes we also give residential cleaning services to the car park, swimming pools, children’s play area, building, gyms, lobby, lifts, management office, and clubhouses.

What LuxUVC Provide In There Services?

Being a cleaning service provider, our experienced workers disinfect the whole premises may that big or small spotless every day. The following are the services provide by our team on regular or periodically based on the client’s requirement. 

1) We dispose of the trash

2) Control the pest and odor removal

3) Deep cleaning of gyms, and other sanitizing equipment.

4) Clean the upholstery, sofas, clubhouse, curtains, and lobby.

5) With the help of Clorox 360 disinfectant we remove the insects from the swimming pool.

6) Sweep the dried leaves and dust from the premises like basketball courts, tennis courts, and other sports facilities.

7) To clean the changing rooms and bathrooms as these places are most contaminated, our well-trained team uses Clorox 360 chemical.

8) Dusting and mopping the management offices, clubhouses, guardrooms, floor lobbies, and lifts.

9) To remove the dust, LuxUVC makes use of a high-pressure washing technique to clean the car park, sidewalks, exterior walls, and play area.

What Are The Assistance Of LuxUVC?

1) LuxUVC provides customized cleaning solutions

2) We are not bound to time we provide services with day and night options.

3) We have well-trained janitorial specialists.

4) We provide full satisfaction to our customers to provide the highest quality of cleaning.

5) LuxUVC has many years of experience in the cleaning industry.

6) Specialized in all residential cleaning and maintaining all the common areas may that be indoor or outdoor.

Some Tips for Housing & Residential Services.

  • Cleaning Tips For Apartment

 Our worker disinfects the apartment by performing the following task:

1) Shift the furniture from its original place to another place and reassemble.

2) They spray out the Clorox 360 disinfectant on all the furniture including chairs, window ledges, tables, desks, dresser, etc, and wash it off.

3) If any tape residue and scuff marks present on the walls, our team wipe down.

4) Ones remove all the scuff marks, tapes then our worker wash the walls along with this sweep the floor.

5) Throw all trash in a rubbish bin and remove all one-university furniture.

6) Close the windows and put down the blinds/shades.

Clorox 360 Disinfectant
Clorox 360 Disinfectant
  • Tips To Clean The General Room

1) LuxUVC cleans the room/suite thoroughly. And as per the directions vacuum the floor and dispose of the scrap.

2) Our trained workers detach all the personal property such as furniture and carpet.

3) Unfasten the tape and marks from the walls and floor.

4) For deep cleaning of the room/suite removal of decorations from ceilings, walls, bulletin boards.

5) Place the window screen in the appropriate place. If the screen is missing or damaged to re-install that fee is assessed.

6) Then our workers put all the trash in a bag and dispose of the trash in an area designated by your RA.

7) Move your room’s condition into an original condition.

8) Shut down and lock all the windows and doors. Switch off the light and valve.

  • Tips To Clean The Bathroom

 LuxUVCcome up with the steps to clean the shower, Toilet, Sinks.

  1. Shower

1) Our workers team open the shower and run it for a few minutes to wet the shower walls, curtain, and floor.

2) Turn off the water and drizzle the cleaning products such as Clorox 360 disinfectant on the entire shower area including curtain, walls, and floor. Then we wait for one and a half hours to dry the spray. By using the shower brush, rub the walls, curtains, and floor. Very keenly remove the stains, soap deposits, etc. Cleanse all areas thoroughly with clean water.

3) Or either our worker can shower place or curtain in the washing machine with some household detergent without drying it.

  1. Toilet

1) We spray the cleaning product such as Clorox 360 chemical on the porcelain areas.

2) Scrub the bowl and remove the stains with toilet brush.

3) Our worker washes the toilet seat and wipes down the bowl with a sponge or cloth.

4) With the appropriate cleaning product the wipe down all the doors and walls with a clean cloth.

  1. Sinks

1) We wash the sink thoroughly with the Clorox 360 chemical.

2) Then our experienced workers spray the counters and cabinets with appropriate cleaning products first and after some time wash it off.

3) We always clean the mirror with glass cleaner and mop the glass and interior of the cabinet with a clean wipe.

  1. Floor

1) Our team workers clean the entire floor of the area including the behind toilet and door with Clorox 360 disinfectant.

  • Cleaning Tips For Kitchen

Deep cleaning of the kitchen includes the stove/oven, cabinets, refrigerator, and floor.

1. Cabinets

1) To clean the cabinets are workers firstly empty the cabinet completely.

2) Then our workers wash the interior and exterior of the cabinet with the household detergent using a clean cloth.

2. Oven/Stove

1) When it comes to clean the stove/oven our LuxUVC workers clean the top and sides of the stove with dish detergent. Scrub the stove thoroughly to remove the stains.

2) Our well-trained workers always clean the oven with an oven cleaner and wait for one and half hours to dry after that with the brush and thoroughly scrub the burnt stains. Do not clean the oven when the coil is hot as it may damage the unit.

Deep Cleaning
Deep Cleaning

3. Refrigerator

1) To clean the refrigerator it’s very important to turn it off and empty it completely.

2) We defrost the freezer before cleaning the unit.

3) Our workers wash the interior and exterior of the refrigerator with a cleaning product and wipe it with the sponge.

4) Unfasten the crisper drawer and disinfect behind the drawer thoroughly.

4. Floor

1) At last we mob the floor with our Clorox 360 chemical.

What Clorox 360 Disinfectant Do?

The Clorox 360 chemical is a cleaner designed to kill organisms such as flu viruses, Norovirus, and MRSA in 2-minutes. 

1) The very confined step to kill the germs.

2) Approximately kills the twenty organisms in just two minutes or less than that.

3) Kill the cold viruses (rhinovirus) and flu viruses.

4) Vanish the odors.

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